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Stupid Butt-Hurt Millennials

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Stupid butt-hurt millennials are whining and crying because the UK voted to leave the EU.


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  1. Dae Dalus says

    If people can choose not to identify with their natural, biological gender
    then I choose not to identify with the generation I was born into.

    1. Rick Flair says

      Dae Dalus though I agree with you, gender isn’t biological

    2. - Tethewreck - (The Godly Gamer) says

      Rick Flair dumbass

    3. Rick Flair says

      +- Tethewreck – why am I a dumbass?

    4. Dae Dalus says

      +Aquaberry Grapegod has anyone really been far even as decided to use even
      go want to do look more like?

    5. Volka Gaming says

      Dae Daluse Me too

  2. Jack Sainthill says

    I’m old *and* I voted Remain, so neither side likes me. ;)

    1. I'm Triggered says

      +supahdupahguy81 apart from the anti-Trump riots, the EU protests,
      anti-austerity protests, Saunders supporters etc.

    2. supahdupahguy81 says

      +I’m Triggered
      Anti-Trump riots have nothing to do with Brexit. And as far as i’m aware
      nobody was stabbed to death 50 times in the street in broad daylight for
      voting leave or supporting austerity (i have not met a single working class
      person on either side of the political divide who supports austerity
      measures btw)

    3. I'm Triggered says

      +supahdupahguy81 he was talking about right wingers.
      And saying all lefties are angels.
      Also there has been austerity.

    4. louisewhomackable says

      I’m left wing and voted to leave, so I am not popular with liberals.
      However I am not a Liberal so I could not care less

  3. Danijel Turina says

    It’s interesting how the leftists are incredibly stupid people, but they
    always assume they are on the intellectual high ground and the “right
    wingers” are some stupid rednecks. And you know why? Because Marx told them
    so and he can do no wrong.

    1. Nikita Ivachtchenko says

      +Paul Morris Name one globalist he was sponsored by and you’re claim will
      have meaning.

    2. Paul Morris says

      +Nikita Ivachtchenko James Rutter

    3. Nikita Ivachtchenko says

      +Paul Morris I can’t find any info on this guy anywhere. Where did you get
      this guy from?

    4. Paul Morris says

      +Nikita Ivachtchenko There’s also Hendrik Von Lutz and Albert Dietrich.

    5. Nikita Ivachtchenko says

      +Paul Morris Albert Dietrich? As in the composer?

  4. cra3y toadstash says

    I’m actually the minority here, I’m 19 which made me a minority voter and I
    was a leave supporter, I feel so isolated

    1. savannah seaton says

      +Anime freak17
      Thank you I like gyspies I think they are cool. Young people like EU
      because teachers tell them eu is brillant . If anyone thinks different then
      you are made to think something is wrong with you.

      I have gotten abuse too. A old man said to me “when you get set a light by
      a leave voter you will wish voted remain.” Unbelieve the comments people

      The European Union is a rich mans club Goldman and Sachs and JP Morgan
      supported the remain side and funded for it . The people who support eu
      membership are the rich elite who care about profits at the expense of our

    2. Crusader M says

      Anime and Savannah, please go and educate your friends and people around
      you, you obviously have wisdom and no what independence means and how it
      can make our country great again. I have a 22 year old remain daughter who
      keeps telling me I have ruined her future and my two young children’s (I am
      42 and tell her I have saved my children’s future) she also tells me that
      now she won’t be able to travel to Europe……Seriously!! Uneducated,
      brainwashed by the schools and universities it is so hard to debate with
      these people so much so that I seriously worry about this countries future
      with them at the helm.

    3. bluebull399 says

      I know a lot of ethnic minorities that voted to leave. I don’t think it
      matters what your race is, unless of course you live in one of those
      horrible areas or the UK where people of different races are not integrated.

  5. ArwenImladris1 says

    I’m a millennial and I voted leave. My generation is filled with whiney
    piss babies who don’t know a single fucking thing about politics.

    1. savannah seaton says

      I am 19 and I’m proud I voted to leave guess I what I will do it all over
      For me this vote is about governs Britian . I didn’t elect a jean Claude
      junker , a Donald tusk or a Martin Schulz these men have huge say how
      Europe is run that is not how democracy works.

      13.2 % of our laws come from Brussels it may seem small but I believe it is
      unacceptable all our laws should be made here by our mpswe democractially
      elect and can hold accountable . The Canadians do not agree to have 13.2%
      of their laws made by a political union in America .
      The,Australians don’t agree to have 13.2% of their laws made in New Zealand
      , most countries In the world don’t agree to have 13.2% of their laws made
      by a foreign country so why should we agree to have our laws made in
      Brussels . All our laws should be made here .

      The European Union I believe is no longer a Union . The European Union has
      divided Europe rather than unite it . We see this with the euro hurting
      economies and creating unemployment in the process. freedom of movement has
      taken away the rights for member states to restrict immigration . The far
      right is,growing we see this in France with front national , party for
      freedom in the Netherlands , Sweden democracts in Sweden , etc. This is
      what happens when destroy democracy and unelected bodied start inferring
      how national governments are run . People get fed up and far right,step in.

      More importantly I believe in this county and I believe we are strong
      enough to go it alone . This country survived two world wars if,we can
      survive such brutality we can survive anything as a nation. I believe this
      country is so much stronger .
      U.K. Has produced brilliant scientists like Darwin , Alexander Fleming ,
      Isaac Newton . Who works have changed the world . The U.K. Has amazing
      writers like shakersphere , dickins etc .
      U.K. Has done great things before the European Union was created look,at
      clement Attlee governments example . I love this country and I believe it
      can d so much better .
      It’s sad seeing people my age disappointed at the result . I am so sick of
      adults telling me I should vote remain because eu good for young women like
      me .

      The European Union is not good for young look at the high umeployment of
      youth in eu states like France , Italy , Spain etc .
      I been called names for voting to leave . I was branded naive and told I
      will regret my vote and be ashamed of it when i grow up . My uni lecuturer
      said brexit was wrong . I got up in class and said he is wrong.

      The European Union will never reform for greater good of Europe . We have
      been members for 43 years if it can’t reform then when will,it ever reform.
      By leaving you get real reform as this will force member states to think
      where did all go wrong and they will try to stop others leaving and showing
      apathy .
      The European Union is anti Europe . Europe was founded on principles of
      freedom , democracy. The European Union is working against those values

      We may have voted to leave but the battle has only began . We the 17.4
      million must not let the political elite win and block brexit .we must
      fight til the day we live .
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    2. purple demise says

      Well done, you will have many years to enjoy this brilliant vote. I was
      very pleased to see you vote against EU. Britain will be great again.
      NEXIT, now, please.

    3. James the activist says

      ArwenImladris1 Not all the millennial generation is brainwashed, I’m 22
      voted to leave, easiest decision of my life.

  6. Norri Fjärran says

    Only 36% of the youth voted, but 81% of the older people did. But yes, it’s
    the older people’s fault. Libtards through and through.

    1. The ZombieGameman says

      Norri Fjärran if it’s any indicator for the USA trump wins in a landslide

  7. andrew sellers says

    I’m 13 turning 14 in 3 months and I’m ashamed of my generation. We. Are.

    1. Jellal Macbeth says

      +SavageBoy69Alt I have hope for out generation since some of us are finding
      Ben Shapiro thug life videos. XD

    2. Jack Farley P/S TV says

      andrew sellers I’m 18! You’re not the only one!

    3. Kristoff Bjorgman says

      Thank you.

    4. andrew sellers says

      So 14 year old me now gets into political debates and people actually have
      changed their beliefs bc of me and others. There is hope if we keep on

  8. Thomas Bryant says

    I wish you could say this to my ex girlfriends face… Can we split up our
    generation and make our own, anyone pre 1994 , we will be the nintendo
    generation, so much cooler.

    1. Thomas Bryant says

      Like I said anyone can join as long as they aren’t a pansie acting snowflake

    2. Thomas Bryant says

      Me too bro, any nintendo system is cool with me, although right now I play
      everything emulated on my pc which is still fun as hell

    3. The Truth says

      screw your nintendo ima rock my sega megadrive with sonic 3 and watch the
      world burn bitches.

    4. Red Devil says

      I’m Asian, I live inside a book, a textbook is my entertainment.

  9. Cascadesbmx says

    How do we sign out from being a millennial, I really don’t want to be under
    the same names as these liberal arts studying thundercunts.

    1. CJ Sirron says

      Cascadesbmx it’s a curse

    2. Daniel Di Fonzo says

      Cascadesbmx pretty simple, use your brain and think for yourself.

    3. BlueCrowN says

      feel ya, bro

    4. Jack Mehoff says

      support Trump, and you can be a millennial with balls

  10. NiftyTheLynx says

    Millennials are the same everywhere. They’re all crying and blocking
    streets over here in the USA after the Trump victory.

    1. SamLikesHam says

      I Know Right!!

    2. speterson085 says

      I’m twenty and voted Trump.

    3. TheA-RabMan says

      I’m 18, have a college education, and voted Trump

    4. The Core says

      NiftyTheLynx I’m 14 and If I were as old as the guys/girls over me,I would
      have voted for Trump

    5. Jack Farley P/S TV says

      TheA-RabMan I’m 18 and I don’t associate with these liberal idiots!

  11. David Shore says

    the youth of today are lazy!
    They want everything and do nothing for it!

    1. CDbiggen says

      It’s the voice in everyone’s head that tells you stop when you’re being an

    2. David Shore says

      Amen to that. Guess they don’t have that voice

    3. Clay Cook says

      No, their parents never taught them enough to have one.

  12. MrTempakid1000 says

    Can someone explain to me what an anarchist is. I don’t quite understand
    what they represent

    1. The Truth says

      wanting to watch the world burn

    2. Plymco Pilgrim says

      An anarchist is someone who believes there should be no government and the
      strong shall rule the weak.

    3. MrTempakid1000 says

      Plymco Pilgrim thanks for the reply. Appreciate it

    4. Plymco Pilgrim says

      +MrTempakid1000 I oversimplified it a bit and added my view of what
      anarchism does at the end but you are welcome!

    5. John Waldron says

      MrTempakid1000 an anarchist is really a nihilist, they hate the world
      around them and want to destroy it

  13. alejandro de la torre abadía says

    omg spain is second in unemployment followed by greece i feel so ashamed of

    1. gassluc says

      alejandro de la torre abadía cause you are lazy

    2. alejandro de la torre abadía says

      gassluc really?

    3. gassluc says

      alejandro de la torre abadía sorry i just had to

  14. Peter McCartney says

    Ugggh, im a teenager living in london , HELP ME!!

  15. Owldude000 says

    I was born on the first day of this millennium, the day that dumb
    millennials stopped being born and decent millennials arrived

  16. Xxx “Blue564” xxX says

    Well al least they were right for once

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