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Shonduras stole my phone!!! Spacestation Tour!

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Shonduras sole my phone and did a live stream. Spacestation tour…
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  1. Paul Peck says

    Looks like you might need to go to my channel and learn how to do some drywall repairs on those walls after Derral’s done with that contraption… ?

  2. The Bearded Brace Face says

    Dang! Just barely missed this live. Got on right as it ended. Love that Shaun just stole the phone and Derral was such a good sport about it.

  3. UGgY_Tv says


  4. SaRa PaNdOrA says

    Could i have one of those cars? it’s not for me, is for my cat!! LOL.

  5. Rosh Sillars says

    Lesson learned. Keep phone close.

    1. Derral Eves says

      +Rosh Sillars so true

    2. Computer Garage - Australia says

      put a pin code on it so it looks the screen or keypad

    3. SabrinaBeGaming says

      Derral Eves the cars are so fun right

  6. Doctor Comedy says


    1. The Bearded Brace Face says

      flapit is the name of the product that most people use.

  7. XbossgameingHD says


  8. JMSTRAD says

    pretty cool Derral. nice to see something new.

  9. Grass Daddy says

    fun video! I might do live lawn mowing hahahaa

  10. Island Forged says

    really cool different but I still enjoyed it alot

  11. ExPloD says

    Hahaha that was really amazing I want one of those carts!!!

  12. Palm Springs Cindy says

    Good for you Derrel to pursue content creating if that is your true desire. I have a channel called: Palm Springs Cindy. My audience is mostly mature women who share beauty, makeup, fashion ideas. I have turned to your channel as a resource. I have written to you, asked for help, whatever. I think you do a great job using your YT expertise to help people like me. But your content is really geared towards a young male audience. So, I will miss you as a resource ??????

    1. Derral Eves says

      +Palm Springs Cindy my tips and how to do this or that on YouTube hasn’t changed… you will just see random this I do for work at times

  13. Mindset TV says

    please this video

  14. TheRennellReedChannel says

    I’d love to being one of Daryl’s videos!!

  15. RockstarBruski says

    funniest live stream ever! ?

  16. askjerry says

    Wow… a cereal killer…

  17. whatwrongGAMING says

    when ever I had a question about youtube a came to your channel.

  18. RaptorM82 says

    Derral, we’d like to see you do a Minecraft let’s play series!!

  19. Joey-Gaming says


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