‘SHAMEFUL’ NICOLA STURGEON: Ruth Davidson takes down SNP autonomy bid in FMQs


“She competence not like it, though Scotland is partial of this United Kingdom. If a First Minister unequivocally wants to set out her case during this election, isn’t a unsentimental prophesy of how she is ruling Scotland a really slightest that we should all expect? 

“Or given a approach preparation and a economy are going, is she only banking on a fact Scots won’t buy it!”

Ms Sturgeon responded by warning MSPs of a dangers of a Conservative Government with a some-more poignant infancy to Scotland.

She said: “If people in Scotland wish insurance opposite a Tory government. If people in Scotland wish an effective, clever antithesis to a Tory supervision – they won’t get it from unelectable Labour or a Lib Dems, who still contend they’ll support a Tory government.