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Your president Donald Trump

Sub for more: http://nnn.is/the_new_media | Paris Swade for Liberty Writers reports, Chuck Schumer took acting lessons to get the tears that he whipped out on Sunday. He called President Trump’s actions “mean-spirited and un-American. ” for ordering a temporary block on refugees. However, back in November, Chuck Schumer said that Syrian refugees might need to be blocked following the horrific Paris attacks.

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  1. Silvia Silva says

    Schumer is idiot and nazi….

    1. rich echo says

      nuggz503 True, just like soros.

    2. Michael Peterson says

      Silvia Silva Chucky is Hitler like

    3. HELL WITH IT!! B. L. A. says

      Silvia Silva no. He’s not a nazi. Just a democrat. Way worse.

    4. Dale Burrell says

      +HELL WITH IT!! B. L. A. He’s a Demonic Rat-!

    5. new world order says

      Silvia Silva lol

  2. Jessica says

    Have they realized yet that there’s records of all of this? Oh wait the
    libs are too stupid or evil to care.

    1. Winger Cenud says

      Jessica stupid is as stupid does!! Libtards and those dishonest fools and
      demon-rats are the worse @CNN!

  3. Karen Wellington says

    he must have Alzheimer’s

    1. West Kaintuck says

      It`s just the side effects from estrogen injections.

    2. marjamada says

      Was Schumer not castrated when he was a child? No balls, no brain, no
      spine, no heart, no clue.

    3. Mike Parsons says

      Karen Wellington : Or maybe Schumer has kuru from eating babies.

    4. Mr. Nick b says

      Mike Parsons this one’s pretty funny

  4. jimUkay says

    When will chuck be fired?

    1. Mr. Nick b says

      Robert Ramsey on of the commandments is thou shalll not judge

    2. Helane Anderson says

      jimUkay, he can’t be fired. The only way to get rid of him is if he’s not
      reelected, impeached or dies.

    3. Dick B. says

      jimUkay Next election, I hope

    4. Vince Kuznicki says

      jimUkay fire him. if you’re unamerican you have no right in our government
      regardless of being voted in. there is a very big antiamerican sect that
      infiltrated after wwII so anyone such as Hilary Obama Schumer and many more
      career politicians do not belong and the constitution gives us the right to
      remove any who undermine the security of the people and nation and seek to
      oppress. and by force if necessary. so yes he can be fired and should be.
      it’s time to get real Americans back in the american govt. no more
      globalist liberal terrorists

    5. Helane Anderson says

      Vince Kuznick, that would be impeachment.

  5. Deaclove says

    Ok Gary what was the worst news? When I read your titles to your videos
    they dont add up. I am a Trump supporter and I am sick of the Liberals as
    well but your video titles has to be more on target with the content the
    video its miss leading. I was hoping to hear news that he was gone or maybe
    some new news about his crooked self. Thank you for your work but I was
    hoping hear what was the worst news

    1. Riffelj says

      Even worse is he’s pumping out 10+ vids a day with the hope that cumulative
      clicks across all will bank. Very little goes into them. Notice no real
      editing, the same scrolls all the time, same backdrop, most of it is
      unscripted and the part that is – is a short rattling of a story that
      already has been reported.

      The only reason why I watch is every video or two, he makes a funny
      comment. That’s really about it. The sad part is he has half a million
      subscribers. The time to draw people in using tactics like this should slow

    2. Peter Viceroy says

      Riffelj at least Gary’s telling the truth! That’s what’s important. But
      yes, he can do better on the titles.

  6. Nothing says

    9 liberals are crying 1st of feb :)

    1. Mary Mclocke says

      +Nothing — Nooooo..Not *9* liberals crying! After President Trump
      announces his Supreme Court nominee pick at 8:00 pm tonight (EDT), there
      will be *millions* of crying liberals!! Grab a *truckload* of tissues!!
      Though, yes, that will be 1st of February tomorrow when the whole “gang” of
      them will be crying…….

    2. Nothing says

      Didnt know that +Mary Mclocke. Was talking about the people who disliked
      the video.

  7. Rich D says

    chuck never shed one year for all the people killed in Chicago. but he
    sheds tears for non americans

    1. Kathryn Antonsen says

      Rich D That’s right! Keep speaking this Truth!!

    2. Kathryn Antonsen says

      Rich D That’s right! Keep speaking this Truth!!!

    3. Teven Lights says

      Rich D of course, they don’t give a damn about Americans

  8. Aaron Birch says

    Chuck the joo needs to be deported back to Israel

    1. The World Is Not Enough says

      you need to be deported to scumbagistan motherfucker

  9. Richard Misel jr says

    he needs to be arrested for high crimes and treason.!

  10. Liane Cornils says

    Where that next plane coming in like 9/11. Here’s there first victim.
    Respect your president.

  11. whileu slept says

    Shumer is a self serving low life

  12. George Aleco-Sima says

    Yes guys, but you have to admit, the performance wasn’t bad. Anyone with
    me? Chuck for the Oscars?

  13. Ray pugh says

    he is a two face just like the rest of the democrats

  14. Paul Brown says

    Chuck Schumer political nitwit

  15. George Ahamnos says

    Schumer and Pelosi should get together they have a lot in common like
    garbage. they both need to go.

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