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Real Madrid vs Real Sociedad 3-0 HD All Goals & Highlights 22/08/2016

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Real Madrid vs Real Sociedad 3-0 22/08/2016


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  1. Zac Close says

    bale do better on his own

    1. Don Draper says

      +Dx SLaYeRZz see what he did in the match in this video

    2. Karsta Karsta says



      nah it’s just that he ain’t a RW he is A CF so he should play there and
      James at RW

    4. Dave Kent says

      Bale’s a CF???

  2. John Ivchikov says

    Hate the commentator

    1. DannX4484 says

      thats the quality of a commentator, being energetic instead of dead and cold

    2. Don Draper says

      I think he needs a calmer voice, tone and pitch. I like the energy though,
      but he isn’t perfect and certainly can’t be listened to for an extended
      period of time, i.e. a full high-stake match.

    3. Tois Sin Cera says

      +Don Draper Exactly. Agreed. His voice is just too much to process. You
      know why? Because his voice is different. People who watch BEIN Sports all
      day adore him. Trust me. Just like I adore John Champion or those guys from
      FIFA 10, because I have played that game so much.

    4. Nash Tarique Hood says

      same here bro i really hate him

  3. Vicarinatutu says

    This commentator and his adjectives and similes are nauseating.

    1. joe kariba says

      hes amazing

  4. FOOTBALL 4 LIFE says

    Bale looks set for an amazing season as long as he doesn’t get injured,
    although they had been the case for most seasons though he always manages
    to get injured. Hopefully not though cause he is world class when in form

    1. Abdullah Mahdi says

      believe me at least three rounds then you’ll see him injured

  5. ShaneCarwin says

    Bale is so underrated. How can fifa rate Hazard, Robben, Ozil, many players
    above him its a joke. Bale dictates games.

    1. TomoCooking says

      +yos-nos 59 son, Search up what gay means ok then come back and tell me!

    2. Azarul Ziqri says

      exactly… he is so good he can pass score some long shots freekick pacey
      but still under hazard ….

    3. PatriaFC2015 says

      i was right he got rated higher than robben ozil and hazard lol

    4. Sir lags a lot says

      +Ali Star thank you lol

    5. Zues GT says


  6. A7hmed Gamer says

    I’m a barca fan but I think real Madrid team looks so strong this season

    1. Macariush Sangma says

      yea real madrid always beat bloody barcelona

    2. Бозорбой «Маматович» Норкуватов says

      +Juan Guadian борна

    3. Бозорбой «Маматович» Норкуватов says

      +Juan Guadian


  7. Muhammed Ahmed says

    ‘he’s running like he’s got a lobster down his pants’ – wtf

    1. musicbybackinnyc1 says

      LOL i know

    2. Tois Sin Cera says

      He was not even running, just jogging. Honestly. Why exaggerate things to
      the point of inaccuracy and just bizarre humor?

    3. Col Conno says

      bet your fun at partys

    4. Muhammed Ahmed says

      +Col Conno lol relax man. Just making a point that his metaphors and
      smilies are ridiculous at times

    5. Jermaine Fosu says

      That’s what makes him the best commentator

  8. ameen x5 says

    Simply the best team in history !!! ??????
    Hala MADRID

    1. Luis Silva says

      +MyKelke Well its true

    2. TheGamerRuler 789 says

      +Dave Kent Ronaldo and Real Madrid are divers not Barca

    3. TheGamerRuler 789 says

      +Luis Silva okay Ronaldo is a diver big time and so is bale also benzema

    4. TheGamerRuler 789 says

      +ameen x5 Ronaldo sucks to be honest

  9. AeF ReG says

    Why is Ronaldo not playing

    1. Leon X says

      He is injured.

    2. Vegan Domestos says

      Don Traper first cure your autism then speak about best player in world,
      hehe jealous pig 🙂

  10. Ryan D'souza says

    My god I hate the commentary team.

    1. GerryLo5198 says

      Ray Hudson is the most passionate commentator out there stfu

    2. Ryan D'souza says

      There’s too much of a contrast, and Ray Hudson just sounds like he’s trying
      WAY too hard to be the american version of a football commentator. He’s a
      football commentator, not a game show host.

    3. Ryan D'souza says

      Gerry. why so much butt hurt. LOL

    4. Ryan D'souza says

      +10isthisthereallife ;(

  11. alexandre clodial says

    LOL Kroos so unlucky xD

    1. Sabre Fly says

      Yeah man,but only in front of the goal his passes are a joy.

    2. Bill Hicks says

      He’s shooting literally the best shots of the year and just narrowly
      misses, meanwhile, other players get some headers and tap-ins taking all
      the glory.

  12. Georges LIMBIN says

    This commentator is Real Madrid fan ! I bet

    1. Real Madrid News says

      nah, he is barca fan.

    2. Tois Sin Cera says

      +Real Madrid News I am, aye!! You must be a Sheffield Wednesday fan? Haha
      come on laugh!!

    3. Real Madrid News says

      +Tois Sin Cera i ever heard he is choosing messi than ronaldo

  13. Kyle Grecian says

    They did this WITHOUT Ronaldo. Proof that Bale should be the main guy now
    that CR7 is past his prime.


      Ronaldo carried portugal and real madrid to the final…. whats ur argument


      ok mate rethink ur life, hungry, cortia, wales,


      if you take aways messis goals and assists in the cpa america argintina
      will still be in the final

    4. Obito Uchiha says

      +Kyle Grecian dude you are just butthurt because Ronaldo tears your team
      apart all the time.

  14. Dave Kent says

    scum behaviour from Real Madrid as usual. look at Ramos pushing the
    opponent and then Marcelo coming from behind like the little dirty rat he

    1. Dave Kent says

      That’s like not loving your wife because she’s not Angelina Jolie. I love
      Hull City and I enjoy seeing them play more than anything. I’d rather watch
      my team than become fan of some big club far away and seeing them win the
      UCL. Maybe you can’t understand.

    2. Andrew Tchagou says

      +Well at least he supports his home place club unlike you guys who are just
      glory fans. And he came here because of Sociedad.

    3. Andrew Tchagou says

      +Mohamed Naji Sociedad is still a small team. Just because one team failed
      to beat them doesnt mean anything.

  15. Tigre101 says

    Who gave Asencio the pass for the 2nd gol?


      Varane did.

    2. Vanel and Tati's vlogs says


    3. Cristiano Ronaldo says


  16. Chris lloyd says

    Bale is much better without ronaldo

  17. overwatch is cancer says

    The new adidas kits look sexy af

    1. Supreme Lasagna says

      Just like you daddy

    2. overwatch is cancer says

      +Supreme Lasagna L

  18. GerryLo5198 says

    This coming from a Barca fan, I absolutely love Gareth Bale as a person & a
    player and I hope they win La Liga this season. No one has deserved it more
    than Bale & RM lately.

    1. Oreo Escobar says

      Then you aint a barca fan if you say this. Okay wishing bale the best at RM
      but hoping they gonna win the La Liga above your own ‘team’ Barca?? nahh
      you is a fake fan

    2. GerryLo5198 says

      +Oreo Escobar Nah man i’m Barca all the way lol I’m just tired of them
      winning all the time. I’m sure if RM win La Liga this season Bales getting
      the Ballon D’or too

    3. Oreo Escobar says

      +GerryLo5198 wow tf bruh?? Tired of winning all the time?? They play to
      win. They play to get titles and be the best of Europe. What you’re saying
      is just straight up bs. If you is a real fan you support them no matter
      what. Even tho they win 10 times in a row. I can tell ur tired of
      supporting barca. You aint a real fan bruh

    4. Mohsin Rizvi says

      +GerryLo5198 oh we all know you’re a plastic barca fan lol, who wouldn’t
      want their team they support to win? Tired of winning? Lmao dumbest thing
      I’ve ever heard

  19. Psychotic Jet says

    Feel so sad for Illaramendi… him watching his ex-teammates celebrating

    1. John Scott says

      The kid was believed to be so talented and high of potential but he was
      dropped by Ancelotti and Benitez.

    2. bukhari halim says

      +John Scott dont worry..if zidane want illaramendi..we will buy back..for a
      high value for illara..

  20. wail bouabid says

    is lucas vasq spanish

    1. ItsClone says

      Yeah he’s from Spain

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