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Your president Donald Trump

Sub for more: http://nnn.is/the_new_media | Danny Gold for Liberty Writers reports, You know as well as I do that Liberals LOVE complaining about Steve Bannon. Not because of anything real, they just hate Breitbart. Well, now Press Secretary Sean Spicer has stepped forward and let everyone know the REAL reason Trump announced that he added Bannon to the National Security Council.

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  1. Jay Youn says

    hahahahaha….wish Andrew was alive today to witness all this.

    1. God of War says

      Jay Youn He would probably be part of Trumps administration as well along
      with Steve.

    2. Janky Display says

      Me too

    3. Desenberg 88 says

      Jay Youn Andrew who?

  2. Marve Cox says

    I like Steve Bannon a lot…but he could use a makeover. Just sayin.

    1. Blanca King says

      Marve Cox I agree.

    2. vachief says

      He always looks like he’s constantly hung over, he really needs shave
      everyday and clean himself up a little.

    3. Ian Porter says

      Marve Cox kind of makes him look as though he’s not to be fukd with

  3. Deplorable Rob says

    I love it when the lefturds whine & cry over President Trump’s cabinet
    picks. Let em all keep protesting and making themselves look stupid on
    candid camera, they may never see another demonrat president in office for
    a long time.

    1. Gary Bentley says

      Deplorable Rob that’s right let the evil continue to expose itself it just
      makes it easier for them to get stomped out

    2. Larry Be says

      It is becoming apparent everything, anything not of their design is
      unacceptable and must be squashed. These are the forces under the surface
      dictating for Hillary had she succeeded in the election. This can not be a
      one day push-back because this movement in the works for 30+ years will not
      give up.

    3. Exanimis Rex says

      Deplorable Rob OMG! Demonrats is the best name I’ve read yet ? you made my

  4. Caffine addict says

    If you want to get rid of libtards/millennials/feminist bring back the
    draft.Watch them run like cockroaches.

    1. Judy Wells says

      Caffine addict
      I love your suggestion!! Kudos to you

    2. Psyko Klown says

      Send them to the front lines as an advanced of our real troops.

    3. HE IS TRUTH says

      Caffine addict
      If a draft happened today, women would be drafted, including young mothers.
      Many people are irritating, but that is simply cruel. It would create
      millions of Orphans to the State.

    4. Caffine addict says

      HE IS TRUTH it’s not cruel,if you can go to women’s marches and bring your
      kids to those protest etc…that’s cruel to kids.What are they programming
      their kids to do hate?If you can bring your kids to work day you can be
      drafted?Wheres the fathers of those kids no guidance.If they have energy to
      protest they have energy to be productive and contribute to society.They
      show kids at women’s marches the mothers are wearing vaginas on their
      head.whats wrong with that picture?A lot of them should’ve have their kids
      awarded to the state on that March.irresponsible parenting.indoctrination
      also going on in schools also.they all ready made their own kids orphans.

  5. Dafina Markowa says

    Steve Bannon is a dangerous person. This channel is a failing pile of

    1. the legendztruth says

      Dafina Markowa Explain how he is dangerous person? I’d love to hear a SJW
      explain this to me?

    2. Miles Dillon says

      Dafina Markowa I love SB ❤️

  6. Kephas Ben Abraham says

    It’s not Steve Bannon they don’t like, it’s Mr. Trump the wackos don’t
    like, WELL too bad.

  7. Donna Koontz says

    Transparent-as opposed to secretive & sneaky like obama

    1. Jon Blake says

      Trump say what he mean and mean what he say and back it up with
      action..now back to your feeble point.

  8. Kelly Clover says

    Steve Bannon is the darling of the American Nazi Party, the same outfit
    that gave rise to Adolf Hitler. Donald Trump’s plans for America call for a
    Nazi-style racist, xenophobic, totalitarian dictatorship which includes
    concentration camps and unprovoked military invasions.

    1. Leopold S says

      Scary but probably true.

    2. Caligula VII says

      I hope so…

    3. Dennis King says

      Kelly Clover That would be a dream come true. Put you dissidents into fema

  9. TheByteable says

    These neo-liberals are overreacting whiney little babies and they have
    serious hero complex.

    1. CoolPatroler says

      TheByteable Nazis come at me lul

  10. shaggy5777 says

    That is the key the left just hates, in fact they love to hate!

    1. Ms.M W says

      shaggy5777 with all that hate from liberals, couldn’t President Trump send
      them all to the front lines to fight Isis? Possibly that could be a win,

    2. shaggy5777 says

      Ms.M W Most likely the liberals would join ISIS since they would be able to
      spread their hate around the world!

  11. micky dee says

    The democrats are so short sighted. Those geniuses don’t realized that in
    the upcoming elections for Senate and Congress they will lose more voters
    and the only people that will vote democrat are those that are stupid,stuck
    on stupid or stupid beyond any recognition.

  12. craxd1 says

    Google has been filtering out Breitbart, Drudge and others, from its news
    tab. That’s the left for you, they do not want the truth to get out.

  13. Ken Sereda says

    I wish terephthalate was a video of Soros’s face the second he heard that
    Trump won, that would have been priceless, it would have got millions of

  14. Cameron Kerr Bôcher says

    The left just has not learned to appreciate the efforts of someone
    perfectly willing to go in and ruin perfectly good lies.

  15. Zack M says

    Show us Area 51 Trump. We want to know what is going on there. Start this

  16. Renee Smith De Cozen says

    I agree with Trump decisions, but this man he hired, needs a hair cut.If
    our President wants him it’s because he’s a good man.

  17. Elise Kuby says

    Transparent! Not opaque then! Gotta love Trump sending out all the right
    signals and all the demonrats who have been conducting business from under
    a slimy rock are now scurrying back under and sqealing at the moon.

  18. Tony Blaylock says

    I thought he was draining the swamp?
    you can’t see thru muddy water.

  19. jimUkay says

    Spring is coming and soon the snowflakes will melt.

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