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Real Madrid vs Reims 4-2 (Trofeo Santiago Bernabeu) | James Rodríguez Goal

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Real Madrid vs Reims 4-1 (Trofeo Santiago Bernabeu) | James Rodríguez Goal


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  1. Faderson Delpinoit says

    One 1

  2. Fais Ton Rebel jusqu'au bout says

    4 – 2

  3. Jack Ballentine says

    Man city 5-0 Steuea Bucharest

  4. Murat Karakilic says


  5. AE98 says

    GreaT PlaYeR

  6. 7shesh حشيش‎ says

    Reims player make dislike???? my be the goalkeeper

    1. 7shesh حشيش‎ says


  7. ciro says

    All of theses goals are ugly asf

    1. ciro says

      +Andy Cortoons I don’t understand what ur tying to say here lol

    2. ciro says

      +Childprodigy28 I lost brain cells reading that

  8. Jesse Kamil says

    James you the fucking best

  9. xx yy says

    go to juventus so that fabregas could come take your shirt

    1. Messiah says

      +xx yy NO HES NOT

    2. Messiah says

      +xx yy fabregas is slow. Doesn’t really work if it he isn’t in the top
      half, doesn’t shoot, slow reactions. It’s an insult to James comparing him
      to fabregas

  10. Childprodigy28 says

    They need to let this man play more, REAl doesn’t know how to invest their
    money right if they don’t let this guy explode in the field.

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