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RSBN LIVE Pregame Coverage of Donald Trump in Tallahassee, FL

Your president Donald Trump

Tuesday, October 25, 2016: RSBN is LIVE in Tallahassee, FL outside of the Tallahassee Car Museum. Watch LIVE as we interview Donald Trump supporters and more ahead of tonight's rally.

RSBN LIVE Coverage of Donald Trump in Tallahassee, FL

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  1. HEADBANGRR says


    1. gr hesketh says

      It has a nice to it,doesn’t it?

    2. gr hesketh says

      I meant ‘ring to it”.

    3. MrBiggieRock says

      Headbangrr…………..Why is Trump campaigning in Tallahassee, that’s
      Alabama country, he’s preaching to the choir, next Trump will be
      campaigning in Alabama and Mississippi. Trump is acting lost, confused and
      doesn’t know what next to do.

    4. Anna Hale says

      Don’t be a moron!

    5. M Blair says

      Thank you. Ask the people about the ground game and if there is one where
      they are. The naysayers are saying DJT will lose due to the lack of ground
      game and that rallies won’t get out the vote necessarily. What’s the

  2. MAGA!!! says

    Vote for Trump!!! Vote for our country!!!

  3. coffeefish says

    How big is the crowd?

    1. Mark Stanislawski says

      Humongous thousands and thousands of people and on line at Facebook and You
      Tube as well and Other places..

    2. Mark Dorchester says


    3. Carol Wooten says

      Mark Stanislawski

    4. Carol Wooten says

      Mark Dorchester

    5. Carol Wooten says

      Mark Dorchester q

  4. Bertha Fowler says

    im so proud of all these people showing up. i feel the love

  5. Michael Phillips says


  6. Wolf Pro1 says

    Thank you right side broadcasting for showing the crowds!! Unlike some
    media outlets

  7. Fred Sanford says

    Only dummies vote for Crooked Hillary!

  8. Sandra V says


    1. DL says

      People , u can call the local # for your vote office if U can’t go and they
      mail you a ballot. There should be no reason this year. It takes 2 minutes
      to google it and call your local # or you can email them. If you can’t or
      are too lazy to vote just mail it in.

  9. Rick Balfour says


    1. Laura Campbell says

      Yes, we do! Wish we had a Trump here!

    2. H Cortes says

      Rick Balfour Thanks Canadian friends we hope you’re country begins it’s
      revolution of change too!

    3. Steve Thornton says

      Dump Tredeau before he completely ruins you great country

    4. Rick Balfour says

      +Steve Thornton
      The world doesn’t work properly without strong American leadership.

  10. MGE says

    ****Check your ballets in Texas.****** If you vote by “Straight ballet” to
    select all republicans, it has been flipping the presidential vote from
    Donald to Hillary. Several cases of this happening in Texas has already
    happened. DOUBLE CHECK your ballet for your president selection are request
    a paper ballet.

    1. Polly Kenney says

      Stand strong Texas! Help America drain the swamp.

  11. I'm With Him says

    #WWTD? Lol, that’s great! Get me a shirt!

  12. John Abens says

    RSBN & Next News Network & Infowars are America’s NEW big three networks.

    1. TrollingWithReason says

      Throw her in the swamp before you drain it.

  13. TrollingWithReason says

    I’m another Australian for Trump.

  14. Mara Cee says

    OMG I seriously want to work for RSBN!! TRUMP 2016

  15. mr. bubble says

    I really hate fox news and their love fest for hilary.The electoral map of
    hilary winning is disgusting.I hope to God Trump wins.

    1. Magna Frisia says

      I hope to God Trump wins.

    2. DL says

      they do it to discourage people that don’t follow the internet. Make them
      think “Oh Hillary has a big lead, my vote won’t matter”. When we all know
      that Hillary is losing. its a joke

    3. Anna Hale says

      A sick and ILLEGAL joke at that!

  16. Otto Ayres says

    This is what a TRUMP rally is like when Hillary hasn’t sent her henchmen to
    beat people up.

    1. Steve Thornton says

      Republicans are mostly peaceful people. Democrats on the other hand can get
      quite nasty when they don’t get their way.

    2. Anna Hale says

      Democrats=arrogant and pompous

  17. Joseph Adamack says

    Californian deplorable for Trump !

    1. Steve Thornton says

      Me too

  18. Sid Mansfield says

    Funny how this video alone got more views than Hillary’s actual rally
    views, and most of Hillary’s views were people stopping by to hate on her.
    These polls are rigged. Nothing would surprise me about the DNC or the
    media at this point.

  19. Moe j Moe says

    SAMOA VOTE FOR TRUMP !!!!!!!!!

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