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Say Our Enemies Name – Radical Islamic Terrorism | Donald J. Trump for President

Your president Donald Trump

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  1. AUNTIE LORAX says

    They can’t say it because they are in back pocket od ISIS.

    1. Elizabeth Booth says


    2. Akuru “SOMEONE CHANGED MY NAME” ペニス says


    3. theeBESTITW says

      AUNTIE LORAX no lmao because they not racist

    4. Elizabeth Booth says

      +theeBESTITW no lmao ..they sold us out and they are in the back pocket

    5. AwakeningTVII says

      That has nothing to do with race!

  2. Rankin Kemp-baker says

    Call Voldemort by his name, Hillary.

    1. Robert E. Lee says

      Rankin Kemp-baker “His” bc Hilary is a dude.

  3. Laura Beattie says

    You were hot tonight and all of America is proud of you!! We’re on the
    Trump train with you ????????????

    1. Gleb Sokolov says

      +ペニスAkuru I don’t get why she does that? That would be a suicide not just
      to both countries, but for the whole world.

    2. Akuru “SOMEONE CHANGED MY NAME” ペニス says

      +Gleb Sokolov Something very shady and something I’m not entirely in terms
      with is that the U.S. government is supposedly assisting Al Queda “rebels”
      currently to destabilize the assad regime… and many of them apparently
      came from ISIS… My only question is why does the U.S. want assad dead?
      Did Assad try to break the petrodollar as well?

    3. donovan goldsborough says

      Laura Beattie that is the biggest lie ever told

    4. Akuru “SOMEONE CHANGED MY NAME” ペニス says

      +donovan goldsborough Goldsborough??? lol well memed.

    5. ANURAG GUPTA says

      Laura Beattie support to Trump from India make him win !!

  4. Elizabeth Booth says

    TRUMP! TRUMP! TRUMP! stellar performance. Thank you for hearing us Mr.
    Trump, and speaking for us and stepping up to the plate! TRUMP/PENCE 2016!
    wear red America. let’s show Washington we demand change!

  5. Christine Madrazo says


  6. Derek Cliff Crane says

    Jihad is an Islamic idea.

  7. ADucksOpinion says

    she didnt say it

  8. Michael Tomlinson says

    You kinda get the sense both Hillary and Obama are in denial. Such people
    really should not be leading a country.

    1. Robert E. Lee says

      Michael Tomlinson They’re more or less “politically Correct” and refuse to
      say words like that and instead of black they would say African-American or
      instead of Mexican they would say Mexican-Americans or Latino.
      They use political correctness at all times

  9. Robert C says

    The Donald already looks like a President! That’s the man I want on my side
    defending my COUNTRY!

    1. Nyhil Boone says

      do u like Black people

    2. Robert C says

      I like black people ? Me and all black people will have to report to the
      same GOD our only difference is skin tone but yes I like black people and
      went to a black school and lived in the black community, so yes. Trump
      hating black people is a big lie by the liberal media, Al Sharpton is the
      biggest race baiter in the world and he is friends with Trump.

    3. ANURAG GUPTA says

      Robert C vote for him man make him win, all support to you America to make
      Trump president a support from India

    4. Robert C says

      Buddy voted for him last week on
      Monday, my mother voted for him today and my son which turns 18 on the 7th
      is also voting for Trump! 3 votes in 1 house!

  10. g bridgman says

    Hillary should get her facts straight. Cassious Clay was not a Muslim. He
    converted to Islam and became Muhammad Ali to avoid the draft.

  11. Robert C says

    Ilegales para fuera! Criminales para fuera, Se quejan de Trump pero vienen
    corriendo para los Estados Unidos Y quieren mandar aqui cuando sus paises
    los tratan como basura! Trump 2016
    Translation: Illegal criminals out, you complaint about the Donald but come
    running here to the USA and want to make demands and dictate while the
    crappy Country you fled treated you like garbage! Trump 2016

  12. Matthew G says

    What kind of idiot would vote for that old Betty White rip off?!?



  14. Victor Moldavskiy says

    Donald Trump will be the greatest leader, of the greatest countrie in the

    1. Cool Beans says

      Victor Moldavskiy maybe he’ll teach you how to spell too

    2. Victor Moldavskiy says

      Cool Beans English is not my language, sorry. I am Russian

  15. Si mon says

    Trump made Hillary look like the ridiculous sock puppet she is.

  16. TheChiller007 says

    muzzies are the most unproductive and trouble making community for any
    country even when they are in a minority, and majority are terrorist
    sympathizers period

  17. Abhijit Chaudhari says

    we all indians support trumps

  18. Blastiose Blaster says

    you suck trump

  19. sk irfan says

    Donald u just remember one thing terrorist doesn’t have religion ok don’t
    call again for muslim

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