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Real Madrid vs Bayern Munchen 1-0 HD All Goals & Highlights 04/08/2016

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Bayern Munchen Real Madrid 2016 All Goals
Real Madrid vs Bayern Munchen 1-0 HD All Goals & Highlights 04/08/2016


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  1. Gaming Legend says

    2:49 one of the bayern players was doing “It’s good!”

    1. musiclover says


    2. Clash Crafters says


    3. Ramiro Orozco says

      +musiclover which player

    4. Venom HD says

      +Ramiro Orozco Rafinha

  2. Barack Obama says

    I hate that damn ad tagged

  3. M.Hafizuddin Zable says

    Is there the same commentator on pes?

    1. Jack Daly says

      well someone might get back early you dope

    2. Patch -Dont disrespect me like that dog says


    3. Kalid Ali says

      +iEatBootyForFoodstamps hey man

    4. Bujar Ademi says

      Pro Evolution Socer is a American Game made so yes He is the Same man on

    5. Samy Kun says

      no PES is japanese

  4. fcb 16 says

    bayern had a few more chances than real and better chances but they lost
    because of real madrids luck

    1. Abyss -X- says

      meanwhile barça got raped by liverpool 4-0

    2. TheBrutalGamer says

      if its a friendly then why does it say international champions cup

    3. Jermaine Dielingen says

      Everybody needs luck in sport,

    4. TwoDamnSkittlez z says

      butthurt barca fan sad that they got raped by Liverpool.

    5. unionempirex says

      Let’s wait for the real match. both teams didn’t even win the international
      champions cup. it’s just warm up for la liga and bundesliga.

  5. Vijit "The Gamer" says

    Hey Guys Just to let you know that I am going to do a worldwide giveaway if
    i can hit 150 subs.
    Pls help me reach this goal,
    THANK YOU!!!!

    1. Winter1734Games says

      Hey, i will help you, you look nice!
      Pls check out my channel 😉
      Have a nice day!
      Succes with your channel!

  6. Full Federation says

    4:44 did the commentator just say shitty

    1. iturtlez ok says

      he said shape

    2. mathijs van kesteren says

      shake or shape??

    3. Rahil Shaikh Mohammad says

      he said iker casillas for casilla

    4. Rahil Shaikh Mohammad says

      +Rahil Shaikh Mohammad not many times though

  7. Mehmet Öztürk says

    pes 2013 ? Old good days

  8. Joel Acevedo says

    to me odegaard has looked better than the other reserves

    1. Joel Acevedo says

      other than mariano

  9. Slaying Greyjoy says

    buyern munchen always loses against their daddy real madrid.

    1. TwoDamnSkittlez z says

      +Connor Sullivan the only 1st team players Madrid had were Modric,Ramos and

    2. Connor Sullivan says

      +TwoDamnSkittlez z Casemiro you play him a lot Ramos Carvajal Marcelo
      modric sometimes James

    3. Connor Sullivan says

      +TwoDamnSkittlez z and look at our team we don’t want our best players

    4. TwoDamnSkittlez z says

      +Connor Sullivan Alaba,Alonso,Thiago,Lahm,Rafinha and Vidal…plus we
      barely play James cause of Modric

  10. andyangchannel says

    In a UCL match, Ancelotti would win because he knows Madrid well.

    1. andyangchannel says

      +unionempirex Mourinho’s Chelsea is nothing compared top the team Pep built
      in Bayern. Mourinho Chelsea wouldn’t even beat PSG or Napoli, needless to
      say Real.

    2. unionempirex says

      +andyangchannel My point exactly. If you leave Real Madrid doesn’t mean you
      can beat them no matter how much you know about them. Pellegrini’s Man City
      nor Mou’s Chelsea. And putting aside what Pep did to Bayern. It’s Carlo’s
      now. Just like RM is Zidane’s now eventhough just 12 months ago Rafa
      Benitez took it from Carlo Ancelotti.

    3. andyangchannel says

      +unionempirex You cannot really compare Pelligrini to Ancelotti though,
      Ancelotti can defeat any team and has proven that in his various spells.

    4. andyangchannel says

      +unionempirex I agree with the last part but Ancelotti has the upper hand
      understanding the opponent and he learns alot from defeats. notice how he
      studies Atletico after losing to them and beat them to the UCL same thing
      he did to Barcelona.

  11. Rei Kortez says


  12. El macho Gringo says

    could Julian green actually plays Striker for the US Men’s National Team

  13. NosoyArkano says

    I know this is a friendly and all, but Alaba and Lahm at CM? Sounds like
    something some random FIFA mug would do.

    1. Arron Whyte says

      Lahm can play CDM as he used to. And Alaba plays as a CM for Austria and
      isn’t bad at doing so.

    2. NosoyArkano says

      Yes, I know but it sounds weird to me as their usual positions are LB and
      RB respectively.

    3. Luis angel Castro Miranda says

      / 60

    4. Mahboub Ilias says

      It’s just to make the team look better

    5. Brad Homuth says

      sounds like all the knowledge you have about football is from fifa LOL.

  14. Hakim Isaaq says

    6:43 who’s touch his butt ? -____-


      Someone whit beard “Daniel CARVAJAL” nr 2 or Nacho nr 6 …i thing the
      first one..

    2. unionempirex says

      That’s Nacho greeting his spanish compatriot.

  15. yahya salah says

    I watch it on tv before I watch it casmiro scored a goal

    1. Connor Sullivan says

      It was Danilo who scored you plastic fan

  16. Gunny Akdo says

    4:01 that goal made her dance

  17. SeriouslyNotNormal says

    this isnt gay porn?

    1. unionempirex says

      yes, your favourite too.

  18. 장성훈 says

    What happened to neur?

    1. Connor Sullivan says

      It’s only preseason

  19. Id0n0thate says

    Isco should leave Real and become a first team player at some great club.

  20. Berly Tannyono Putra says

    dat PES commentator doe!!

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