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Submit your pre-order confirmation to be entered into the Sidemen lucky dip and be in with a chance of winning one of these amazing prizes!

• A trip to Gravity Force with the Sidemen (3 winners).
• Online gaming session with one of the Sidemen (15 winners)
• Sidemen merchandise pack (50 winners)
• Sidemen T-Shirt (150 winners)
• Signed copy of SIDEMEN: THE BOOK (250 winners)

The competition is open to UK customers only. Proof of pre-order purchase can include an e-receipt, order number, screen shot of order confirmation or a scanned copy of a physical receipt. Terms and conditions apply.

To enter, please email your pre-order confirmation to sidemenbook@hodder.co.uk by 19th October 2016. Please include your full name, date of birth, T-shirt size and mailing address in your email.

How I record my gameplays: http://e.lga.to/wroe

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  1. Elias Keating says

    wait what umm vikk got 3 keep ups

    1. Ruben Beldman says

      Oxy Foxy123

    2. IWP0404 naktildeath says

      Elias Keating He’s done 3 but he’s never done more than 3.

    3. EpicZombieSlayer60 says

      Elias Keating you act surprised

  2. ali noroozy says

    Is it me or does kimjahu look a bit like KSI?!?!?!?

    1. Yo Mama says

      My brain…

    2. Lakey 123 says

      kimjahu……I died fam.

    3. Ed Evans says

      They have the same hair

  3. Ryan Ruguaru says

    Didn’t Vick have 3 keppy ups

    1. Gamer Dude says

      He did

    2. Banta boy !!! says

      ye vik did 3 keep ups

    3. Louie Ricciardi says

      Steven Hicks it’s Vik not Vikk

    4. whydoesthischannelhaveareallylongnameidontknow says

      Louie Ricciardi no it’s Vikk

  4. Ramiro Saldivar says

    song at 0:29.

    1. Keith H says

      Ramiro Saldivar panjnbi mc

    2. MINECRAFTBEN123 // NerfFan/6 // says

      Ramiro Saldivar w

    3. SSNexus 7 says

      Ramiro Saldivar You gay af dude

    4. Sega says

      mundian to Bach ke

    5. Patrick Hill says

      Ramiro Saldivar Darude – sandstorm

  5. Ami guinho says


    1. Connor Marren says

      Ricardo Lomora where u from

    2. Denis Lovett says

      quemleuissoeviado 😀 @

    3. Ricardo DAB Everyone says

      Connor Marren Mongolia no is joke im roumanian borned in Spain LOOOOOOOL

    4. onzie of cream lol says

      quemleuissoeviado 😀 good for u ??

    5. Amirah Magre says

      Giving me nightmares

  6. Reaper-Gaming says

    Everytime JJ said KIM JONG UN I fell out my bed ????

    1. johann frost says


    2. Kate Reay says


    3. kane hunwicks says

      Guava Juice can you do a whole bath of gummy bears like if you agree

    4. TheTargetBros says


  7. Jorji Costava says

    I have a joke…

    Read more

    1. Jaden Monk says

      Jorji Costava go

    2. Ellie Clapham10 says

      Jorji Costava I didn’t fall for it ha

    3. Brian Daly says

      Ellie Clapham10 you did as you clicked on the comment anyway to reply

    4. Itz Yams says

      Jorji Costav

  8. StefanoSS9 says

    if harry kicked me like he did simon i would punch him in the face xD

    1. Nevaeh Tehuia says

      StefanoSS9 poo

    2. Bilal Zafar says

      StefanoSS9 like your dad dose to your fat as hahahaha

    3. Bilal Zafar says


  9. Kevin Alves says

    Brazil wins yeah kkkkkkkkk chupa gringos aqui é BR porra

    1. Francisco Vega says

      Kevin Alves fdp

    2. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang says


    3. Joao Fut says

      Look at the little airplane.
      olha o aviãozinho VAI TOMA!

    4. Rikelme Da Silva says

      Kevin Alves vai toma no cu puta

    5. marcelo cemianko says

      Kevin Alves é memo

  10. harveer gill says


    1. harveer gill says

      Like To Support VIK 🙁

    2. Kieran Williams says

      xMerten don’t be mean to vikkstar because I like him very mutch

    3. Brian Daly says

      harveer gill and you’re supporting him coz you’re Indian

  11. Soccer Nation says

    France and Italy are the best international clubs in football ( Soccer )

    1. Minecraft 190 says

      No. France, Spain and Germany are the best.
      Actually Northern Ireland and Denmark are the best


      Will Grigg and Nicklas Bendtner(our lord)

    2. Ahsan Amaan says

      Minecraft 190 No Iceland is the best

    3. Minecraft 190 says


    4. Ahsan Amaan says

      Minecraft 190 yeah obviously

  12. Usame Hoti says

    do a no looking crossbar challenge

    1. Luzia Holloway says

      F you

    2. Alfie Hanslow says

      Luzia Holloway F you

  13. MysticGaming -Roblox And More says

    Why are u trying to hit gay people!

    1. Farid star says

      +ABADOMI GAMER RASO hfjdhmhg

    2. Ss Master says

      MysticGaming -Roblox And More

    3. Kieran Williams says

      MysticGaming -Roblox And More I don’t know why are you

    4. F IA says

      MysticGaming -Roblox And More lol

  14. TAYLOR 117 says

    My friend is from where Ethan is (he’s a bit like Ethan)

    1. Mdx says

      TAYLOR 117 Your friend is from gayland?

    2. TAYLOR 117 says


  15. Finesse Father says

    what a doosh move harry did to Simon

    1. Finesse Father says

      ISRAEL lol

    2. Finesse Father says

      ISRAEL hey mind checking out my channel

    3. KleenUp Crew says

      Finesse Father I thought it was funny

    4. Finesse Father says

      KleenUp Crew yea but did u hear the sound of that

  16. Packerfan12 says

    What’s the song at 0:30

    1. Mateusz Iwanicki says

      vikstar song

    2. Leo Castren says

      Packerfan12 darude – currystorm

  17. The3D Kids says

    Funny how none of them were England…..

  18. Aravindhan Tulsi says

    “Why are you hitting gay people?”

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