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Sen. Jeff Sessions Speaks at Republican National Convention (7-18-16)

Your president Donald Trump

Monday, July 18, 2016: Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions Speaks at Republican National Convention.

RSBN's live streaming coverage of the Republican National Convention kicks off Monday, July 18, 2016 from Cleveland, OH. Watch the live speeches from the convention floor and get updates from RSBN hosts live at Quicken Loans Arena.

Republican National Convention Live Stream – July 18, 2016 – Day 1

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  1. Max Durkheim says


  2. B Sly says

    An opposition to TPP always has my vote. GL

  3. Liberty Crusade 2016 says

    Sessions is one of the most loyal American’s in Congress, imo. He didn’t
    hesitate to stand with Trump on painful truth early on, when most
    politicians were running away.

    1. basicdata says

      Isn’t he cute when he smiles! Love his body language it always supports the
      words he says!!! Thank-You Senator Sessions!

    2. nigel106 says

      He’s a really great speaker too. He has my total attention while he is

    3. Marg Carter says

      Trump had many good people to choose from! Trust his reasons for picking
      another good man!

  4. Melo M says

    God bless J.Sessions.

  5. Jamar Jama says

    great speech!

  6. Big Rocky Dennis says

    Get that dirty, feminist commie out of there!

  7. MOΛΩN ΛABE says

    Jeff Sessions should have been Trump’s VP.

    1. Michael M says

      I am sure Mr. Sessions will be put to good use somewhere in a Trump
      administration. I believe Donald Trump is an excellent judge of talent.

  8. Peter Lemmon says

    Sweet home Alabama.,Thank you Senator Sessions for your support to a
    United.,United States of America.

  9. xNando1206 G says

    Dammit Trump! Why didn’t you pick Sessions as your VP choice!? =

  10. Denis Ribiakost says

    All great points by Senator Sessions. Hopefully all of these things go
    through when Trump becomes the president.
    People have to get out and vote for Trump though to defeat whoever the
    Democrats throw. It looks like it is going to be Clinton.

  11. Evangelina Martinez says

    Thank you Right Side Broadcasting. I had to go through 3 stations to be
    able to watch the full coverage on Senator Sessions for the Cleveland
    Convention. I foolishly went to ABC, NBC and CBS and they would either cut
    off with their annoying comments or cut the speech off for other events.
    ANNOYING. Any way I finally got to watch the FULL SPEECH. I guess you will
    be my permanent station to go to now for speech’s from Youtube. Thank you
    for being there.


    America’s number one enemy Obama.

  13. spicey66 says

    Love sessions!

  14. Michael M says

    People from third world countries who cannot speak or write English and who
    have no skills except basket weaving and must survive on welfare are NOT
    “Wonderful Additions” to our country. Leave those “Human Turds” right
    where they are at because we CANNOT afford to support them here.
    Otherwise, it was a good speech, I guess. Immigration should benefit us
    and not just them. Every other country has that figured out, so why can’t

  15. Gene InTN says

    Just one more stupid kid……Underaged Degenerate…..Still living at
    home? Go HOME stupid girl.

  16. Omuk says

    that smile
    its so beautiful

  17. AC/DC.4.LIFE ! says


  18. Curtis Garner says

    True statements from this man

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