Some Cultures Are Better Than Others


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Cultural relativism is bullshit. The west is the best.

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    • +gassluc LOL! Once you are Slovenian I can understand you claiming
      Slovenian having a better culture than Greeks…. but Greece having better
      alcohol? OK true Greece has some exceptional wines but we only developed
      these painstakingly in the past 30 years trying to rebuilt our largely lost
      wine-making tradition. Still price-to-quality we are below average not for
      lacking quality but for being unable to produce at better prices (any
      production in Greece is expensive due to a multitude of reasons, foremost
      geographical dispersion but also including followed policies that make
      things worse). In terms of other drinks, ouzo and tsipouro can only be
      improved up to a certain level; they are not drinks that can be played on
      quality any more than you can play on with a votka. And retsina is by
      definition supposed to be a resin flavored cheap wine served as refreshment
      on the table while eating, not really a stand-alone high quality drink. So
      no, oerall I would not claim we have the better alchohol even if some of my
      most favorite wines are local Greek varieties.

    • +gassluc Ouzo if fine but it is not considered as high-class drink. I enjoy
      it a lot in the summer though I prefer tsipouro (without anise) to be

    • TheusZeusDeus I think the middle east has the best culture
      Simply because
      Babylonians,assyrians,byzantine empire , persian empire , abbasids,
      ayyubids, ottomans , mongols, french and british
      All of these lived in the middle east

    • VexStep what are you stupid? How is suicide rates among the youth, high
      rates of eating disorders etc even COMPARABLE TO SLAVERY YOU MORON

    • VexStep until recently child pornography was legal up until 2014 when it
      was made illegal,though it’s still commonly found there. Pass, some culture
      are better than others. West is the best.

  1. And what about eastern european cultures? We have everything like you do,
    except that we didn’t become colonialist assholes and modern liberalism
    never really set a stable foot here.

    • +Erik Arellano That’s too bad, I was serious because I thought you were.
      Frankly, you should be grateful, or you should move back to Mexico.

    • If we were all to go back to where we came from, then I’d stay and you’d go
      back Europe. Going back to my main comment, my family would have never
      migrated if the USA wasn’t a white country.

    • “my family would have never migrated if the USA wasn’t a white country.”
      Absolute bullshit……your family moved because of better economic
      conditions in the USA….nothing to do with skin colour……fucking
      bullshit people spout every day…unreal
      There are reason the europeans were further ahead in development……it
      was to do with domesticated animals…………….you had none in the
      Americas….so tech growth slow

    • Funny that years ago PJ Watson was whining about how the WEST had launched
      an attack on itself and BLAMED the East as an excuse to launch the war on
      terror that has since claimed millions of lives. He and Alex Jones both
      claim the Western “illuminati” are behind everything bad that ever happens
      in the world… how again does that make British or American imperial
      society “the best”? How does PJ Watson even explain these contradictions? O
      yeah, he doesn’t.

    • Yes but these people & many of the powers-that-be are anti-west!! Don’t you
      get it? That is why they have so many self destructive agendas and policies!

  2. North America-Europe-Western Russia-Japan-South Korea-Hong
    Kong-Australia-New Zealand

    The rest is a shithole. Thank you.

  3. to be fair the only really bad part for the eating tiger penis’s is that
    tigers are endangered that’s not as bad as some of the other ones

    • +Epic Mormon Brony hahahaha i get that question a lot. especially from
      americans. and they never try to trick me into volunteering that
      information, they always ask me directly. please let me know where you wore
      born so that i can talk about how crappy your country is, because the
      points you are making are too good. of course i am not going to tell you
      where i was born, i am not interested in your racism and condescension.

    • +Abc Def You are right about one thing: I was going to find things about
      your homeland that suck because you’re such a racist prick and need to be
      humbled. But for the reason? No, you’re wrong. Now, you test my patience,
      and I have none to spare for children, Abc Def.

  4. As a conservative I normally agree with you but I don’t with this video.
    Public defecation: As an Indian living diaspora, I can tell you with 100%
    certainty that that is not Indian culture, but rather something that
    happens in India. This stems from the lack of integration of technology in
    Indian society and other middle eastern poor regions.
    Bacha Bazi: I agree here because homosexuality and rape is wrong
    Brit Milah: That appears to be a dying tradition in circumcision.
    Tiger Penis: Since China has some tigers and since they are a sovereign
    country they can do what they want; and China frankly doesn’t care about
    the environment, they will just make some other country help the tiger

    • TheMorbiousStone when the British arrived, they took away all the wealth
      Indians possessed. You can google it. India was one of the richest
      countries in the 17th century. The government is very corrupt even now. The
      country is quite poor. I have seen people defecate on streets but I assure
      you that it is not considered acceptable among the middle class.
      Unfortunately, the poor are the majority of the population, which is why
      this is considered common.

    • 30% of Scientists in NASA are Indians
      25%-35% Of Doctors in America are Indians
      Dont you Dare to think that we Indians are incomparable !! Many People in
      India are Illiterate which gives rise to such problems…
      Help other countries to rise up and thts what we did in USA and UK…??

  5. I dare anyone who claims that all cultures are equally good to move to
    Saudi Arabia and try to live the lifestyle they are used to in the West

  6. I’ve heard about the rape in Afghanistan. The story about the marines being
    able to hear the boys scream at night, enraged me when I heard it.
    It’s sick what goes on over their. This is where the liberals should be
    preaching their so called “rape culture!”

  7. While I agree that the West is in the best state right now, I agree with
    almost everything Paul Joseph Watson says but for him to say the West did
    everything good in this world is grossly arrogant and not true. Yes the
    West has brought wondrous things to the world, but has also been

    good things the West has done

    free speech
    human rights
    separation of church and state
    modern medicine
    technological advances
    magna carta

    bad things the West has done

    slavery (i know they weren’t the only ones and i know other africans sold
    their own people but this does not excuse what westerners did)
    exploitation of natural resources
    destruction of African historical monuments

    So yeah there are great things and awful things the west have done. but
    like non Western cultures do bad stuff, they have also done amazing stuff
    that had contributed lots to the world but is either overlooked or assumed
    to be solely done by Europeans.

    good things non western nations have done

    Gender equality- in ancient Egypt, women were equal to men

    Mathematics- it was not just the Greeks- Ancient Egyptians, Arabs and
    Indians contributed loads to modern mathematics

    Music- Westerners obviously did not invent music. they just have their own

    Sewerage- many ancient African, Asian and Arab cities had their own sewage
    systems. not invented by the West

    Speech- even if we did not come from Africa, we all know that speech was
    not invented by the Europeans

    Christianity- well this one’s only positive for some i guess but European
    culture has judeo Christian values and Christianity started in the Middle
    East so European Christians can thank Middle Easterners for their Christian

    natural resources- many non Western countries are very rich in natural
    resources whilst lots western countries barely have any copper ores. so us
    people in the West can thank those inferior non westetn countries for many
    of our resources caus without them we’d plummet into poverty and war.

    also with the public defecation thing, just because India does is does NOT
    mean it is part of their culture. did you ever take into account that India
    is one of the poorest countries in the world and lack the money to build
    toilets? that’s like me saying that because Westerners colinized Africa and
    raped their women, it is part of our culture. see the ridiculousness there?

    in conclusion Paul, the West is NOT responsible for all the world
    accomplishments in the world. i’m a black Westerner, born and raised in
    England with Nigerian heritage and because of this supetiority complex
    amongst Westerners i used to be ashamed of my heritage, but after seeing
    the wonders Africa has done for the world it has made me appreciate my
    heritage more. like i said, the West has done GREAT things but it has also
    done harmful things and saying it’s not “perfect” is simply not enough.

    • alkis kosh Lets not be stupid
      Babylonian and other temples exist and most of them still exist till isis
      came even though they were ruled by muslims for over a thousand years. Lets
      not be stupid alright?

    • +Kenstreme I am not stupid, Babylon, was buried and forgotten throughout
      the Islamic era and before that from Persian era, who discovered the city
      of Babylon is a German archaeologist Robert Koldewey, Western explorers
      influenced by the bible are revealed history of civilizations Sumerian,
      Akkadian, Assyrian Babylonian Chaldean

      The Muslims since the occupation of Iraq, they did not care think about
      Babylonian antiquities

    • I am not stupid, foolish, I know history of the Middle East,

      Antiquities were buried under ground wasnt discovered

      until western exploratory missions discover antiquities of the Babylonian
      In the late of nineteenth century.

      I did not say that Muslims destroy this antiquities, but said they were not
      interested in this, and the evidence that many of the antiquities found in
      the West Museums