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Sadio Mane Destroying Barcelona ● HD 720p 06/08/2016

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Sadio Mane vs Barcelona HD 720p 06/08/2016


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  1. TfRaph says

    Two terrorists having discussion in a bar. The waiter asks them what the
    discussion was about? Terrorist :- We are planning to kill 14 thousand
    people and a donkey.. Waiter :- Why a donkey? Then one terrorist says to
    the other, “See I told you nobody will care about the 14 thousand people”.

    1. rage quit says


    2. Ishaaq Ahmed says

      Are those terrorists white or Muslim

    3. Joe Wayne says

      racisme racisme racisme racime in our word

    4. Skyy Diver says


    5. Ruben Lima says


  2. Dennis Ahmetagic says

    Wtf how bad Barca is haha, at least those young players…

    1. Endurance says

      Just a preseason game. Liverpool had many games before this to get into
      their groove, Barca didn’t. Plus they were honestly treating it like a
      scrimmage if you didn’t notice. And this is coming from a liverpool fan.

    2. rage quit says

      it wasn’t a young barca team

    3. fika andriani says

      +Endurance “its just preseason” ? hahahahahaha lose is lose.

  3. narek eloyan says

    destroy? ?

    1. Anthony says

      I haven’t seen that sort of energy in the Liverpool squad since that insane
      comeback against Dortmund, Mane brings that fire that you boys need.
      Definitely going to have a much more positive season I think.

    2. Tyler Geisler says

      yup you twat mane destroyed you’re plastic club

    3. matar diedhiou says


  4. Sanchez says

    Barcelona are overrated

    1. Ace 2737 (Ace FC) says

      btw barcelona have 90 trophies real madrid have 82-83

    2. Waj Yousuf says

      +Ace 2737 Barcelona have not won 90 trophies. Don’t know where you found
      that. Barcelona: 24 La liga’s, 28 Copa Del Rays, 3 club world cups. 11
      Supercopa de Espana, 5 ULC’s and 5 UEFA super cups, 2 UEFA Europa League.
      That’s 73 in total

      There are also other international cups but these are the major ones.

      Madrid: 11 ULC’s, 32 La Liga’s, 19 Copa Del Rays, 2 Club world cups, 10
      Supercopa de Espana, 3 UEFA super cups, 3 international cups, that’s 80 in

      Real Madrid have won more trophies than Barcelona in European success,
      HOWEVER Barcelona beat Madrid in international success.

    3. Ace 2737 (Ace FC) says

      we have more than those and real madrid won most of their trophies before
      the 70s

  5. benn rutter says

    Always Great to see new signings perform well

  6. TheButtonMashers says

    Are team pressing was insane we could get the ball of barca with ease

    1. D'Lo can f*ck My thottie says

      +Shend Morina chill lol

    2. TheButtonMashers says

      +Shend Morina k

    3. Shend Morina says

      +TheButtonMashers Btec guy

    4. Endurance says

      Have a snickers buddy. You’re not you when you’re hungry.

  7. nepotiums says

    I think Liverpool FC is the best team in the world. They destroyed after
    all in a friendly.

    1. Lewisplays_02 says

      +il_slaughter_you yea when they won against barca in this game they were
      like “we’re the best team” then they lost 4-0 to Mainz and they were like
      “it’s a friendly who cares”

    2. il_slaughter_you says

      +Lewisplays_02 yup

    3. Ed Glue says

      We weren’t plugged into the Mainz though?

    4. Ed Glue says

      My dyslexia is at an all time Owl

  8. Kike Denis says

    LMAO at liverpool fans haha. its afriendly match, u guys played at 200% and
    the crowd was going crazy with every goal like it was a champions league
    match, LMAO

    1. Mitchell Barrios says

      That is the coaches way of doing things… He has instilled that in to all
      his players… I rather have a coach and team like that…

    2. Bluesheep Homie says

      +xCOD dE B3AST who didn’t even try that hard even with the whole squad
      (except Neymar)

    3. DemiDoN says

      it’s not like there weren’t players on the opposition. Barca had their
      starters in and the score was 4-0. Not 1, 2 ,3 but 4. Scoring 4 goals on
      barca and not conceding must mean something. Come on man…

    4. T Mohamed says

      stupid excuses dude your Barcelona you claim to be the club in the world
      your expected to play and win in ever much regardless of which league
      Liverpool showed you no mercy even pairs saint Germain today would,v beaten
      you dumbass

  9. Botong Jiang says

    this brother’s playing with attitude and hatred

    1. CHELSKI9 says

      lol is this a compliment? :))

    2. Botong Jiang says

      +CHELSKI9 yes

    3. Edgar Davids says

      +Botong Jiang I don’t think he plays with hatred though he’s not a dirty
      player like Suarez or costa

  10. CHELSKI9 says

    Damn i wanted Chelsea to chase but I guess ill have to settle for watching
    him with liverpool. Cant wait to see him take over!

  11. Evander Ramirez says

    thought this dude would be a fucking flop but damn did he prove me wrong

  12. NO PLEASE says

    With this team Liverpool could destroy Real Madrid and Barcelona easy

    1. Nicholas Sayers says

      +Kanye East aww are you an Arsenal fan? good luck with whatever your
      ambitions are for this season. Keep pinching them pennies.

    2. Kanye East says

      Ozil fan, and I don’t think Arsenal are going to win anything this season,
      they’ll be lucky to finish fourth.

      I’m actually rooting for Liverpool to have a great season, but the luck
      that I implied is due to the teams becoming much better than a season ago.
      And you guys have Moreno playing LB which isn’t to helpful.

    3. Nicholas Sayers says

      +Kanye East oh fair enough. Well, I’m hoping for the best too and agree
      that Moreno is a huge liability, and it scares me that he’ll continue
      playing. Some rumours tonight say Coentrao could come on loan. I’d be
      hugely excited by that but I seriously doubt that happens.

    4. Kanye East says

      +Nicholas Sayers I think Coutinho and especially Mane will be key. Just
      need those guys healthy.

      Honestly I think Mane is a brilliant buy regardless of price, which is why
      I came to this video in the first place. He’ll have a better season than
      his counterpart Mahrez or any RW for that matter this season I reckon.

    5. Nicholas Sayers says

      +Kanye East would be great if he does! I was very excited by the signing
      despite a lot of ambivalence by certain fans. Same fans decried the
      wijnaldum signing. I think both are destined to do well under Klopp,
      Wijnaldum already showing promise.

  13. Bryant dominguez says


    1. joel luamba says


  14. onlyjoetee says

    This guy gets better and better…

  15. zourzi oussama says

    arda toran will have nightmares about this guy hhh

    1. TheMerakius says

      I was thinking the same ???

    2. zourzi oussama says

      +TheMerakius he just destroyed him

  16. marlon “isaac” blackwood says

    he his better than messi by far far far far

    1. Catalonia says

      that’s what the world thinks

    2. marlon “isaac” blackwood says

      the world u mean the media not in my books

    3. marlon “isaac” blackwood says

      C. Ronaldo his the best footballer right now in my books

    4. marlon “isaac” blackwood says

      next best player will be neymar

    5. marlon “isaac” blackwood says

      but thats if they dont slow him down

  17. Jkk Jkkas says

    so they got a new guy !! let see wht they can do!!

  18. kl bro says

    who is Liverpools number 20?

    1. Evert Bronstring says


  19. fletcho909 says

    Just here me out on this chant!

    We’ve got Sadio Mane
    He cost us 30 million
    He’ll f*cking smash the ball
    Pogba’s f*cking terrible
    But we’ve got Sadio Mane.

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