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Soccer is BEAUTIFUL, Life is HARD.

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  1. spikys lets play says

    Liverpool will win the champions league this season and the premier league

    1. OxyPvpi Flex says

      Diego Sandoval Blogs because Barcelona sure won a lot last season huh

    2. Michele Frisoli says

      spikys lets play champions league why not definitely the glbest performing English team the league unfortunately is a curse

    3. Damir Cr says

      Diego Sandoval Blogs i hate such an opinion just because barca and real are the best you cant Really Support Them you are so dumb

    4. Assist King Özil #Arsenal says

      patrick suscal don’t they have to go past the qualifying round

    5. Eric Tapia says

      They will win it in FIFA 18

  2. Abdul Abdella says

    who died due to suicide?

    1. Dākunaito says

      Abdul Abdella main singer from Linkin Park

    2. EnderGaming says

      Abdul Abdella Chester from LP

    3. Yass 256 says

      Abdul Abdella u are defi somali

  3. FrozenThorn123 says

    Agreed, baseball really does suck

    1. Jimmy Conrad says

      Agreed. It’s terrible.

    2. Pablo Ocariz says

      Jimmy Conrad Disagreed. I love baseball, Aaron Judge is freaking incredible and will probably become the ?

    3. DaringDylan says

      Jimmy Conrad I support liverpool, and I hate baseball because John Henry invests more money into it ??

    4. Nathaniel McPherson says

      FrozenThorn123 let’s go red Sox let’s go red Sox

    5. Manchester M says

      Nathaniel McPherson LETS GO NATS LETS GO NATS!

  4. SaintPhoenixx says

    The stress of managing Arsenal making you go bald, eh Jim?

  5. Jeremy Corbyn says

    Thanks for the message at the beginning Jimmy ❤️

  6. Abdalrhman Abu Assamen says

    why didnt you do arsenal vs Chelsea

  7. Eric Tapia says

    Manchester United is finally great again!!

    1. Karst Bosma says

      Eric Tapia At dabbing

    2. Manchester M says

      Eric Tapia WHOO

  8. LauranM2K says

    Don’t let this distract you from the fact that Arsenal’s Inho lowered the difficulty to Celtic Class without telling his fans. #ConFRAUDinhoOut #NotMyManager

  9. Peter Muneme says

    Welcome to Jimmy’s new show called

    Fridays with Therapinho?

  10. aren Biala says

    Do your shirts come with warmballer stiiiiiickers?

  11. ian linnarz says

    The baseball sucks hat was great

  12. Reid Kieper says

    Pull a Wayne Rooney with your hair

  13. MattiGiache says

    Jimmy Wear A Beanie Like The Edge From U2??

  14. Kaveh Kavian says

    I don’t know ? why he didn’t mention Manchester City vs Real Madrid

  15. LTTurkey says

    its okay jimmy my hair is much worse and im only 17

  16. Stephen Rogoff says

    I freaking love you Jimmy! Smart and Funny! #inho4life

  17. Max Baker says

    185 goals and assists in 186 games? There’s no way that can be right…

  18. Bryan Yim says

    Wah Jimmy ah! Being a dickhead ah!
    Never preview ?rsenal ? Chelsea ?

  19. Austen Clark says

    Inho will you be at the Gold Cup Final game ? In Santa Clara

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