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Speaker Paul Ryan Announces Donald J. Trump as the Republican Presidential Candidate at the RNC

Your president Donald Trump

Good morning America! This is a MOVEMENT- and WE are going to MAKE AMERICA SAFE AND GREAT AGAIN- starting in January 2017!

Find out more about Donald J. Trump for President:
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  1. planbskater1825 says


  2. Matt Keane says


  3. Mark Christopher says

    were on our way… cmon we can do this.. bring that poll upppp

  4. Reaper9567 says

    I like pizza

  5. Del Fam says

    haha Ryan.

  6. Donald Trump says

    Lol RIP GOP. Lincoln’s party is over.

  7. Jim S says

    Is some b******* way of trying to endorse
    Paul “The RINO” Ryan

    Paul Nehlen 2016!!!

  8. Robert Johnson says

    Someone should let this Donald Day Trump know ?

  9. Taylor Ross says

    Vote Nehlen!

  10. Caleb Harrison says

    This is the precise moment that everything began to fall apart and burn.

    1. SuperSMT says

      I believe you’re thinking of Hillary Clinton’s birth

    2. Caleb Harrison says

      +SuperSMT Maybe. But I’m pretty sure it’s the moment Trump became the
      nominee–which I suppose isn’t this video, but rather the video of Trump
      accepting the nomination.

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