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Your president Donald Trump

Sub for more: http://nnn.is/the_new_media | The Conservative Tribune reports, For the past year, Democrats have been trying to panic the public over the possibility of President Donald Trump having the nuclear launch codes and the ability to launch a nuclear first strike anywhere in the world.

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RED ALERT: Dems Move to Take Nuke Control from President Trump

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  1. Dominic Uri says

    DEMOCRATS are the ones who LEGALIZED child prostitution in CALIFORNIA

    1. Leon Jones says

      Dominic Uri It is a money making deal for them to keep the status quo and
      to try and block Presedent Trump in all he tries to do. Such liberals must
      have dysentery of the brain.

    2. Betty Chirrick says

      and their boss is hilliary clinton and Jerry Brown they can’t live without
      child prostitution that’s how they live and don’t want to give it up.

    3. Larry Stran says

      very sick people. more pizzagate they need to be put in prison and let the
      prisoners take care of them. we all know how chomose get treated in prison

  2. mathue7433 says

    libtard..the incurable sickness

    1. Mr. Nick b says

      mathue7433 next. News viewers please help me and pray for that I can wean.
      My. Liberal family. Members and friends off. Of liberalism, it truly has
      become a disease and instead the. Liberals are earning every oz. Of their
      newly nickname the libitards

    2. mathue7433 says

      hungar is the only cure

    3. Caveman Flintstoned59 says

      Mr. Nick b .you must do your duty at all cost to stop them.accidentally
      have an accident.

  3. Crepe Maister says

    The more they fight and try to impede the more the young are going to be so
    *hellbent* to finishing their agenda.

    1. tails doll black says

      and this is why i distaste my generation, cause a good 20% chunk needs
      brain donors

    2. Writers Write says

      tails doll black appears to me about 80%. You being younger. Can you tell
      us what happened to your generation?

    3. Alhazzred01 says

      Writers Write the liberal media and tumblr fucked most of our generation.
      Social media is a plague and it’s destroyed higher brain functions in most.
      There have even been studies showing that young people that use social
      media constantly will have lower intelligence. My whole generation has been
      fucked by twitter, Facebook, and tumblr. The new opiate of the masses.

    4. tails doll black says

      +Alhazzred01 said it better than i could but our results are the same xD

  4. amazingparrotbroth says

    These Democrats don’t seem to be very democratic to me!

    1. tails doll black says

      more like demoncratic

    2. Dr. Melinda says

      tails doll black Dem-o-crates =demons are crazy over Love … that’s
      wisdom. the O is the zero point of Love …. Love defeats them, not anger
      or war which feeds them…. please don’t feed the demons

    3. tails doll black says

      +Dr. Melinda hold on demoncratic[ demon-cratic] means wisdom. you have me
      confused . besides if they are demons that are crazy over love then how
      come they hate so much. do they love to hate? .w. im at a misunderstanding

  5. Caffine addict says

    The majority of us poor people don’t have underground bunkers or a
    sanctuary like Cheyanne Mountain.We don’t have that luxury,even though the
    tax payers paid for their underground tunnels and bunkers.

    1. Vote Trump says

      Caffine addict Yes America had underground shelters during the Cold War
      paid for by the US government. Our government stopped funding those
      shelters in the 1990’s. Now that Kim Jong Un is on the move I feel a need
      more than ever to be able to seek out those types of shelters.

  6. William Dale Daniel says

    the democrats are so stupid TRUMP is doing a great job he’s trying to keep
    America safe. … thank you president TRUMP and GOD BLESS YOU are your

    1. Russ Josey says

      +David Spicer
      I was responding to Lee Os comment

    2. Anonymous Citizen says

      Hgffhj Hhgffdf as is know they could not or can fight for religion but
      religion is a side of elitism, but for defend themselves or rights,
      resources etc, to keep in the game of the elite, who will “win” …? In a
      war of circus /show of masks , where is play elite a) or elite b) (or elite
      C, D E, F etc), where is apply “eye by eye” , where a) and b)(Or C, D, E, F
      etc elite ) is a just a matrix..who will “Win”……….. ? ( high vibes do
      and must)
      elites are too always each others fighting, They dont care persons they
      just wanna protect their way to keep their sheeps * with their
      indoctrinations(any religious-political-military-economical), protect their
      interest and people destroy themselves and/or make to they services. They
      just think and want that in any single Country we could mean about almost
      …….all can know, but just try scape of the matrix better..

    3. Russ Josey says

      +Hgffhj Hhgffdf
      I am not a liberal. I am more conservative than 99% of Americans. Do you
      even know what liberal is?

  7. madfacecharlie 3 says

    These type of Democrats/Liberals are demons they worship the devil. They
    lie & will go to all lengths to deceive the American ppl.

    1. Lee Os says

      TO SAY “YOU DON’T CONTROL ME, FKC YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    2. 49jubilee says

      worshipping the devil, includes rockers with their symbolism

    3. tails doll black says

      +49jubilee but you gotta admit. its dank beats. sure they have satan’s
      touch, that i know but still

  8. Free Raven says

    Democrats will lose even more seats in the congress come 2018

    1. Mianlo Mangaing (M Von L) says

      I hope Trump tells the Supreme Court that everyone needs to show their ID
      to be able to cast their vote. And for the in-mail vote at least write last
      four number of their ID and maybe SSN just for some security. To prevent
      any multiple vote and illegal votes.

      Basically, make it a federal law to show your ID to be able to vote.

    2. Free Raven says

      Get rid of Electronic voting machines and require IDs. common sense

    3. Jim Man says

      they did in my rural area, i had to prove i was registered and show my
      registration then they checked my name against their record to see that i
      was actually registered, then they let me vote. i would think that would be
      common sense to keep it honest.

    4. Jim Man says

      one can only hope…lol

  9. Deborah Toirac says

    Once again they are trying to SUBVERT the will of the American people! We
    voted for him and they STILL aren’t listening! Maybe they should have
    spoken up when the POTUS Pretender Obama took office..they didn’t even know
    WHO he was or WHERE he came from..but they gave HIM the codes! But wait..he
    was a Muslim plant so they were SAFE! I think we need to get rid of these
    enemies of the state who make up the Democratic Party! We will rally behind
    this come voting time in 2018!

    1. Mr. Nick b says

      Deborah Toirac Excellent. Point!

    2. Donald Miller says

      Deborah Toirac And in the meantime do you think that the Socialist
      Democrats are simply going to remain inactive ? They may have lost POTUS
      but they have retained ALL of their other political power. Which is more
      than considerable ! The Liberal Socialist Democrat party is a totalitarian
      political party. They are never going to willingly give up their quest for
      total control of the people ! The Democrats are continuing their battle
      against your rights and freedoms. They are certainly not going to allow you
      to have a free and honest election against them ! They screwed up with Mr.
      Trump by not anticipating the electoral college. But they certainly tried
      to reverse that didn’t they ? By using everything they could think of ! And
      when that didn’t work they have resorted to riots ! 2018 ? You had better
      know that you are in a political war for your rights and freedoms ! Because
      the Socialist Democrats are certainly still in that war against you !

    3. Rick Kost says

      Exactly, true that!

  10. Gary Bell says

    K!CK MCCAIN IN THE NUUTSZO!!!!!!!!!!!GO MR TRUMP!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Leon Jones says

      Gary Bell I hope that he does it for each Republican Voter. That is a
      lought of kicks.

    2. Sam Kadiddlehopper says

      McCain the Prince of Hanoi Hilton according to other POWS, is a lousy
      lieing ahole!

  11. 1966Hemi426 says

    Liberals are mentally ill and should never make any decisions regarding

    1. CJ Owens says

      1966Hemi426 Amen lol

    2. Cesar Lomibao says

      Kurt Sarachick A

    3. Jim Man says


  12. Persephone White says

    Hillary Clinton wanted war, not Trump. .

    1. SuperDelusionist says

      IF Hillary wanted war, and not trump… He does not seem to be doing things
      well in order to avoid all out world war. also, why are you imbeciles still
      humming and hawing about hillary… Get over it… Trump is in office, now
      shut your traps and live with the disaster you have voted into the office.

    2. SuperDelusionist says


    3. Fred Leparski says

      Jack Striker because Russia is a powerful country and they love blowing up
      terrorist as much as we do lol ever ask you’re why Russia is and has been
      fighting terrorist while your tax dollars go to funding ISIS? don’t that
      kinda make up look like the bad guys and Russia good?

  13. paul smithson says

    Democrats want a civil War. Pathetic Pond SCUM.

    1. Michael Hall says

      ya with all the people who voted for trump. who do they think own the guns
      around here. come get some civil war at my house if u want liberals.

    2. Josh Carter says

      Michael Hall tell’em brother.

    3. Doug Crouse says

      Josh Carter they can take our guns when they pry it from our cold dead

  14. William Shelton says

    We need to take all these dumb fucks put them in California build a wall to
    separate California from the rest of the US and let them deal with each

    1. Writers Write says

      William Shelton Perfect idea. Then all the whores there can wear burkas and
      be raped. Oh forgot, they would like and film the rape part.

    2. Mr. Nick b says

      Writers Write I’d really rather see them dropped. In China though

    3. Caveman Flintstoned59 says

      Mr. Nick b .don’t do the Chinese that way.drop them in Mexico.

    4. Donald Miller says

      Mr. Nick b Thanks to Bill Clinton and his CAFTA, the Chinese government
      already controls the port of Long Beach, California ! I wonder why
      Americans did not even murmur when he did that ? The people certainly
      howled loudly when the Arabs were going to buy control of our eastern ports
      from the British ! Not even anything to do with President Bush ! Control of
      our eastern ports was given to the Brits by Democrat President Truman in
      the late 1940’s !!!

  15. Rich D says

    Democrats should stick to what they do best…..nothing

    1. Writers Write says

      Rich D
      Or causing derision in every aspect of humanity.

  16. Kelly Falloxe says

    Trump T-Shirts on TrumpRights ( . ) com only pay for shipping on these !

    1. Kelly Falloxe says

      go to trumprights.com for the shirts

    2. Pam Wallens says

      We need Trump to keep America safe and great Again!

    3. dabo does says

      remember these names vote them out please

  17. John B. Heffelfinger says

    I feel safer with him having those codes over Hillary the nut Clinton
    having them.

    1. Mr. Nick b says

      John B. Heffelfinger oh me. Too!

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