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‘RHOC’ star Tamra Judge on her feud with Vicki Gunvalson: ‘She’s done too much damage to me’

Fans of “Real Housewives of Orange County” shouldn’t expect Tamra Judge and Vicki Gunvalson to make amends anytime soon.

“She’s done too much damage to me,” Judge told PEOPLE Now on Monday. “Personally, she has no boundaries and so that’s where you’re like, ‘Is that the kind of friend I want?’”

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The women have been on-again/off-again friends throughout the reality TV series, but Judge insisted she reached a breaking point last season when Gunvalson claimed her husband Eddie Judge is gay.

“For everything that I’ve gone through, you know, my marriage is so sacred to me,” explained the 49-year-old. “For Vicki to insult my marriage like that it’s a fraud, that’s what hurt me.”

Despite the rumors, Judge said they are to be expected because her husband is “a hot guy.” However, their relationship is better than ever.

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“Our relationship is really easy,” she insisted. “We’re great friends, we’re great lovers…we just have fun together.”

Judge also claimed she tried to work things out with the 55-year-old, but the friendship proved to be too challenging.

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“I tried my hardest, I really did,” she said. “You can make fun of my outfit or call me ugly, whatever, but you don’t go that low.”

Gunvalson previously told Fox News in 2016 that while the duo can manage to get along in front of cameras, she wouldn’t actually describe their friendship as a close one.

“Tamra and I have a great relationship because we’re like Lucy and Ethel,” said Gunvalson. “It’s a slapstick comedy between the two of us. We do have a lot of fun. We’ve gone through a lot together. She got divorced, I got divorced. [Our kids] are the same age. We have a lot in common. Our businesses are within four buildings from each other.

“But you know, we have a great relationship. I just don’t know how deep it is. It’s one of those friendships that…I’ll probably call my other friends if I have a real life-changing situation — not that I wouldn’t call Tamra eventually — but, I’ve got some good girlfriends that would die for me. That’s what you need.”

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