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[Soccer Spirits] Tyler Striker vs Superb Boss Aslan

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HUGE DERP: I only realised this now after I put this up that I forgot to put points into Meiran's active. She's only providing 25% Crit Damage LOL. Was using that for PvP but ehh. Works out either way

This is sort of a budget team tbh, with Jiho being the only legendary. You could use Sharr for this and OHKO Aslan rather comfortably. I had to get to 20% Enervation for Tyler though. Still, it was worth it :]

Also Jayce is a great option here, with a natural Thunder slot for Frozen Speartip + having a good ace for both Tyler / Sharr / William & Lucian. Do consider using him if you have him

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[ metacolmss@gmail.com ]

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[ http://ssformation.blogspot.com ]

► SSFormation Development Progress
[ https://trello.com/b/hOyjRmOP/ssformation-development-log ]

► A huge thanks to RavenProDesign for that intro
[ https://www.youtube.com/user/RavenProDesign ]

► Credits to HCHanY for the Tyler art at the top
[ http://hchany.deviantart.com ]

Thanks for watching, your stay here is very much appreciated. If it isn't too much of a hassle, why not drop a sub and become part of the MetaCrew? Future content awaits. :]

// – Details – //
Metacolm is a tribute name to my first 5* in SS (Malcolm), and ofc, Metatron.
Soccer Spirits IGN: CrezOrbs (Global Server)
Forums & Reddit: DensetsuNoTroy, or Metacolm
King's Raid IGN: Erm (Asia Server)

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  1. Spike says

    Nice Video, Lol that damage of Tyler, I used what I thought useful and got it, and another good news, I got Serestia in a 5*-6* draw!

    1. Metacolm says

      Gratz on Serestia! Still hoping for my free draw legend ;-; And Tyler could have done more damage if I had rmbed to put points into Meiran’s active. Works out either way so I’m not complaining haha

    2. wanstum says


    3. Spike says

      +Metacolm Thanks ^_^ I must admit again, getting Aslan with Tyler is very impressive (͡ ° ͜ʖ ͡ °)-b

    4. Spike says

      +wanstum Thanks ^_^

  2. theXtrailz says

    Guess who’s back?
    Who needs william/sharr when you have striker tyler? Bball reworking tyler as a striker anyone? no.. must be just me then XD
    Gz on the match and a huge congrats on the 1k sub milestone!! although i haven’t been commenting on the last 4 vids or so, i’ve been watching all the content you’ve put out. I’ve been dealing with some stuff the last 2 months, so i hope you’ll excuse my disappearance. But i felt like the 1k milestone had to be recognized so GG and keep it up as always >:^)

    1. Richmond1505 Lee says

      theXtrailz Hope things get better for you soon:)

    2. theXtrailz says

      thanks pal 😀 Just got accepted into my main prioritized school yesterday, so i’m crossing my fingers that this will be a new and better chapter in my life >:^)

    3. Metacolm says

      Thanks Xtrailz! Don’t sweat it man, I really appreciate the support from you, and for so long now. Ahaha you don’t have to leave comments all the time, I know you’re still here fam <3 And like Richmond said, hopefully things get better. Huge gratz for being accepted to your school too 😀 Life will be better from now, all the best to everything ahead. Keep a positive mind and just keep goin' ?

  3. Imbm says

    Tyler OP 😮

    1. Metacolm says

      Such a bawse :]

  4. Tizla says

    I love it.

    1. Metacolm says

      Thanks Tizla!

  5. Kronos Boy says

    happy to see tyler and lucian again

    1. Metacolm says

      Yeah, good times :]]

  6. anavn says

    Love the effect you use at then end this makes me think I should of tried to beat it with leah striker well maybe next time 🙂

    1. wanstum says

      anavn DO IT!!!!! XD!!!!!

    2. Metacolm says

      I’m on board, DO IT! 😀

  7. Richmond1505 Lee says

    What’s up with these bizarre upload timings.

    Thanks for this video,Metacolm.It will help a lot

    1. Metacolm says

      Yo Richmond! And sorry for the weird upload time LOL. Idk how to make vegas render faster ]:

    2. Richmond1505 Lee says

      Metacolm Glad to see Tyler back in action!

  8. wanstum says

    what if i don’t have jess and jiho?, does this work?
    Sharr-Elaine-Elaine(friend)-Celus (this works fine)
    do i need a magnus for this?

  9. wanstum says

    gratz on aslan btw, nice creativity :3, next time, once i have a proper team, i might try doing that but the striker being someone else, lol.

    1. Metacolm says

      Thanks Wanstum! And Sammy works fine, I chose Jess cause Prey Sentence. You could run double Ardor pass on Sammy :] Good luck wit Aslan

  10. Happy POH says

    Tyler powaaaa
    One of my friend is building a tyler just like u XD i enjoy him smashing thru enemies haha

    1. Metacolm says

      Eyy welcome to the Tyler army 😀 Hopefully your friend finds success in him

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