Scott & Sean- Q&A- Ep. 3


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(1:00)- Taha
Cravings! I was wondering how you and Sean overcome cravings? I'm currently on a cut diet and constantly craving pizza or something I used to have as a fat teen ager.

(5:13)- Hold mydice
How much cardio is too much for muscle loss?

(7:50)- Ernest Pershing
How often should you switch up your workout?

(10:55)- Robert Quinn
Scott, I was wondering if you could go over avoiding plateaus. Do you change your routine every month? I was just wondering exactly how you avoid these because I have stopped seeing gains after about 2 months of hard work now. Thanks!

(14:23)- Mike Ng
My question is about loose skin after losing a lot of weight. How do you get rid of it? Will it go away as you gain muscle?


  1. great video, really appreciate these. but I think it could have been 20
    minutes with twice as many questions if you condensed them. keep up the
    great work!

  2. haha scott looks kind of stupid with that hairdo 🙂 nothing personal scott,
    i just dont like it haha you look great with the other one though ;)

  3. I’ve got a qeustion! I’m not a morning person so i just pour a bowl of
    ceral but it’s almost impossible to find a good healthy bowl a ceral with
    some real protien in it.

  4. @johnplayersstandard if you are looking for a good cereal then you should
    check out the organics section of your grocery store or trader joe’s or
    whole foods. you can also take a protein shake in the morning. If you have
    any questions you should post them on my channel or videos cuz I answer
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  5. @joseardzm As a swimmer, I can say that most of us don’t grow relatively
    large muscles. We just have low %fat and lean muscle. Sometimes that fat
    difference gives a physical appearance of stronger muscle.

  6. not sometimes,body fat is debt, lower your body fat is the first thing to
    do. this guy sean is so fat! if i were him i wouldn’t dare to show out even
    my shoulders. as i see they are not counted as top fitness models or even
    bodybuilder. just random.

  7. When you mention mixing up your routines, is it ok to continue with the
    same work out each month, but increase the intensity? Just so my body
    doesn’t get too used to my routine. 

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