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She Gets an Epic Makeover for Her 50th Birthday


Makeovers are a perfect way to refresh your look, which is probably why people love getting a new style for a big event — new jobs, birthdays, the end of a relationship, and other life milestones. But this idea becomes a lot more difficult when you know you want a new look, but you don’t know what you want it to be.

That was the exact problem for Christina, a Chicago native who scheduled a visit to the Makeover Guy for her 50th birthday. The big 5-0 is a huge birthday, so we love that Christina decided to walk into that chapter of her life looking fabulous. However, she didn’t make it easy.

Right off the bat, it’s pretty clear that Christina has no idea what she wants. She tries to show Christopher some pictures of hair styles she used to have but doesn’t really specify that she wants to return to any of those.

Finally, after Christopher and a few other stylists pestering her, the Makeover Guy has had enough.

“I’m trying to make sure we stay on time today, so I can’t give you a complete psychoanalysis,” He says, visibly frustrated. “You have to tell me: what do you want?! A change or to look the same?”

After a little ribbing at her expense, Christopher seems to finally get Christina moving in a better direction. The team even convinces her to try some makeup, which she originally claimed she wanted no part of.

RumbleNot only that, but Christina got to sit down with the salon clothing stylist to chat about what direction to take her wardrobe in. The stylist gave her advice on clothing items to opt for and ones to avoid, as well as general styles that would help flatter her shape.

With everything done, Christina looks incredible!

Her long hair has been lopped off to a long bob; long enough for her to pull back for sporting events, but short enough that it frames and flatters her face. Truly, the shape and body of the new hairstyle completely transform the entire look of her face.

Light makeup has helped to open and brighten her eyes, and some basic foundation tricks have smoothed her skin and highlight the high points of her face. All-in-all, she looks even more beautiful than she did before!

Despite Christina’s success on her first makeover, the team admits that it was a bit of a struggle, writing in the Rumble bio:

“It is just difficult to take a beginner and make them a pro in a few hours. I do hope she comes back with some at home practice and on line study. I’d like a more sassy, alluring and innovative look. It just has to be right FOR HER.”

We hope she comes back again, too! She seemed sweet to work with, even if she was a little unsure, and we definitely think her look could be elevated even more.

What do you think about her new look and the process it took to get there? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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