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SHF Sunday Update: Happy Easter! Brizy Comics, Evolution of the Hips! TRX & Cross Country Drive!

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Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/Scott_Herman
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ScottHermanFitness
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/ScottHermanFitness

(0:23)- Happy Easter!
(0:39)- Brizy Comics!
(1:32)- Tuesday Tune-Up
(2:39)- Saturday Exercise Explosion
(3:06)- Fan Art Winner!
(3:23)- Scion xB
(3:32)- AIDS/LIFECYCLE: http://www.tofighthiv.org/site/TR/AID…
(4:04)- Bike & Run!

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  1. Carriro says

    love you scott, you’re an inspiration <3 

  2. bradley067 says

    how old are you scott?.

  3. ScottHermanFitness says

    @misspinchopink Why, because I take the time to help people? No, I am just
    doing a good thing.

  4. Ursa_maritimius says

    @misspinchopink I bet you think you’re the sh** for that comment, you’re
    not. Nice try though.

  5. Wilcows says

    why are there so little leaves there o.0 ??? I live in somewhat the same
    length or height degree or however you call that, in europe, but our trees
    are almost fully green now…

  6. Ray Khor says

    I know you probably get this sort of questions all the time but I would
    really appreciate it if you could give me more insights and valuable advice
    in gaining muscle mass rapidly. Thanks!

  7. tfelbo says

    Why the hell do you guys have a problem with the no-shirt? Jeez.. Scott,
    you should check out the exercise clean & push/jerk, it’s a really nice
    exercise working out the lower back, deltoids, trapezius, thighs and so on,
    and it really get’s the pulse up as well.. Happy easter

  8. Achalayr says

    @sexyeyes6064 If I looked like that, I would never wear a shirt either.

  9. vanlmr says

    wow that haircut suits you very well 

  10. Joel Ybarra says

    You are such an inspiration Scott. I enjoy watching your workout videos.
    They give me the self-esteem to keep working on my body. Thank you!

  11. BacardiFaktor9 says

    Greetings from Norway!

  12. Jorge Magana says

    Shout-out to Portugal! 

  13. James m says

    @daniiiex lol wat a fukin tard

  14. varun009 says

    doesn’t this guy own a shirt?

  15. edjar10 says

    lol this guy funny 

  16. Thor Brauckhof says

    happy easter too 

  17. stfaulk89 says

    @ScottHermanFitness You’re so arrogant and self-centered, Scott. Just look
    at you, postin your workout videos for thousands of youtubers to see, so
    they can help themselves to have a great and healthy body. I mean, you give
    workout tips, diet tips, scheduling tips, and everything I could imagine to
    be a fit god. And you ask nothing in return.. gosh, such a horrible person

  18. Navyboy2064 says

    You are so freakin cute!! 🙂 I just love ur body, nice & smooth, so sexy!
    =) ur eyes are simply beautiful. 

  19. fgmd18 says

    I just see your vids becouse you’re so damn yummy.

  20. Eric Anderson says

    lol your always so happy

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