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RSBN Shows the HUGE Crowd in Waukesha, WI at Donald Trump Rally 9/28/16

Your president Donald Trump

RSBN Cameraman Brad is LIVE in Waukesha, WI…showing you the crowd at the Donald Trump rally.

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  1. osarogiagbon Matthew says

    I had a revelation some days while praying and I saw two colours one red
    and the other blue ,the under the red colour was the number 32 or something
    not really too sure and under the blue was 59 or so and not really too
    sure.i was very worried cos of what I saw cos I am a believer in Donald
    Trump and he is running under the Republican party which is red.before the
    debate I have been really worried with this revelation I saw cos Hillary
    Clinton is running under the Democratic ticket which is blue.but on the
    night of the debate lo and behold Hillary Clinton came out wearing all read
    and Donald Trump came out wearing a blue tie then I really understood what
    God was showing me in that revelation.so I am waiting for the post debate
    polls to come out to confirm my revelation ….God never lies and I think
    Donald Trump will be the next president of the u.s.a

    1. Yvonne Vu says

      yes. God bless you and

    2. Chesi Fox says

      Your delusional, Trump will win with or without a god or deity. I’m an
      Atheist Trump supporters and all that was completely ridiculous because of.
      a dream. Just go out an vote and take with you as many as you can, that
      will make Trump the winner for sure, not because god told me so, smh.

    3. ccc 4eva says

      Believing in God does not make a person delusional, it make’s him or her
      smart. What happens after you die? There is a Heaven to gain and a Hell to
      shun. Not smart to take a chance on Eternity.

    4. John Jewel says

      osarogiagbon Matthew cool.Very very very cool.Miracles happen to prove to
      the believers and the non believers alike that God is on the ground

  2. musicworldnewstoday1 says


    1. NoMoreLies Hillary says

      Hillary and Bernie can’t draw 1/2 that crowd ….. But remember Sheepeple
      Hillary is ahead in the polls .. Time for a reality check Hillary

  3. Sigmund The Sea Monster says

    Thank you RSBN! Trump/Pence!

  4. Helen Mays says

    Thank you for showing us the crowd we really appreciate it god bless you

  5. PJ Mac says

    Be careful with that audio RSB. Your channel is how I watch the rallies and
    don’t want you to get a copyright strike.

    1. PJ Mac says

      +ECC Massive You would be surprised on what little a channel can get a
      strike these days.

    2. PJ Mac says

      +ECC Massive Unfortunately, it’s so f’d up it’s probably going to take
      years,that is if Trump wins. If Hillary wins, our country is a goner. 🙁

  6. 7777777jesus says

    trump 16

  7. Jeff Strange says

    Looks like a Rodeo ! Staring Cowboy Trump !

  8. SomeGuyInSandy says

    Hillary has only seen more folks at her convention, and half of those
    people were paid to be there! #Trump2016

  9. zirasayers says

    Another fantastic crowd for Mr. Trump!! :)

  10. lemoncrinckles says

    Great clip! This cameraman has a good eye for what’s interesting!

  11. Jerry Hanson says

    Ephesians 6:12 vimeo.com/album/4162679 Play the Trump card

    1. noemi barrios says

      YES TRUMP is the trumpet DONALD his name means world ruler look it up!
      TRUMP next president of USA

  12. S Gr says

    Doesn’t look like that much people. How much is it about.

    1. VWolfX says

      I would say about 2-3k. The one I went to had about 15 thousand

  13. Heeran says

    Iowa rally was packed too. I was starting to feel claustrophobic because
    there were so many people

  14. noemi barrios says


  15. Josh Waldorf says

    Why can’t he campaign at a sold out stadium, only then will he get more
    people get in.

  16. troy krepps (TLK) says

    GREAT LOOKING CROUD!! Did u see the crowd at Hillary and Bernie’s event. ”
    DEBT FREE COLLEGE” Well the CROUD was very small and just a few college
    students showed up for the speech but then afterwards they came out in
    groves to see BERNIE NOT HILLARY! LOL!!!!!!

    TRUMP/PENCE 2016!!

  17. flying onions says

    and the polls say they’re close. lol

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