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Revealed: The Truth About ‘Hillary’s Handler’

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Who is he? We now know the identity of Hillary's handler.

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  1. Russ Bellew says

    I don’t buy this story.

    This grossly obese person cannot possibly meet the physical fitness
    requirement of the Secret Service.

    1. cary myles says


    2. Rock Dog says

      His job is to obstruct bullets coming from every direction.

  2. edm says

    she was giving him a blowjob in the tent..which would explain the coughing
    fit later on.

    1. Billy Nunez says

      coughing up all them nappy pubes

    2. caramon47 says

      That explains those whitish masses we saw her cough into that cup.

    3. Monique Thornton says

      That’s hawt!

    4. Simon John Hinton says

      edm what do you expect, after all she had experience in the oral office, I
      mean oval office…..

  3. Mr Hazard says

    Nothing to see here, Hillary just enjoys a bit of BBC.

    1. Jon Thorne says

      If Merkans had to pay a license fee to watch our God….excuse me, I meant
      “our TVs”….there would be riots in the streets.

    2. Paul Wilkinson says

      Mr Hazard brilliant

  4. Auli says

    Two answers here:
    1. This guy is hypnotising her
    2. He gives her the black D whenever she needs it

    1. Jungle Bug says

      Hilary’s a dike so nah

    2. Mike Hunt says

      Auli Black Decongestant? Why would she need…. oh, never mind. :p

    3. Duke says

      Why not both?

    4. SHARE H!S V!S!0N says

      probably both, and puts bill in his place when hillarys pimp hand is
      weak… you now she is a monster, right?

  5. Lisa K Troy says

    TODAYS 9-11 event! She is sick as hell! Let’s see how her beloved media
    spin this one! And NO is was not hot out! She is very very sick and unfit
    to be president!

    1. nicholascremato says

      Be careful I think you just gave them the idea to replace her with Bruce

    2. fullchoke77 says

      Bruce jenner for pres.? the gays aint gonna like this. its just a matter of
      time before the gays and the trans-genders clash

    3. Donald Sprouls says

      The war of the gay titans .

    4. Wade Jacoby says

      The Old Media did not disappoint. I hate those sorry bastards for their
      misrepresentations, coverups, and flat out lies. They really did it this
      time though. They have been totally discredited to the point that I doubt
      they will ever recover. And good riddance!

  6. TheAutisticAtheist says

    ahh! Just look at Hillary’s reaction to that heckler. You can see the evil
    in her face.

    1. cun7us says

      +Rick Kost So you’re saying she’s ill, ok, but that’s got nothing to do
      with character.

    2. Rick Kost says

      Lmao, her health is perfect, (cough,cough, cough, hacking, coughing,
      stumbling, choking, falling, tumbling, cough, cough, ) compared to her
      character. Go figure! But ok.

  7. Ching Chong says

    Maybe she just didnt take her PICKLES on 9/11 ?? >>>>>>>>>>>>>.. Hillary
    Clinton can still open a jar of PICKLES !!! Karma is a

    1. Joey Garcia says

      BYTCH ???

      realy ….????

      please go back to SCHOOL

    2. Doomstar 95 says



      go bck to school.

  8. Mensa says

    I can only imagine, this guy travelling with her and telling her “keep
    talking” to Putin, when she freezes on him on a same table. What a fucking
    freak show.
    She should NOT be a fucking president.

    1. Suomy Nona says

      +cyone01 No im saying Trump supporters are dogs
      People need to stop thinking of them as humans.
      Rabid dogs are a problem in this country. We as a society need to change
      the way we see them,,,,

      I follow the law, but we may need to create laws to address this unique
      If Hillary wont do it, I will be pushing for that with whom ever replaces

    2. cy-one says

      +Suomy Nona Cool. You’re literally saying the same propaganda-bullshit
      Hitler did.

  9. Veronica Videll says

    she is too sick to run for presidency that is what is important.

    1. jacob Rand says

      she’s not unconscious

    2. Veronica Videll says

      haha you do have a point.

  10. M. Jones says

    Why would the guy carry a flashlight when it’s not even dark? I think he
    made sure he was photographed with a flashlight to take pressure off what
    it truly is.

    1. michael moore says

      To examine her eyes maybe?

    2. M. Jones says

      no it’s an injector of some sort. He’s not a doctor, looking in her eyes
      would tell him nothing. He’s secret service.

    3. ktbgreat says

      I heard it was actually a laser, that they use for patients to focus on
      ahead when they are trying to walk without tripping or zoning out

  11. Dr. CisScum Shitlord III, Esq. says

    That’s her son. Remember, Bill was the first black president.

    1. Great Red the Apocalypse dragon says

      bill isnt black .-.

    2. Kelly ClayWoo says

      +Great Red the Apocalypse dragon A lot of people called him, “The first
      black president” because they thought he acted black. Never made any sense
      to me though.

    3. Great Red the Apocalypse dragon says

      +Kelly ClayWoo 😀 lol

  12. Owen Novlatski says

    Good grief. Since when does a Secret Service agent coach a political leader
    to “keep talking.” Totally bizarre.

    1. Vee Vee says

      Neo-con nutter, get outta your Walmart purchased bubble & listen to the
      video, “secret service are trained in trauma care” , Hillary was flustered,
      he made a calming gesture THAT WORKED & got her to continue. ISNT IT FUNNY
      WILL FIND U HAVE MORE FREE TIME& lose weight & better quality of life. Btw
      I’m not a Hillary supporter, just a dude that hates nutters

    2. Randy Estepp says


    3. 7thACT says

      THEY DONT!

  13. DaveKtver says

    “Weekend at Hillary’s” Gotta keep her propped up until November 8.

    1. Mimosa Bonsai says

      LOL to funny??????

    2. TTORREZ1 says

      Ha ha ha. That was a good one. : )

    3. SHARE H!S V!S!0N says

      lmao how did no one else make this connection? Make a video!

  14. John Karavitis says

    I’ve figured it out! Hitlery is a zombie! She got bit, probably by an
    illegal immigrant at a Dummycrap rally.

    1. John Karavitis says

      +Chelikani Akhil You sound upset. Are you having your period, or just a
      nervous breakdown?

    2. John Karavitis says

      +Chelikani Akhil Sandwich?

    3. Chelikani Akhil says

      John Karavitis im sorry mate …my wife left me for a wealthier dude. im
      all alone

    4. Great Red the Apocalypse dragon says

      Chelikani Akhil 4EVER ALONE ;-;… XDD

  15. Poder do Cosmos says

    Any mental health care worker can understand why he is touching her like
    that. As a clinical psychologist i know that this is used to “bring back to
    reallity” the patient. It has to do with boundaries of the self. If you
    notice it she looks like she is getting confused and about to loose
    herself. The minute he touches her, she relaxes, smiles, calms down and you
    can see that she is taken out of that state of mind and back to the real
    world. I used to this myself with some of my patients when i worked in a
    psychiatric hospital.

    1. Joe Schmoe says

      She has Parkinson’s.

    2. See Canon says

      Joe Schmoe …..so you say.

    3. Poder do Cosmos says

      See Canon it’s possible…

    4. Joe Schmoe says

      +See Canon Well, it does get better so we’ll see in a few years.

    5. John Muthlave says

      I see what you talking about, interesting

  16. Miles Dyson says

    Question, ? Let’s see if this guy ends up dead . From Heart Attack,
    Aneurysm, Suicided, or an Accident.

    1. westie42 says

      or just don’t feel well on a hunting trip and dies ALONE in his hotel room.
      RIP Antonin.

    2. humorWars says

      shots himself twice in the head … call it suicide

  17. Sunny shah says

    If Hillary wins, its like we gave a superpower country in the hands of a

    this would be the same situation as a child holding a gun not knowing what
    powers the gun possesses, and the child will fire it randomly while hurting
    individuals around him

    Hillary is the child, and USA is that Gun

    lets not give her our gun

    1. Great Red the Apocalypse dragon says

      Trump and Hilary are probobly both the worst choice of a president, they
      are both mentually unstable

    2. Diana Liu says


    3. Great Red the Apocalypse dragon says

      +Diana Liu u wot m8?

    4. Billy Sparks says

      northofyou33 trump forever

    5. Great Red the Apocalypse dragon says

      +Billy Sparks lol xD

  18. Garrett Ryan says

    She looks like she has been hypnotized and he is talking her through it .

    1. BlazeChronicGreen420 says

      +David Allen can you taste the salt?

    2. Not Me says

      David he said she LOOKS hypnotized.

  19. gary lons says

    I see parallels here with Michael Jackson, she’s definitely on something &
    probably addicted. If this woman becomes President of the USA it would be a
    disaster for the civilised world.

    1. Robert Ricks says

      Learn how to spell civilized

    2. gary lons says

      Didn’t you mean GRAMMAR NASI!

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