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Real Madrid vs Getafe 5-1 FULL HD 1080p ● 16/04/2016

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Real Madrid vs Getafe 5-1 All Goals & Highlights
Getafe vs Real Madrid 2016

29′ Karim Benzema
40′ Isco
50′ Gareth Bale
84′ Pablo Sarabia
88′ James Rodriguez
90′ Cristiano Ronaldo


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  1. Rubén Rendón says

    Ronaldo diserved that 90 min goal he was playing awsome ?

    1. Mattis Boy says

      Yes as usual haha the best !!! He Will win champions league again and
      another gold ball

    2. Karlz X says


  2. Karim Chahbi says

    Ronaldo was sad …. why ?

    1. Martín Manchego - Music says

      +Karim Chahbi he wants to make a Super goal each day, thats why he is the

    2. Sin Identidad says

      + Karim Chahbi porque quería hacer un mejor gol.. y cuando lo hizo no
      celebró mucho..

    3. Cyber Spirit says

      +Karim Chahbi wasnt sad, just tired

  3. Eze Khalifa says


  4. Amin Khan says

    Not surprised that Ronaldo scored a tap in

    1. Karlz X says

      did you watch the match?

    2. Andy Walford says

      +Karlz X Do you watch Ronaldo like at all? He has no contribution to the
      team performance, just camps the goal for a standard one-touch finish.

    3. prince bondokoto says

      +Andy Walford Like he did against Wolfsburg.Well at least he doesnt camp in
      someone’s pocket like what one little guy did in El Clasico

  5. Souhail Zoldyck says

    Jese passe to ronaldo that was top class <3

    1. Shingirai Bondai says

      +TheEpicVoiceMan psst dude stop being emotional lol. Its just football for
      petesake. noone is jelous bout anything. cr7 is a grear athlete but he is
      selfish n arrogant period.

    2. Sattwik Laskar says

      +Daniel Scarlett totally agreed mate..its what drives him!!clearly a genius
      has his own ways and so does Ronaldo !!RIP haters!!

    3. Shingirai Bondai says

      And like Jon Snow we arise lmao

  6. Freddie Bulsara says

    Navas the best!!!

  7. Nelson Andres Aristizabal Vergara says

    James 100% calidad , grande J10 , Barranquilla y toda Colombia contigo!!!!

    1. Gonzo Jara says

      +Andrea Suarez Ponete culo lesbiana

    2. thecanchito1 canchito says

      +Nelson Andres Aristizabal Vergara de seguro eres paisa, es James no J10

    3. Kevin Rodriguez says

      Así es parce, colombia en la casa, pura calidad, hala madrid.!!

    4. Alex Perez says

      +Nelson Andres Aristizabal Vergara james es una nena , por eso no juega en
      partidos de verdad como la champions

    5. Miguel Angel Barrera Rodríguez says

      +Alexa Perez ES UNA NENA… PERO BIEN FEA!

  8. APASH EDITS says

    Crème de la crème

  9. Jim V says

    Keylor “El Marciano” Navas no es humano. Que reflejos los del tico.

    1. Kevin Rodriguez says

      El tipo es simplemente increíble…

  10. Smeagle Reegle says

    I hate listening to that commentator.

    1. Cristiano Ronaldo says

      ikr martin tyler is much better

  11. Nelson Kamilo (The Master) says

    Golazo James Crack… titular en la UCL. Jesse respeto a CR7 le cedió el

    1. PaulValencia92 says

      +Eduardo Gonzalez perdón ese gol de cristiano es fuera de lugar o me

    2. Eduardo Gonzalez says

      +PaulValencia92 Si, debo confirmar bien el reglamento pero creo ademas de
      todo si es fuera de lugar.

    3. Tharles Mortifick says

      +Eduardo Gonzalez No es fuera de lugar cuando se supera toda la marca ._.

    4. camilo BUCC says

      +PaulValencia92 No es fuera de lugar ya que la pelota esta adelante de

    5. Daniel betancur briñez says

      +camilo andres buccelli benavides o malo o

  12. Cristian Salajan says

    HALA MADRID !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Power Tale says

      +Cristian Salajan HALA MADRID !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Lucca AnzaloneYT says

      +Power Tale HALA MADRID

    3. cesar agudelo says

      Halame esta .l.

    4. Zlatan Ibrahimovitch says

      oui hala madrid

  13. Sampson Chan says

    Top team form

  14. Rian Gamer RG says

    HALA MADRID!!! Soy brasileiro,más también soy HALA MADRID!!!!!!!

  15. Talk Fredy says


  16. G. K. says

    por que el ultimo gol no fue offside?

    1. miguel gusman says


  17. EDUARDO VIDEOJUEGUIL GAMES AND VARIETY (Tencnotrifuerzatheblue) says


  18. denharo francis says

    messi and barca for life bitchesss

  19. unionempirex says

    Every great football player has 1/10 days when they know they could have
    done better but didn’t. That’s okay Cristiano.

  20. john says

    if jese didnt pass it would have been one of ronaldo’s worst game
    preformance thx jese

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