Remainers WERE fear-mongering: Shock new Brexit stats uncover towering turn of FALSE fear


The Treasury’s pre-referendum research done assumptions about 3 intensity alternatives to EU membership formed on existent arrangements that other countries have. They were Britain being in a European Economic Area, traffic on World Trade Organisation rules, or securing a negotiated agreement.

Ahead of a Change Britain report, comparison total and economists gave their possess outcome on a Government’s pre-referendum warnings.

Nick, now Lord, Macpherson, who was tip polite menial during a Treasury until shortly before it published a news on a expected cost of 3 opposite versions of Brexit, claimed a research “still looks severe and remarkably prescient”.

But how politicians presented it, including afterwards Chancellor George Osborne’s hazard of a cost-cutting “punishment” Budget in a eventuality of a Leave vote, was a play that “in better becomes a pitch of a losing campaign”.

Andrew Lilico, a pro-Brexit executive of Europe Economics, pronounced consumer spending given a referendum suggested people disbelieved a Government’s forecasts of a permanent long-term strike to incomes – and that while they “might be wrong, their greeting is still value noting”.

He also pronounced a Treasury news had abandoned a intensity gains Britain could make from a new trade deals it could strike with non-EU countries once out of a bloc.