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Saudi Arabia is a Cancer on the World

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Saudi Arabia is the worst country in the world, bar none. If it disappeared off the map tomorrow, the planet would hold the biggest party you've ever seen.

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  1. Alexia Katrantzis says

    You forgot to mention that Saudi Arabia is responsible for Islam in the
    first place. That alone is unforgivable.

    1. hatim makki says

      +Andreas Belivanakis So? what is your business?

    2. pourtoi j says

      Saudi Arabia hijacked a religion to protect their evil palaces, they don’t
      care if this would murder millions of civilians any where. The question
      remain is: When this evil cartel gonna be stopped and who’s gonna save the
      world from this destructive kingdom?

    3. hatim makki says

      +pourtoi j your opinion is exactly as that of ISIS.

    4. Basically The Same Gaming says

      hatim makki, but he isnt using his point as a way to hide the rape and
      abuse of humans, the massacres of towns, the infringements on human rights,
      as ISIS does.

    5. hatim makki says

      +Basically The Same Gaming Ya off course he does, but that crimes are not
      part off Saudi Arabis, Saudi Arabis is not as he described, especially that
      he talks with ZERO evidence.
      So, it’s 100% invalid.

  2. chant aliyah says

    Lol at the Arab guy saying that “driving could harm women’s ovaries” ?

    1. Tdotniggaxx says

      chant aliyah what he meant was women are terrible drivers

    2. Carlos Santana says


    3. jimmy twotimes says

      blame the british, the british created saudi arabia and the british
      obviously love islam, look at the fact how they invite so many muslims in
      to europe, your cowardness says enough, saudi arabia takes orders from the
      so stop acting like they’re the ones holding the remote, ya dummies

    4. Anime freak17 says

      jimmy twotimes no the British didn’t create Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia isn’t
      britians creation you are lying

    5. jimmy twotimes says

      you should read more history then anime books, perhaps you can google it
      and atleast you’ll be doing something more productive

  3. Mary O'Brien says

    What a stupid, intolerant , fanatical, racist nation. They re still living
    in the dark ages! Pass … I rather visit a civilised country than this
    land of barbarians… If they re so rich why don’t they open their borders
    to their fellow refugee Muslim brothers instead of letting them go to
    Christian nations? Bloody hypocrites…

    1. Brock wolf says

      pourtoi I am muslim and I hate saudi arabia because I know the truth behind
      thier ugly faces

    2. focusontheargument says

      +. Ahahhaahha idiot…research in countries that lack freedom of speech and
      where people are continously monitored, are very unreliable.

      I am well aware of pews researches. If you were too, u would know that so
      called respondents voted favorably for lots of things that are forbidden by

      You cant accept the results on face value anyways.

      So there you go. Sorry to pop your populist nazi islam bashing snot bubble.

    3. pourtoi j says

      Saudi Arabia hijacked a religion to protect their evil palaces, they don’t
      care if this would murder millions of civilians any where. The question
      remain is: When this evil cartel gonna be stopped and who’s gonna redeem
      the world from this destructive kingdom?

    4. pourtoi j says

      Saudi Arabia hijacked a religion to protect their evil palaces, they don’t
      care if this would murder millions of civilians any where. The question
      remain is: When this evil cartel gonna be stopped and who’s gonna redeem
      the world from this destructive kingdom?

    5. pourtoi j says

      tweet president Trump, he should know what you feel.

  4. Jonathan Song says

    But when you say this to liberals they claim that you are islamaphobic

    1. Adam says

      Well we all know who we can blame for Saudi Arabia. Britain!!

    2. pourtoi j says

      Saudi Arabia hijacked a religion to protect their evil palaces, they don’t
      care if this would murder millions of civilians any where. The question
      remain is: When this evil cartel gonna be stopped and who’s gonna redeem
      the world from this destructive kingdom?

    3. Anime freak17 says

      Adam britian pressured Islamic countries to stop slavary

    4. Sheeple Nomore says

      pourtoi j Saudi didn’t hijack a religion (Islam) they follow Wahhabism,
      pure form of Islam! When will our countries politicians going to start
      monitoring mosques, Madras schools, money laundering, their support of
      terrorist organizations. Saudi should’ve been on Bush’s list!

    5. mad kobra says

      hitler was right bois! sieg heil! just fucking admit it. if nazis won we
      would be living in a fucking utopia now. after enemies of germany(cuck
      europeans and stupid cuckold americans who are getting fucked by kikes and
      arabs) were destroyed, germany would start building their utopia without
      need to do any more bad things. because war would be over. nazi germany was
      a science loving country. and hitler was not a stupid christian. he thought
      in the long run they would get rid of stupid religions(check wikipedia page
      of nazis and religion)

      and just admit it. 1 generation living a bad life is much better than every
      single generation on earth living a bad life… it has been how many
      thousands of years since humans evolved again? and still no utopia. let
      keep doing what you cucks say. lets not do anything to improve it. lets
      keep shutting down superior germans…

  5. FoxxPix says

    Regardless of which Middle Eastern hellhole is to blame, the point is that
    the West is totally screwed. Sadly, it’s the fault of the West that it

    1. gnamp says

      Charlie Read Let us not forget who came up with the number system that made
      *all* of the things you mentioned possible.

    2. gnamp says

      Charlie Read well, sort of… They’re known as hindu-arabic numerals. But
      you’re missing the point old fruit- the world is much smaller these days.
      No one can take full credit for any achievement in this age. Certainly no
      one corner of the world.

    3. Tdotniggaxx says

      FoxxPix good riddance lol

    4. Saudi_Always_Pain US_Still_A_Friend says

      Dude all hellholes one side, SAUDI sht on one side = please don’t compare
      Saudi hole with any other ones , its a special hell on planet. Most otherr
      countries have had historical culture for fkallah sake

  6. Zahra Aden says

    I’m a Muslim and I agree with him ?

    1. Anime freak17 says

      Zahra Aden stop being Muslim you’ll be happier

    2. Vlad Popa says

      +Anime freak17 that’s kinda racist

    3. AT AT driver says

      Vlad Popa Islam is not a race tho ;/

    4. Vlad Popa says

      +AT AT driver religionist then xD

    5. GROENEPANT3R says

      yeah but what about the mekka?

  7. Tony Tran says


    1. Saudi_Always_Pain US_Still_A_Friend says

      Yep if there was such a list , Saudi Arabia should be first in the list of
      American targets ahead of North Korea or other fake enemies that American
      has listed , the only problem is they have too many friends over there

    2. jimmy twotimes says

      russia would nuke america by then

    3. Dank Frog says


    4. Tony Tran says

      +DaTMaN 76
      By your ignorance, you made me laugh. God Bless You.

    5. Saudi_Always_Pain US_Still_A_Friend says


  8. Bôôdy Jhené says

    Hundreds of years? Bruh Saudi Arabia is 87 years old

    1. Anime freak17 says

      Bôôdy Jhené more like 1400 years old

    2. get a grip says

      and people call atheists immoral and misguided… look what religion has
      done to you people.. grow up all religion is evil….

  9. Adrian Martinez says

    Muslims are in grave danger. Trump must put pressure on this dictator land
    to purify Islam.

    1. I don't Know says

      Adrian Martinez I agree. Islam WAS a pure religion but as power grew, it
      became corrupted

    2. Mauricio Meyer says

      I don’t Know history says otherwise they always been religious blind,power
      hungry bastards

    3. TruthIsBehind The curtain (0777888) says

      I don’t Know… Mohammed was an war justice warrior, He killed thousands of

    4. Saudi_Always_Pain US_Still_A_Friend says

      Mohammad was the dictator buddy that sort of gave rise to this land – I
      think Trump should declare him a war criminal and proclaim penalties

  10. G0atboy says

    Anyone has an awnser? Why is America and the west bowing down to these evil
    fucks? And in the extent to Islam in general?

    1. G0atboy says

      +Jason Folkes Heh, yeah, you’re probably right. Though in the video it is
      said that Russia has oil as well yet the USA is antagonistic towards them.

    2. Misty Jenkins says

      Because they have infiltrated the top key positions of the government and
      media. Government also meaning the UN. Hats off to intelligence.

    3. Tayte Klotz says

      G0atboy no longer happening now that trump will soon be inaugurated

    4. sakda K. says

      The British use this evil to destroy the Ottomans(Germany ally in ww1) and
      USA use them to destroy the russian communist empire in cold war.

    5. Daniel says

      maybe im just a cynic, but war between ideals will just happen forever. Our
      core values are different to theirs. Another world war is inevitable I
      don’t see any way to stop it.

  11. mr.minigun_LP says

    why does America see Russia as an Enemy they have similar culture and could
    easily crush Saudi Arabia Russia only needs to enter nato and Putin isn’t a
    dictator he was democratically elected

    1. sakda K. says

      USA fear because Russia is big. They don’t like someone try to big like

    2. Che X says

      Russia hates western nations or NATO. Russia supports iran and syria while
      the west is waging war against iran and syria

    3. Lourenço Murteira says

      i agree with every comment here, during the dragging on of the syrian
      conflict, mainly due to the fact that Bashar Al Assad refused to leave and
      the people didn’t want it (or whatever, sadly what I know is limited) until
      the russian army came into play and actually started hitting ISIS positions
      where it hurt them the YUS limited itself to talk about how dangerous it
      was while constantly allowing it to flourish semi-contained, still hoping
      for Assad to be brought down.
      This became really obvious with the western backlash against russian
      military engagements on terrorist/”moderate rebel” positions which claime
      they were killing the people’s opposition against Assad… And now? Palmira
      is rescued, Alleppo belongs to teh government, Raqqa has been freed and the
      occupied territory by the Islamic state has giganticaly been brought down,
      but the US continues its fearmongering of russian people and ideology which
      actually made more to diminish a fanatic group’s influence and power than
      the US (who actually created ISIS) and UK, France ever did
      The difference between russia and other western countries is that they owe
      nothing to US based culture/governments, that’s why france (forced by the
      us) stopped bombings 2 weeks after Charlie Hebdo and russians simly kept on
      hitting them

      just some situtations where the logical action wasn’t the one that the US
      took related to Russia….

    4. mr.minigun_LP says

      that is a good thing

  12. 1upMarioBros says

    This video might be the cancer of YouTube

    1. EMARCEUS says

      Nice and rich argumentation.

    2. Seth B says

      1upMarioBros they’re is much much more cancer in YouTube, also this isn’t

    3. Endrődi Máté says

      1upMarioBros go play mario

    4. Saudi_Always_Pain US_Still_A_Friend says

      You should try and get away from Mohammad’s con art else you will even
      forget what Cancer does to your body ( besides of course mind)

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