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RSBN Showing the AMAZING HUGE Crowd at Donald Trump Rally in Phoenix, AZ

Your president Donald Trump

The venue was having problems with their internet, so we could not use our cameras to live stream, but here's our Adam Taxin showing the crowd in Phoenix- AMAZING!

AMAZING HUGE Crowd at Donald Trump Rally in Phoenix, AZ

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  1. Hitlery Rotten Clinton says

    Trump haters are nothing but (1) global zionist elites like soros and moron
    Bloomberg, (2) ignorant people, (3) liberals who shout racist every minute,
    (4) retards who believe the leftist media

    1. Maddy “Tater Salad” Perennity says

      I’m a Zionist for Trump and quite frankly, any devout Jew would be for
      Trump – only those who have betrayed their faith for liberalism and the
      political class don’t. And we call them sellouts just as there are so many
      Catholic and Protestant sellouts who now worship at the altar of liberalism
      instead. By the way, Trump is also staunchly pro-Israel – and rightly so.

    2. TheGuess2D says

      Wtf are you saying. Soros is a self hating jew.

    3. Christoph Wilhelm says

      Pretty much nailed it.

  2. Melo M says

    It’s one of the smaller ones huh? Still YUGE!!!!

  3. murrymurf says

    Honest media!

    1. Gina 1965 says

      So thankful for that!

  4. Frank Harris says

    Love TrumPence ticket, , , all the way to the white house 2016-2024 God
    willing, 2 terms.

  5. Gwennavere says

    !UnitedWeStand+AmericaFirst=TRUMP! God bless the USA! God bless Donald J.
    Trump! And, God bless RSBN! Thank you for showing us the crowds and all you
    do, RSBN!

  6. Frank Harris says

    Trump train does not stop, the man does not sleep haha, everyone pray for
    his health, protection and for hillory to drop out, in Jesus name, Amen

    1. Gina 1965 says

      Definitely will do! Amen to that, Frank Harris. God bless you too and may
      God bless the U.S. of America.

    2. big D says

      Oh he’s in our prayers, you can believe that.

  7. Rich Bianco says

    Wow, amazing. It feels like a win already doesn’t it?

    1. Gina 1965 says


    2. my works says

      dont take any chance, just vote, and vote, for Trump.

  8. Whiskey Tango says

    fist bump 4 trump…

  9. Steven Richards says


  10. Gina 1965 says

    Wow! Look at that CROWD! We love you, Mr. Trump and Mike Pence and Rudy
    Giuliani, et al.!

  11. Toms Friend Kake says

    Man, what a day he had. Fundraiser in California this morning, flew to
    Mexico for a meeting with their President, held a press conference, then
    flew to Arizona for a major speech/rally! This guy is something else!

  12. Da Lakewoodian says

    I wonder if he can fill an NFL stadium?

    1. 01worldguy01 says

      on inaugural speech for sure

    2. halojump123 says

      I think on that day he will fill them all

    3. Adrian Trujillo says

      When he gets elected it will be HUGE.

  13. Gina 1965 says

    Way to go, Phoenix, AZ!!! Thank you for supporting Mr. Trump!!

  14. Ethercruiser1 says

    This was at a Convention Center, not a sports arena, so no balconies.
    Everyone on the ground floor and it looked pretty packed to me!

  15. Maddy “Tater Salad” Perennity says

    The abandoned CNN mic was so appropriate. They have abandoned all

  16. Jason Jordan says


    1. VideoGuy says

      Oh I am!

  17. David Valdez says

    Amazing! Hillary can barely get a couple hundred, paid activists to show
    up! LOL! Trump will destroy her in November!

  18. Lisa Moreno says

    Polls may be right now, but they will be wrong come Election Day. DONALD

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