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Your president Donald Trump

Sub for more: http://nnn.is/the_new_media | Jack Davis for Western Journalism reports, By a party-line vote, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Monday approved the nomination of Rex Tillerson as President Donald Trump’s secretary of state. The 11-10 vote saw three Republican senators who had expressed concerns about the nominee cast votes in favor of him.

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Senate Panel Makes Its Decision On Embattled Tillerson Nomination

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  1. GD_NerdyHalfAsian says


    1. Ty Hartong says


    2. LINDA MORTON says

      cool brah

    3. George Jungle says

      LINDA MORTON Cool beans

  2. b lock says

    McCain and Graham need to go away…FOREVER; they are ZEROS

    1. Care Bear says

      b lock Paul Ryan and Lindsey Graham ‼️????☠️

    2. Tony Candes says

      b lock maybe George Soros will provide jobs to clean his cars!

    3. Mike Dexter says

      b lock McCain gave Michael (Michelle) Obama a blumpkin as Graham acted as
      the toilet

    4. Trump#1 MAGA says

      They are like cancer

  3. whatever3210 says

    God heard our prayers and has given us our CHRISTIAN nation back. *PRAISE

    1. Michael Weston says

      Christian? The Pope calls himself a Christian, and has some sort of Doo-doo
      Fetish so… Wide is the path that leads to Destruction!!! Narrow is “THE

    2. Michael Weston says

      If reading these posts is causing YOU to lose brain-cells, Stop reading
      these posts, or is it too late for reason?

    3. Beaver Ones says

      +Michael Weston I don´t know man…

    4. Eric Jensen says


  4. Mark Vidales says

    watch for the deep state to try something, don’t know what but something
    big is coming!

    1. Palmira Enriquez says

      Mark Vidales —— I’ve been feeling the same way. I’ve heard that there’s
      is big military drills going on through out the country. I wonder why?

    2. Grace Bertrand says

      Palmira Enriquez Trump wanting to play like he knows how to spell military
      and play with all the nukes?

    3. skankhunt 42 says

      Grace Bertrand shut up ho

  5. SillyWabbit says

    CNN lying again about ratings LOL! google “CNN offers alternative fact to
    falsely suggest it tied Fox News in inauguration ratings”

    These guys are on a rampage of lies

    1. Mr. Nick b says

      Bob Smith lol only MacGyver can do that, lol

    2. Grace Bertrand says

      SillyWabbit Give up the lying crap..nEnough…CNN checks out their stories.
      .FOX just sucks on everything Bozo says, and he’s never told the truth yet.

    3. Bob Smith says

      And McGyver is nowhere to be found.
      Also, when was the last time you heard Ol’ Theodore Turner (owner of CNN)
      running his gums? Years.

    4. tow truck says

      Grace Bertrand libtard

  6. D Lind says

    Now I can breath!

    1. Collette Swartz says

      D Lind ??????????You are so funny???I love your sense of

    2. Grace Bertrand says

      D Lind Too bad. .

  7. Vicki DeBolt says

    The politicians certainly screwed the job up badly enough. I’m ready to
    think outside the box. I do trust the President’s ability to read people.

    1. Collette Swartz says

      Vicki DeBolt well Good for you!!! you are seeing the pure light?I think
      Trump is brilliant?

  8. Joel HC says

    Little Marco is behaving like a good boy, someone should give him a cookie.

    1. Midnight Ryder says

      The Bush’s already did that years ago, for helping Jeb vote fraud Florida
      back then.

    2. Joe Couchmam says

      He’s going back to his Ice Cream Truck.

    3. Sheila Cooper says

      Joel HC That made me LOL! Thanks…I needed that!?

    4. Shelvie Carrera says

      McCain need,s to go back to what ever rock he was under and take Graham
      ,Paul Ryan ,Reabo with him.

    5. Lim Lin says

      Little Marco is learning. The others are irrelevant and they do not know
      what they do not know.

  9. Deplorable Rob says

    Deep down inside I think part of the reason Trump picked Tillerson was to
    piss off the environmentalists (Valdez disaster)

    1. Grace Bertrand says

      Deplorable Rob Trump is Not a smart person poopsie…

    2. Goddess Sky says

      Grace Bertrand he is smarter than you, pumpkin.

  10. Goldpenny1 says

    Stock in Russian Vodka just went up.

    1. Brittany says

      Goldpenny1 celebrating! !!!!

    2. Grace Bertrand says

      Goldpenny1 Love riding Russian nukes? enjoy.

    3. Misanthropic_Asshole says

      Grace Bertrand
      Conspiracy theories much?

    4. CrismaFire says

      Grace Bertrand Russia is more trustworthy then our government until
      President Trump took over.

  11. dobbins2550 says

    I don’t remember a time in my lifetime where so many people (elected
    officials, media, Hollywood, entertainment and sports) are trying to
    sabotage Trump.

    1. Donald Kasper says

      Media and Hollywood are the same thing run by six media outlets, all

    2. luis Rodriguez says

      Lim Lin and why is Israel relevant into this

    3. Gary D Flatt says

      dobbins2550 —-That means they’re scared of him, he’s no communist like
      all their professors/brain washers.

    4. Lim Lin says

      Luis Rodriguez – Israel is relevant because Israel’s trouble has its roots
      in Satan’s activity.

  12. LINDA MORTON says

    John McCain, best if used by: NOV 2004. He smells, somebody throw him

    1. Mr. Nick b says


    2. Midnight Ryder says

      My dog would have won the presidency in 2008 running against worn out has
      been McCain, so it does makes since more voted for a freaking monkey !!

  13. Anthony “Doc” Raimondo says

    I agree with you 150% I am so disappointed with these life long senators
    and congressmen. Retired American will be better without you.

    1. Anthony “Doc” Raimondo says

      Thanks Nick now if only the people who keep voting them in would vote them
      out we would be better off.

    2. Grace Bertrand says

      Anthony Raimondo And it isn’t a week and Trump he’s screwed up immensely..

    3. Misanthropic_Asshole says

      Grace Bertrand
      citation needed

    4. Anthony “Doc” Raimondo says

      More jobs and going after ISIS in one week than Obama did in 8 years get

    5. Ron Brown says

      Grace Bertrand Your a Trolling liberal Shill.
      You should be more concerned about your lack of honesty than anything else
      in your life.
      Go lie to yourself in the mirror maybe you’ll learn something about

  14. billmanhillman says

    I’m considering running against Graham in the next election.

    1. Mr. Nick b says

      billmanhillman really let us know when you do

    2. Bob Herrick says

      billmanhillman Than u could call yourself a gram cracker!!!!

    3. billmanhillman says

      I’d certainly run circles around this neocon. Sometimes it only takes 1
      individual to have the right answer (ask Galileo) in a world of nay-sayers.
      Other times, it’s just being a human being and helping out those who are
      less fortunate. I wish to build up others first!

  15. Joey Suggs says

    McCain is a lefty who doesnt represent his state
    Arizona at all.

    1. Canadian kid says

      Joey Suggs North VIETNAM did a good job on his thinking ! I think deep down
      he hated this goverment .

    2. 408Magenta says

      The song bird is represents the voting machines.

    3. Rob Mata says

      Canadian kid
      he’s a poster child for 8 year term limits congress ,senate, house the hell
      with these career politicians

  16. Walter Diaz says

    McCain is jealous because he’s looking at a real hero

    1. BLANKIO says

      Walter Diaz OH John McCain Roasted oh!?!?!!!

    2. locomojoboy2 says

      Grace Bertrand is another one of youtube’s paid trolls. He leaves comments
      like this on every post and never responds back.

    3. 408Magenta says

      + Walter Diaz – love the comment!!

    4. luis Rodriguez says

      Walter Diaz he is a hero, yes his political career has been garbage, but
      let us not forget that he is a POW Vietnam veteran

    5. locomojoboy2 says

      +luis Rodriguez Why is he war hero? Because he was captured? I like
      people that weren’t captured…

  17. Manus Heunis says

    McCain is a fucking traitor

    1. gunsnroses4716 says

      Manus Heunis good thing the rest of our fine congressional members are on
      the straight path. ?

  18. BLANKIO says

    so is he Secretary of State yet????

  19. Kelly Clover says

    You mean making Trump’s bank account great again.

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