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Showing the Crowd at Donald Trump Rally in Laconia, NH 9/15/16

Your president Donald Trump

RSBN Showing the Crowd at Donald Trump Rally in Laconia, NH 9/15/16

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  1. Lone Monarch says


    Trump 2016 baby. Its happening.

  2. Tripp Fields says

    3rd! Bronze

  3. FrequencyOfThought says

    Trumps plane runs on Bald Eagle piss , it’s confirmed

    1. Business Cat Inc. says

      It actually runs on the tears of SJW’s and feminists.

    2. FrequencyOfThought says

      +Business Cat Inc. That works too maybe the bald eagle drinks that first

    3. FrequencyOfThought says

      Some of these people just aren’t into racing. It’s a meme meant for gear

    4. Tilveran says

      You’ve discovered an unlimited renewable resource!

    5. FrequencyOfThought says

      +Tilveran LOL

  4. AaronXOK says

    Oklahoma for Trump/Pence 2016

  5. Russ Bellew says

    Thanks for this view.

  6. tiparker119 says

    Thank You for all your hard work…!!! GREAT crowd….!! GO TRUMP / PENCE

  7. Sverre M.B. Dohmen says

    Thanks ADAM!!!!

  8. Gary Walcott says

    Awesome .. packed house. God bless RSBN, Donald Trump/Mike Pence and every
    single American patriot helping to make this happen.

  9. robert magnum says

    Great work….The crowd shots are so important to show how well TRUMP is
    This another “Valley Forge” type moment in AMERICAS History…This is a

    1. vidvidvid2012 says

      +KC Clifton it can’t get any worst than Obama.


    Thumbs up RSBN!?

  11. Judith Kinney says

    How awesome! I get chill-bumps everytime I see the support he has from
    Americans!! God love and bless us ALL!!

  12. Interest in old school says

    What, no Green screen like the sickly one?

  13. Karren Haller says

    Thanks RSBN Great job!! Got your Thank you email!!! :)

  14. msmithstud says

    Only way Hillary would get a crowd this size is if she had Obama as an
    opening act

    1. lockbot says

      If she was to have a seizure live on stage it would be a packed house.

    2. Chris Mayne says

      Only way Hillary would have a crowd this large is if these people were
      actually holograms

    3. Adrian Elias says

      She would have to pay people

    4. CHENGJUN LI says

      obama sucks

  15. Max “Maximus” Allen says

    Wow! Trump packs them in!!

  16. Lisa Moreno says

    American people I think are actually stunned, that somebody is actually
    fighting for true American values, honor, truth, justice, strength ,
    prosperity, safety, and valor. THANK YOU DONALD J. TRUMP.

  17. Michael P. Shipley says

    You guys are doing a great job. Thank you.

  18. Jim Maltman says

    wikkileaks just dumped another one..tell us what u think..west Virginia for

  19. Jonathan Young says

    I was at my school’s Teenage Republican’s club. The room was packed, and
    the Young Democrat’s club had less than 5 people attending. LOL

  20. Andrii Mazur says

    They love him!

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