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Scott & Sean- Q&A- Ep. 10

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(1:39)- Kaelan Ellis
Hey Scott, My chest and shoulders are my genetic weak point and I was wondering what I should do to catch them up? I don't want to continue to develop the rest of my body at a higher rate than my chest and shoulders. Would I want to dedicate more time to them or back off on my other body parts or what?

(5:37)- Norek
Hey Scott!
I'm a big fan of yours and I want to ask you a question. I'm 21 and I've been working out for almost 1 year now. I'm on a strict meal plan and I haven't been eating junk food for so long now that I just got used to it. I'm always told that I have to eat 6 small meals a day, every 2-3 hours. The problem is, I get hungry so often that sometimes it's hard to wait even for 2 hours… I'm happy with my progress and my results so far (I currently have 6% bodyfat), but I feel that I'm always hungry, no matter what I eat and when I eat. Is this normal and if it is, how do I battle the hunger?

(11:35)- Aaron Rogers
My question is about an issue I get in the gym when dumbbell bench pressing (flat or incline). On my last 1 or 2 reps of a set when I am reaching failure my left arm tends to shake a little (mostly in the bicep area) and will eventually collapse (if I push it that hard). This never happens with my right arm (I am right handed).

Is this because my left bicep may be slightly weaker than my right and therefore giving up first or is it stabilizer muscle related?

It's not a huge problem but I feel that it is stopping me from fulfilling working my chest muscles to failure as my left bicep is failing first.

I have been training for about 2 years (only been serious about it for the last 8 months or so), is this issue likely to go away in time as I get stronger?

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  1. I Velez says

    very cool love watching your videos i’m getting some great great ideas.
    with that said… i love the way you say “body”

  2. Living Dead Paradox says

    Who is scott talking about at 9:00???

  3. Shmidiii says

    Hey Scott, i was wondering how you stay in great shape, everyone tells me
    you have to bulk and then cut but i see people like you look great all year
    round without any of that nonsense. Can you clear that up for me?

  4. Colourful Adventures of AL&GAB says

    woww thanks cuties.. awesome info big help!!

  5. Dirtybird284 says

    No offense Scott but you need to let Sean finish his points, you tend to
    cut him off a weeeeee bit

  6. lambertus de wit says

    I loved the good form/ bad form section. Can’t you do that for more
    excercises? I understand that small misstakes can make a big difference,
    but sometimes its hard to see what is the correct form.

  7. tamenator says

    I LOVE the good form/bad form. On a correction, I stop and take a moment to
    do the bad then good so my body will memorize the correct form. Its the
    only way I have found to not slip back into bad form habits. The tip on
    working shoulder stabilizers with the fit ball is EXCELLENT! Important.

  8. PredictMe says

    dont do any bitchflies man !!

  9. Damian Krowicki says

    @Shmidiii What a stupid question. I’ll answer it for you. What are you
    goals? If you want to be lean, stay away from high carbs. If you want to be
    big, get more carbs. People look good all year round cause they work hard
    all year round.. If you eat shitty, you will look shitty. 

  10. NorekXtreme says

    @EnAhti Wow man, I saw your comment just now! Thanks much for the reply,
    that’s a very good advice, because I often eat while watching the tv or
    something else, I will try not to distract myself while eating, and see how
    it works for me. Again, thanks for the advice!

  11. Luis Ernesto Rios says

    POSITIVE FEEDBACK: I liked the first videos better because it was about
    simple-short questions and not a “personal case”. I’d like to see short
    questions like “how can I prevent my body from retaining water?” or “is it
    really important to take glutamine?” shorter questions, more questions for
    clip 🙂 I hope I could help!

  12. serelpr says

    From 5:59 until 6:02 BOOM! OMG Sean, you are so super HOT!!! Sexy beast!

  13. Jorge R Tomey says

    brilliant video. i always wondered how to do the proper chest press. thanks

  14. mattgorzka says

    We love you Scott & Sean. I can’t imagine a day without watching your

  15. IceColdBeer94 says

    Nice shirt ! 

  16. theicechinchilla says

    He has shirts?

  17. KingPat says

    Sean looks like Henrik Lundkvist

  18. Johnn Rivas says

    hey scott my name is jonathan im 17, 6ft, about 173lbs, been working out
    2months and no gain.So wanted to know whats a better workout for better
    results.-the hardgainer kid please if any information,email me at
    rivasjonathan79@yahoo.com thanks!

  19. Bruno Andretto says

    if you’ve been working out for only two months, its totally undestandable
    that you haven’t seen results yet. just wait some more time, the results
    eventually will come. 

  20. kkgglife says

    You are right. before I started eating right it didn’t matter how much I
    exercised my abs were still jello. Between one of my friend working in
    fitness field suggested me this 7 secret food items to kill our jelly
    belly. worth watch here now bit.ly/13ZUx17?=wupns

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