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Paul Joseph Watson joins Steven Crowder to laugh at the latest social justice warrior insanity, including the Blake Lively butt controversy, violent Bernie Sanders supporters, and the Pope's comparison of ISIS and Jesus.

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    • +takethepowerback83 Bernie supporters make me ashamed of my party. My
      social group and family always complain about SJWs giving real liberals a
      bad name.

    • Again, short sound bite “retorts” without much to go on, but I see what
      you’re saying. What I mean is that Paul seems alright with the current form
      of the Republican party, which seems hell bent on authoritarian governance.
      This is not a defense of the Democrats, this is 1) Pointing out how wrong
      Paul gets the Sanders campaign format, and it’s polity-centric platform,
      and 2) Explaining how his stances for Republicans – coupled with the
      aforementioned misunderstanding – have him coming off a tad arrogant in
      favor of a repressive party.
      I get it, really I do; PC is bullshit, feminists are taking it too far
      where it doesn’t matter and not enough where it does, getting rid of guns
      is a mistake: I agree with all of it… But that doens’t make the
      Republicans fit to serve. The choice is, overturn the will of the people
      for an establishment obstructionist, or appoint a shitty businessman chosen
      for shallow reasons.

    • Many Bernie supporters are extremely anti-SJW. The vast majority of
      Bernie’s policy fall directly in line with real liberalism, there is very
      very little mentioned about social justice, and where there is I have seen
      no real intention on enacting policy towards that means. If you are a
      democrat, Clinton supporters should make you ashamed of your party. I can
      understand people in battleground states feeling forced to vote for her in
      the general, but picking a corporate shill in the primaries over an honest
      to goodness real life person who wants to help people is beyond me.

  1. This is a true journalist, he tells what has to be said, he doesn’t say
    bullsh!t like others just to get views or subscribers.

  2. Paul, how have you not been murdered by a radical Muslim yet? There are so
    many across England. And all the true things you’ve said about Islam would
    probably make you a target.

    • The Vatican controls eh? I have heard that silly argument. In what way,
      by what mechanism does the Vatican control all the Jews in positions of
      power? I have been up close and seen them in action and saw no evidence of
      control by the vatican. So where is it? And how is it operating?

    • I’m going to put a Trump sticker on a wasp nest and watch with a video
      recorder as a Bernie supporter and a Hillary supporter try to attack it.

    • +Original American Premeditated Hate Crime!!! It’s not their fault they’re
      so stupid they will punch a hornet’s nest. You should be held accountable
      for their idiocy.

    • +takunveritas
      I would hope not, last thing we need is her running things, but the
      republican candidate choice wasnt any less pathetic either, if it wasnt for
      Trump deciding to run on the republican ticket there wouldnt be anything
      worth a 2nd look there either. It has become a joke, our choices for
      “leaders”, from both parties, range from scary and ridiculous to pathetic
      and laughable. Here, pick between those two dbags and shut up for four

  3. *”Here I am, crawling through barbed wire, over land mines, through rivers
    and mountains to escape the evils of free market capitalism… said NO
    ONE… EVER!”* – anon

  4. that map is objectifying Africa. This is racist.
    also… two white straight cisgendered men and no black women in this video?

    misogyny. no no no no no don’t deny it this is misogyny

  5. I’m going to vote for the woman who jeopardized national security by
    putting extremly classified information on her own personal email, left 4
    Americans to die in benghazi despite their cries for help, AND covered up
    her husband’s rape cases. All because the other candidate said mean things

    • +Zed Dez Gonna step in and defend myself here too. I was a PJW convert
      before I ever saw what he looked like thanks to Stefan Molyneaux’s podcast.
      It’s just a happy side benefit that Paul is as fine to look at as his
      intellect is robust. I wouldn’t be here on this channel if the only thing I
      cared about in politics and current events was a pretty face.

    • +Agent Callisto

      You know what, I’m a really attractive women, so is my husband. when people
      walk up to us and say, “you’re so amazing looking”, I don’t find that a
      positive statement. Actually, I feel embarrassed for them. I look at them
      as an idiot. It’s as silly as telling a person they have a nice car. It’s
      meaningless. And more importantly tragic, it has nothing to do with a
      persons character.

      Mentioning the obvious, makes you a nube. Geez, learn some etiquette. The
      British have (or did) nail this practice, take some lessons. They are
      essential when desiring the skills to be taken seriously and not be seen as
      a grovelling wanna be.

      I’d prefer it they said to me, “wow, the ideas you’ve posed are intriguing.”

      “I wouldn’t be here on this channel if the only thing I cared about in
      politics and current events was a pretty face.”

      But, you betrayed your intellect by making it about his looks. Do you get
      what I’m trying to share with you?

      I’m being blunt with you, because this is your opportunity to understand
      the dynamics of personal power.

      Don’t be a fawning, drooling follower. Stand your ground, keep your cards
      close to your chest…and don’t fall for appearances. It’s not attractive.

      I do appreciate that you said you were “stepping” up. Now, go all the way,
      and claim some self respect!

    • +Zed Dez Good heavens. You’re sure getting worked up about an innocent
      comment! I think PJW is attractive. Big deal. How do you know this is the
      only thing I’ve ever said about him?

      I had to chuckle a little at the “groveling wannabe” line. What do you

      I appreciate that you’re encouraging me to not be a “fawning, drooling
      follower” and to “stand [my] ground,” I really do. But you must admit it’s
      a little presumptuous of you to call me out over one YouTube comment. I
      regularly engage my friends and family in political discussion because I
      think it’s important. I’ve got plenty of self-respect, thanks! Couple of
      weeks ago I had to stand my ground to a few coworkers that were taking me
      to task on a few issues, and I had no problem defending my opinions. I
      realize as I say this you’re going to call me a noob for stating the
      obvious, but hey. I can’t help how you react to me.

      Not trying to be confrontational at all. I just think it’s a little silly
      that you’re making such a big deal of this. Your first comment was about
      not voting based on looks alone. I said I respect PJW’s intellect and you
      tell me to take some etiquette lessons? I don’t quite see where my
      etiquette was out of line. Your whole response was a bit rude, honestly.

    • +Zed Dez I’m not reading that. Inb4 you call me illiterate. You’re tripping