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Secret Server – Hillary Broke the Rules & Lied About It | Donald J. Trump For President

Your president Donald Trump

When it comes to her unprecedented use of a rogue email system, Clinton has repeatedly claimed “everything I did was permitted.”


A report by the State Department’s own watchdog destroys Clinton’s lie that she followed the rules. She did not get permission from anyone to exclusively use private email for all of her government work; she failed the requirement to use an authorized and secure system for her email communications; she broke federal records laws by shielding her official records from congressional and public scrutiny; and, she ignored warning after warning that her setup posed a significant cybersecurity risk.

There is no question that what she did was not allowed. The only question that remains is up to the FBI: was it criminal?

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  1. James Quail says

    Vote. Donald Trump

  2. jersey john says

    love it

    1. The Next News Network says

      Same here!

  3. segaprophet says

    The debates are going to be fantastic. We’re relying on Donald to expose
    Hillary’s lies and corruption in spectacular style for all the nation to
    see. MAGA!

    1. The Next News Network says

      They will certainly be epic!

    2. Ben Leffel says

      I’m relying on Secretary Clinton to reveal Trump’s boundless ignorance of
      American governance.

  4. The Next News Network says

    Send Hillary Clinton to prison!

    1. Bigboy Bigboy says

      shut up you going to prison fucking gay

    2. IsRularViper says


    3. Tomahawk1775 says

      Indoctrinated Children like YOU need to be put down like a rabid dog!

    4. ƬψƬΩiiXinnex says

      +The Next News Network The Senate is gonna be Hillary’s worst nightmare.

    5. Foo Rankoo says

      Y’all can munch on Hillary’s Bush, lol

  5. Joe says


    1. Kostas Sterling says


    2. Kostas Sterling says

      This comment section is so out of order lol

    3. kat Mats says

      All it takes is for anyone to go too you channel and see what you have been
      watching to determine that you are an idiot. An no this is not lot’s of
      laughs this is serious. Our country is falling apart and you think Hillary
      is going to make it better. You have a brain of an ant.

    4. Joe says

      +kat Mats Are you talking to me?

    5. kat Mats says

      +Joe No

  6. Friedrich Wilhelm says

    She’s crooked as hell.

  7. King Piggy says

    Vote trump 2016

  8. Dime2782 says

    TRUMP 2016!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Han Solo says

    Go Trump!!!!

  10. Karina Lan says

    Trump 2016!!!

  11. Jeff Stukas says

    shes such a big fat lier

    1. kat Mats says

      What are you afraid of you filthy mouthed creep.

    2. Dave Is Awesome34 says

      +kat Mats her becoming President u dip we don’t want people like her n u
      her destroying The US

    3. Jeff Stukas says

      Kat was responding to someone else who deleted his comment.

    4. kat Mats says

      +Jeff Stukas Thank you for bringing this to his attention. As far as
      Hillary is concerned, this was brought about by her own ignorance.She
      refused to listen or work with the FBI . How can anyone trust the
      Clinton’s. This is just the start of sorrows for them as now The Clinton
      Foundation is being investigated. You really cannot make this stuff up.
      Like a mini series.

  12. sgttombw says

    It’s a good thing that you are narrowing down the lies to only ten. I don’t
    think there is enough bandwidth to post videos about all of them.

  13. Foo Rankoo says

    And presenting out NEW prez! The first female US prez, folks

    1. gettinrings says

      Don’t forget AMBASSADOR STEVEN’S

    2. GoldRoyalEscudo says

      Hillary didn’t kill him, she just let him get murdered, watched it happen,
      and then lied about it.

    3. Foo Rankoo says

      +gettinrings Like you care about Stevens. You’re glad he’d dead so you can
      point a finger at Hillary. She’ll be president anyway so it doesn’t matter

    4. Foo Rankoo says

      Cathy O’Brien is a conspiracy nut, OMG. Do better than that, plz. O’Brien
      is an absolute fraud.

    5. ctwatcher says

      +Foo Rankoo
      Tell that to Stew Webb and others. I bet you don’t believe the published
      report about the male prostitutes in the white house either. I bet you
      believe everything you’ve been told your entire life. I bet you don’t
      believe Hillary sold the uranium to Russia either. I bet you think
      fluoride is good as gmo’s are. Carry on, I have no need of you. You do
      well running on lies. bye

  14. KesterTank says

    Well Trump is only the good president others are crap

  15. Carl Borsing says

    If you’ve been paying attention.. Send the ENTIRE Barack Hussein Admin to,
    at the very least, PRISON.. :D

  16. The power of Greyskull says

    build a wall buddy, out of the corpses of the Bush and Clinton families.

    1. ᒍᗩᗰᕮᔕ ᑭᗩᗯᔕOᑎ says

      Throw Obongo in there while you’re at it.

    2. Jake says

      +ᒍᗩᗰᕮᔕ ᑭᗩᗯᔕOᑎ same with the Rothschild’s and Rockefellers

  17. Nelson OfficialTubers says


    1. SuperduckGamingFTW says

      She should, but Obama will try everything he can to keep it from happening.
      If any other person did anything Hillary did, they would’ve been arrested

  18. SuperduckGamingFTW says


    1. ᒍᗩᗰᕮᔕ ᑭᗩᗯᔕOᑎ says

      She’s really good at buying people off and intimidating anyone who might
      testify– she’s an expert snake and has been for years. She’s ruined many
      people’s lives just because she thought they *might* stand in her or her
      husband’s way. She’s absolute evil. Actually worse than Cersei Lannister.

    2. SuperduckGamingFTW says

      +ᒍᗩᗰᕮᔕ ᑭᗩᗯᔕOᑎ Absolutely true!!!!

  19. quick response says

    Trump is very presidential. Fighting crooked politicians like the Clintons
    and Obamas.

  20. Ben Leffel says

    The only ammunition against Secretary Clinton which the Trump camp has is
    this email “scandal”. So they play it up as much as possible. For those of
    us voting for Hillary (like myself), we find new reasons not to vote for
    Trump literally every time Trump speaks. The Trump candidacy is a practical

    1. Ben Leffel says

      +havocmaster69 Social media dislikes are not a measure for wrongdoing or
      even popularity.

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