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Ridge questions Thornberry’s grasp of maths after she claims Labour DID NOT lose election

Referencing the Labour party’s notorious stumbles with calculation, Ridge continued: “Maybe you can help me out with some of the maths.

“So if you do a deal with the SNP, they have got 35 MPs and convince the Lib Dems to support you, that’s another 12, Greens have got one, Plaid Cymru four, so if Jeremy Corbyn persuades Sinn Fein to come over to Westminster which would give you a handful more, even then you would still only have 321 seats.  

“That just doesn’t add up.

“That’s not a majority unless you get into bed with the DUP which is what you have criticised the Conservatives for doing!

“How can you put together a minority government when you have got so many fewer seats than the Conservative party?”

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