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Republican Presidential Nominee Trump and VP Nominee Pence Talk ISIS on 60 Minutes

Your president Donald Trump

We are going to get rid of ISIS! America needs real leadership. #MakeAmericaSafeAgain

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  1. The Big F U says

    I trust Trump

  2. Reaper9567 says

    Better than Clinton and Barack

  3. Top Secret Name says

    Make America Great Again!

  4. MercuryAudioVideoArt says

    “It all depends on what IS IS.” Remember that dying pseudo leader lying his
    way out of trouble using that spin babble? GOD help us please. We don’t
    want a liar for the president of the United States of America. We want our
    country back. Do you hear that Crooked Queen Clinton? The people of the
    United States do not want your fundamental change. We want back what you
    have tried to hijack in the name of global and social progress. We can’t
    lose what was put in our hands and what was put in our hands has nothing to
    do with any kind of free give away. Have a big cup of self respect and get
    out of the trap the democrats have been snaring you with. Vote for Trump

  5. Diana Prince says

    Trumps Got This!!! Exciting Time To Be alive!!

  6. SnakeOil Joker says

    I don’t live in USA. I hate Hillary Clinton. I hate Obama. I hate Bush. I
    Hate Bill. I hate George bush Father. I Love Trump. I hate the
    establishment. I Hate The government. I Love Trump.

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