Simon Stops Singer from Doing Old School


Can you believe America’s Got Talent is in its 12th season? On competitions like these, with judges like Simon, the talent has to be top notch. One thing about Simon is that he’s always looking for the total package, especially when it comes to singers.

That means your voice and your look has to speak to your identity as an artist. Otherwise, the judge will pick you apart as being too cliché or inauthentic. With that being said, they love seeing someone who’s different! Contestant Yoli Mayor walked onto the stage ready for her audition.

The 21-year-old singer looked beautiful in her gown and jewels as she introduced herself to judges Simon, Heidi Klum, Mel B, and Howie Mandel. Yoli told the judges she’d been singing since age 2, but when Simon asked Yoli her current age and she said 21, he seemed shocked. He happily wished her good luck.

As the melody to the old blues classic I Put a Spell on You came on, Heidi predicted they’d be in for a treat. Yoli had only sung the first few words before Simon raised his hand to cut the music. Uh oh. How embarrassing! Simon went on to say her performance didn’t feel right, and didn’t feel youthful enough for the soulful singer. He called it old fashioned with the dress and song choice.

Host Tyra Banks shouted from the wings to “Keep it young!”. Thankfully, instead of shooing the young lady off the stage, Simon asked her to pick another song and to convince them she’d be ripe for recording. What he was really doing was encouraging her.

She then chose Ed Sheeran’s version of Make it Rain. But before she could begin, America’s Next Top Model matriarch Tyra darted onto the stage to give Yoli a tiny makeover. Off with the jewelry, off with the shoes, and out with the hair. Feeling more comfortable and relaxed, Yoli gave it a second try. She more than tried.

America’s Got TalentStill sounding great, Yoli started belting out tune number two. Her deep, raspy vocals immediately grabbed the audience. Yoli worked the stage and the crowd in her bare feet, in her element. Yet at first Simon was wearing his poker face, finger on the chin and all. Was he not feeling this song either?

Watch the video to see Simon and the other judges react to Yoli’s second go ‘round. During her pre-audition interview, Yoli mentioned that she wouldn’t know who she was if it weren’t for singing. She also admitted that she struggled with accepting herself because of her appearance. She questioned how successful she could be.

No doubt about it, Yoli definitely has a gift. No matter what she’s wearing, that voice of hers should take her far. She killed it on this audition – both times! Maybe her turn on this show will reassure her that the people favor talent over the glitz and glamour.

What do you think of Yoli’s performances? How do you feel about Simon’s critique and Tyra’s intervention? Share with us in the comments!