Slow Cooker Mississippi Roast


We’ll wager that this Mississippi Roast is the best slow cooker pot roast you will ever eat — and we can guarantee that it’s the easiest you will ever prepare. Just sear the roast and dump it in the crock pot with butter and seasonings, and you’ll have the prep work done in as much time as it takes to spell Mississippi. (And when it’s done, the roast beef will be devoured just as quickly.)

This down-home roast beef has gained so much fame you’d think it was a traditional Southern recipe. Actually, it was invented on a whim only about a decade ago by a Mississippi home chef named Robin Chapman, then spread like wildfire on Pinterest and Facebook. After all, who could resist a dinner recipe this hands-off that delivers so much flavor?


Well OK, we know that there are going to be some doubters who are skeptical about the two packages of store-bought seasoning mix on the ingredients list. But trust us, this dish does not come out tasting like roast beef drenched in ranch dressing. The blend of parsley, dill, and buttermilk work their magic with the rich au jus flavors, and the pickled pepperoncini peppers give the luscious pulled meat just the right amount of irresistible zip.


Recipe adapted from The Hungry Housewife.