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RSBN Showing the Crowd at the Donald Trump Rally in Asheville, NC 9/12/16

Your president Donald Trump

RSBN Showing the Crowd at the Donald Trump Rally in Asheville, NC 9/12/16

LIVE Stream: Donald Trump Rally in Asheville, NC 9/12/16

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  1. Michael “Moonwalker” Löeser says

    Beautiful crowd! Deplorable is a good thing, right?

    1. Danna Vanessa says

      Is not a good thing but now is a good thing because I’m included hahaha.

  2. Defaul Setteen says

    Wish I could see the crowd outside too.

  3. Defaul Setteen says

    Thanks Right Side. You rule!

    1. Gary Grimm says

      Right Side is doing a great service to our country.

  4. Gnothac itsGaelic says

    not bad for the liberal town of Asheville

    1. Jim Dandy says

      The carnival never left?

  5. Kevin Dragon says


  6. Andy says

    Hillary was in the crowd?

    1. Geoff Beach says

      :))))))) :)))))))

  7. Christoph Wilhelm says

    Hillary probably hallucinates of crowds this size while she’s drugged up on
    all her medication. No wonder she’s so out of touch.

    1. Geoff Beach says

      Well created..

  8. Marcie R. says

    from FLORIDA
    VOTING for
    MR. TRUMP !

    1. cag9871 says

      Deplorable, strong married woman from Texas voting for TRUMP!

    2. Ivan Dobrichkov says

      Deplorable, legal immigrant, student pharmacist voting for Trump

    3. Anette4Trump j says

      Deplorable, Asian American woman voting for Trump!

    4. Mbuna Marcus - Aquariums, Cichlids and More says

      Deplorable Canadian, who wishes he could vote for Trump!

    5. Piano Lady says

      Deplorable free-thinking mountain woman from California for Trump.

  9. Vote Trump 2016 says

    Together we can, make America great again.

  10. politicians R liars says

    Look at that stadium packed to the rafters of deplorables ?

  11. Joseph Adamack says

    I love all Trump’s supporters from whole World, especially Americans of the
    Lost Basket of deplorable ! Viva Trump our next President !

  12. jake ryder says

    it amazes me the amount of people who continue to attend his rallies, if
    this isn’t an indication of who our next president will be, then I don’t
    know what is. Hillary can’t even fill a high school auditorium. Let’s all
    make sure to go out and vote for Trump on Nov 8th

    1. e deplorabus unum says

      Wear RED , use the exit polls . Don’t let them steal it away from us.

  13. isavin1730 says

    Crowds is huge. This is the real poll

  14. sanmoratalla says

    deplorable cuban american from Florida . 100% for Trump.

  15. Felipe Bernardes says

    Deplorable Brazilian from Florida voting for Trump! I wouldnt vote for
    hillary even if they paid me millions! I have seen what a corrupt
    government has done to Brazil, a supposed democracy. I have seen what a
    female president can do (not that her sex had anything to do with it) and I
    fear for the United States under control of Hillary. She sounds EXACTLY
    like the ex president of Brazil, Dilma Rouseff, and I KNOW she will be a
    disaster to our nation.

    1. Pete Rodriguez says

      Orale carnal Latinos for Donald Trump San Antonio Texas

  16. ZzMac1996zZ2 says

    deporable black for Trump

    1. Von Lord says

      same here bro.

    2. Ærik Bjørnsson says

      We welcome you with open arms to the loving trump train of deplorables!

  17. J.R. Ewing says

    Deplorable hispanic American for Trump!

  18. Rómendil says

    Deplorable gay for Trump!!!

  19. Bethylovex says

    WOW, It’s Beautiful, so many deplorable from all walk of life for

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