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Right Side Broadcasting Shows The HUGE Crowd at Donald Trump Rally in Novi, MI 9/30/16

Your president Donald Trump

Friday, September 30, 2016: Right Side Broadcasting Shows The HUGE Crowd at Donald Trump Rally in Novi, MI 9/30/16

LIVE Stream: Donald Trump Rally in Novi, MI 9/30/16

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  1. Ilovelasvegas Nevada says

    La$ Vega$ for Trump 2 0 1 6

  2. kmbrlycc says

    I wonder how many people actually were there. It looks huge!

    1. soundspartan of the basket says

      These crowds are amazing! Wish I could go to one, or MORE of them!
      I can tell a BIG crowd from a mediocre one comparing to the ’70s
      & ’80s concerts I used to go to. I don’t even like crowds anymore,
      but for a TRUMP rally, there would be no question!

    2. Sub Zero says

      Yeah, it’s the biggest one I’ve seen so far, his last rally in Florida was
      half this size which is still a lot.

  3. bob white says

    thank you right side broad casting ….what a crowd…..its like that
    everywhere he goes…the media trys to brain fk you…dont be weak minded

  4. Global Threat says

    This Canadian supports Trump. We’re in YUUUUUUGE trouble with Trudope.

    TRUMP 2016!!!!

    1. Sean Watts says

      If you’re in Grand Forks look me up. We’ll get coffee at TH’s

    2. Perry Andrew says

      I call him: Truedunce. Oops, did I say that? Maybe he can get some tips
      from Donald Trump. He recently announced that Trump would be good for

  5. hardworkingtaxpayer says

    that’s a lot of people

  6. Rick Filho says

    Trump is Powerful in this rally,it is getting better ,he is going to be the
    President of USA!

    1. Artur Mrozowski says

      Love is in the air’16

  7. Ultrajamz says

    Note: only rsbn will do it because they are pro-trump!!

  8. Kabul Phil says

    I hope he crushes that POS slime ball he is running against.

  9. Justin Fever says

    Michigan for TRUMP! Let’s blind side the Witch, lets give Michigan to

    1. Max Durkheim says

      Hell yeah! There are too many Hillary signs and it’s making me sick to my

    2. Justin Fever says

      +Max Durkheim I have seen a hell of a lot more Trump signs in South
      lyon,,Trenton area’s.

    3. Max Durkheim says

      Great! Oakland and Wayne county are likely to go for Clinton but if there
      are enough people in Macomb county and the rest of Michigan who turn out to
      vote, Trump can get those 16 electoral votes! Fingers crossed!

  10. jennifer fehnel says

    That’s an AMAZING CROUD!!!!!
    TRUMP 2016

  11. dieselscience says

    Hillary can’t PAY to get 10% of this crowd.

  12. lovethatai says

    People stood in line for hours in the cold and rain to get in. Go Trump Go

  13. #NEVERHILLARY We have no choice says

    Guess trump is unaware of right side they show the massive crowds. the
    landslide crowds, Trump to endorse right side broadcasting :)

  14. Duke The says

    it’s a revolution folks for the USA

  15. jjjjbuddy says


    1. e deplorabus unum says

      Thanks , that is good information .

  16. Neo Smith says

    TRUMP PENCE 2016 and BEYOND!!!

  17. Flying Dutchman says

    TRUMP OR DIE NOV 8 ❤️❤️❤️

  18. Jeff Strange says

    Thanks ! Love it !

  19. tiparker119 says

    South Carolina for TRUMP / PENCE 2016

  20. zirasayers says

    The crowds are getting bigger and bigger!! Hillary can barely fill a
    classroom. If Donald Trump loses, you know the Democrats stole the
    election, just like what they did to Bernie Sanders!

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