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Repeal And Replace Obamacare | Donald J. Trump for President

Your president Donald Trump

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  1. Adonais Navarro says

    Obama is a failure!

  2. allan espinoza says

    yes sir

  3. JacobChunioo says

    please comment Mr. Trump !

  4. SpritzBrille says

    #DrainTheSwamp join –> reddit.com/r/The_Donald

    1. 19RocknRolla91 says

      SpritzBrille true

    2. Falconsite says

      You can say that again

  5. Darthchris Lord21 says

    Trump 2016!!!

    1. Semper Victorem says

      Darthchris Lord21 It is #Triumph16

  6. Falconsite says

    We don’t need to replace Obamacare we need to get rid of it comepletely!

  7. Nicholas Cuzzort says

    Trump 2016! Jail crooked Hillary!

  8. Alan A says

    Obamacare is a disastrous decision, it should have never even been made at

  9. the wongsang group says

    Oboma care sucks

  10. AllPeople (AP) Gifts says

    *Mr. DONALD TR-i-UMP-h*
    *FOR PRESIDENT — 2016!*

  11. AllPeople (AP) Gifts says

    *America will TR-i-UMP-h* —
    *WITH Mr. Donald TRUMP*
    *leading as our President!*

  12. Cognitio Risus says

    Bury Obama with Obamacare

  13. Retro1029 says


  14. lhow2000 says

    Trump is a pig,oink oink.

  15. Trump Supporter says

    Make America Great Again!

  16. Dave Stephens says

    He will repeal it, and not replace it with anything, he has no plan except
    a “great” one that doesn’t exist. What does this mean for YOU? If you are
    on the ACA, your health care will cease to exist. No more health care, you
    will have to go to the emergency room and pay huge amounts of money for the
    visit because you’re uninsured. You won’t be able to buy any insurance
    again because most of us has “pre-existing conditions,” which to insurance
    companies means your cat scratched, you, you got a splinter from a piece of
    wood, they won’t insure you unless you pay thousands a month. Many on the
    ACA get it for FREE, I sure did, I chose my physician, it cost me zero.
    Hillary and Bernie plan to fix the crippled ACA plan that Republicans
    sabotaged from the very start. It works, it has saved two of my friend’s
    lives but it can be alot better and thats the DNC plans to make it what it
    was supposed to before Congress wasted millions of YOUR tax money,
    repealing it over and over like 40 times knowing that it would never be
    passed. Repubican Congress has held this country in a hostage deadlock just
    because a black man smarter than all of them put together was chosen by the
    PEOPLE to steer a clean course for the country. He saved the auto industry
    which they voted against, killed Bin Laden, fought for the rights of our
    gay brothers and sisters, his accomplishments will stand the test of
    history as one of the best presidents ever. Trump is a con-man, he doesn’t
    pay his bills, he sexually assaults women who have no recourse against him,
    he encourages violence at his rallies, cheers on racist white supremacists,
    KKK, all these hate groups love him. He is not even a billionaire, thats
    why he will never show his tax records, he lies about what he has. The
    people who support him blame the failure of our country to move forward,
    because of the Republican do nothing Congress, blame it all on Obama, they
    blame their sucking lives on someone else when all around them are
    limitless opportunities to make money in a global market. It takes ten
    minutes to get an Ebay seller’s account and Paypal, and these people keep
    hoping that some out of date “job” is going to save them, those days are
    finished and have been since the late 90’s. Smart people find ways to get
    educated for the jobs that exist NOW, not 20 years ago, they are all kinds
    of loans you can get, all kinds of free information how to start an online
    business, if your life sucks its because you are playing the victim game
    instead of using the challenges to better yourself.

  17. Daniel Baniel says

    Hillary for president 2016

    1. Joshua Hecht says

      +Ali&Socks Cool, sorry for getting snippy then. 😀

    2. Ali&Socks says

      +Joshua Hecht It’s alright! AND YES! TRUMP WON!!!

    3. Joshua Hecht says

      +Ali&Socks I KNOW ! WOOOOO

    4. Ali&Socks says

      +Joshua Hecht All the people who said they’d move to Canada if Trump won,
      they said they would. Now, we have less population problems!

    5. Joshua Hecht says

      +Ali&Socks Lol.

  18. Rokky B says

    Obamacare ran my grandpa’s business out. REPEAL AND REPLACE.

  19. andrea Ortega says

    go trump

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