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Showing the Huge Donald Trump Crowd in Melbourne, FL

Your president Donald Trump

Thu, Sep. 27, 2016: Showing the Huge Donald Trump Crowd in Melbourne, FL (Because no one else would…)

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  1. Jack Jones says

    lock her up, And her rapist husband.

  2. The Illuminati says


    1. The Illuminati says


  3. Dr Chunky Biscuit says

    He’s not wrong!

  4. Dora Garcia says

    Melbourne FL vote trump:-) blesd u

  5. Debbie Doud says

    Trump for President.

    1. Pete Rodriguez says

      Latinos for Donald Trump San Antonio Texas

    2. Global Threat says


    3. Alnardo Perez says

      Debbie Doud? trump?

  6. Zachary Nations says

    Florida win Ohio win Pennsylvania automatic win

    1. Sub Zero says

      He needs to come back to Florida.

    2. pourtoi j says

      “Sail on, sail on — through endless space —
      Through calm — through tempest — stop no more:”

      Thomas Moore

  7. I. Bks says


    1. pourtoi j says

      “Sail on, sail on — through endless space —
      Through calm — through tempest — stop no more:”

      Thomas Moore

  8. Sea Bass says

    HIllary can’t get 500 to show up! Donald has to turn 10x that amount away
    due to space restrictions!!

    1. MrZombieIsHungry says

      True, but now we have to make sure every last one of us turns up at voting
      day to vote TRUMP 2016!!

  9. The Viralator says

    Donald Trump!!!!!!

    1. pourtoi j says

      “Sail on, sail on — through endless space —
      Through calm — through tempest — stop no more:”

      Thomas Moore

  10. Mary Nicholson says

    Thank you RSBN for being the eyes of the world for us. Remember you are not
    the nasty, dishonest media that Trump talks about. We all love you.

    1. Mary Hardy says

      booooo!! umm,, yes they are!!

    2. TaTvsU says

      Wouldn’t it be amazing, if RSBN gets an exclusive Interview with trump?

    3. Camaro SS says


  11. k3m505 says

    I blame Ronald Reagan for his trickle down economics that make
    multi-millionaire like Donald Trump have all these tax loophole to let
    these guy pays nothing in taxes

    1. Flame Haze says

      Why do the rich billionaires overwhelming support Hillary Clinton?

    2. k3m505 says

      +am I too offensive for you? Good! so you saying Teachers,police officer
      firefighters etc who actually pays all kind of taxes every 2weeks are the
      dumb ones cause the Reagan tax code that we live under today wasnt created
      for the Average Joe middle middle-class. You Trump supporters are
      ridiculous….. no wonder the guy get audit each year. The guy lost a
      billion dollar in one year and you guys call him a smart businessman lol .
      its never dull moment with Any of you trump supporters

    3. Quattrings says

      +k3m505 Everyone that works pays payroll taxes every pay period, it’s law.
      Not until April 15, do we get to make adjustments. I have plenty of cop
      friends and trust me, they know how to claim deductions. They are very
      smart. BTW – Reagan was way back in the 80s, and since then we have had
      Obama, Bush, and Clintons. If you say it still exists, why haven’t your
      Democrat presidents changed it? It’s ok, I know they have all each
      contributed to making inner cities worse too… This is why its time for a
      change. Whether you like Trump or not, he will bring change

    4. raging meness says

      that’s the problem why we can’t fix it because he got these obstructionist
      Republicans in Congress don’t want to reform the tax code, Matter of fact
      they want even give even bigger tax cut to these multi millionaires

  12. Leyon Ho-shing says

    huge trump supporter.. trump2016

  13. TheWord2You says

    The media who have not presented both parties truthfully are committing a
    crime. In trying to sway the people’s vote they are preventing the American
    people from making an educated choice come election day. This should be
    illegal. There job is to inform we the people the unbiased truth. They
    should be fired and honest ones hired,

  14. bluzmanintx 817 says

    mexicanos americanos for trump!

  15. Joseph Adamack says

    Californian deplorable irredeemable for Mr. Trump !

  16. HEADBANGRR says




  18. Lillian Carbone says

    Yes thank you. you do a great job

  19. phoenix says

    Cheering for Trump from Japan xD

  20. lockbot says

    #HillaryForPrison #StrongerWithoutHer

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