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Stupid Hipster Hillary Millennials (Casey Neistat Response)

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Hipster McDouchebag Casey Neistat is voting for Hillary. Why should we care?

ORIGINAL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pjS6OdY2dBQ&feature=youtu.be

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  1. Rd S says

    He’s kinda old to be a millennial

    1. Warren Valion says

      Millennials are from the time period of the Mid 1970s to the Mid 2000s
      according to Harvard Center.

      Other sources say that it’s from the Early 1980s to Mid-Late 1990s.

      He was born in ’81, I think. So no matter how you slice it, he’s a

    2. khatack says

      But he is a fucking hipster.

    3. hllboi817 says

      Warren Valion he looks older than from the mid 70’s as well, hes more baby

    4. hllboi817 says

      Woody Grill that too

  2. Matty Ice says

    This Neistat guy looks like his breath smells like hot cheetos, cigarettes
    and piss.

    1. JoeysWorldTour says

      Ronnie Gonzalez lol fuk off loser

    2. Tee H says

      AIDS SKRILLEX and chipotle’

    3. Ronnie Gonzalez (RonnieDaKing) says

      +JoeysWorldTour the smallest of dicks

    4. Grimlock 84 says


  3. gimmeshelter29 says

    Dude looks like a frying pan.

    1. Adur Aspera says


    2. Proud Pict says

      That nose has been smacked before.
      Looks like it has been broken to me.
      Just such a punchable face on Casey

    3. Pramu Dananjaya says

      +gimmeshelter29 Best. Comment. Ever. You just made my day.

    4. mad kobra says

      he is a fucking kike.

  4. None of your fucking business says

    Casey looks like a meth addicted squidward

    1. None of your fucking business says

      +Trey Pehl scuse me? that’s anime jantran to you!

    2. Theo Local Loner says

      None of your fucking business I swear I’ve seen him in a movie before. did
      he use to be an actor?

    3. Dover Shores says

      Don’t you remember him saying…………Waaaarriors over and over again in
      the gang war movie that for the life of me I cannot remember the name of?

      His gang shot the leader (president if you will) of all the gangs and he
      tried to blame another gang (The Warriors) in which all the gangs started
      to chase down through the city.

      It was actually a pretty good movie at the time. Really funny to see him a
      Killery supporter today.

    4. Woody Grill says

      He got a $25M kickback from CNN for that add. The least we can do is get
      over there and dislike it.

    5. mad kobra says

      so he looks like a jew? cos he is.

  5. 16th Earl of Warwick says

    I hate his voice, his face, everything.

    1. Alexandra Hart says

      +SnakeOil Joker Well said LMAO

    2. mad kobra says

      i hate him being a jew.

    3. Irfan Handono says

      A circular saw can fix that. 😉

    4. Irfan Handono says

      A circular saw can fix that. 😉

  6. goldsilverandiamonds says

    Casey is a typical self absorbed and out of touch progressive
    liberal leftist. He’s a shill for Hillary and the leftist democrats.

    1. Tomasina Covell says

      And you’re just another swastika armband wearing Nazi like Watson!

    2. goldsilverandiamonds says

      +Tomasina Covell I am neither racist like leftists or Socialist like
      leftist Nazi’s. You must be projecting again.

  7. tit pecker says

    look at his face, you can tell he sold his soul

    1. LockHead says

      This is because he’s a jew

    2. niloy ahmed says

      Colby Barker this is what you do, right? This is what Trump-supporters do,
      they attack people on their looks when they can’t find logic..

    3. Alex morrow says

      niloy ahmed he isn’t attacking anyone, he was joking, he wasn’t trying to
      be logical because this isn’t a fucking debate.

    4. Trey Pehl says

      +niloy ahmed And Hillary supporters never do that either, right? I hate
      both of them, but don’t act like Hillary supporters are saints.

    5. mad kobra says

      of course he sold his sould to devil. he is a fucking jew.

  8. mattbellamymate says


    1. Jack Roberts says

      +Amethyst You’re looking at one issue. I’m not going to agree with a
      candidate on 100% of their opinions. Syria is a quagmire. What are Trump’s
      plans for Syria? Will you still defend them when they fail? And when he
      changes them time and again, will you keep up? My candidate was not hailed
      as a god. She was human, as is Trump. I fear many of his supporters refuse
      to realize that. This deification never ends well. What would make you
      change your mind about Trump?

    2. The Heroic Pig says

      Hillary supporters have no arguments left.Now all they can do is criticize
      and mock the winners.

      so vandalizing property,beating people up,burning stakes,and rioting like
      savages is “educated”

    3. DarkShadow64 says

      The Heroic Pig look at the comments. all the Trump supporters insult
      Casey’s appearance. that proves Trump supporters are the ones without the

    4. The Heroic Pig says

      +DarkShadow64 arguments against what? Liberals have already lost.Spitting
      out buzzwords isn’t even close to being considered an argument.

    5. DarkShadow64 says

      +The Heroic Pig you’re homophobic. No point in arguing with ya.

  9. Abeuanaoi azz says

    cringe at this fuckers face

    1. SikoSoft says

      Stop being straight-nose-ist, fucking bigot!

    2. PainlessStone68 says

      which one?

    3. What if I told you that your comment makes no sense says

      +PainlessStone68 Probably Casey

    4. Wologan B. says

      unga bunga me rock head caveman

  10. 1965ace says

    I was entertained by casey and unsubscribed to his channel when he made
    this uninformed stupid comment.

    1. 1965ace says

      +MovieCritique Do you understand the phrase “useful idiots” as used by karl
      marx ? No I don’t think they are literal dummies but people in this country
      have their priorities wrong and as history has taught, a republic unmoored
      from it’s laws and Constitution becomes a democratic mobocracy and is soon
      destroyed……this would be hillaries america.

    2. MovieCritique says

      I know Hillary is a corrupt criminal, but are people too dumb to run a
      virtual simulation of Trump’s thought process, he is like a child, as long
      as you don’t support him, you become his sworn enemy, so he loves Putin now
      so everyone is stating that he wants peace with Russia, but what happens
      when Putin turns against him, since he’s too old too change past behaviors,
      he will become a bigger threat than Hillary, in the past, he has claimed he
      supports killing families of suspected terrorists, supports shelling of
      Syria by Russia even if it’s against civilians, wants every country to have
      nuclear weapons and has simplistic solutions to complex problems, saying he
      knows more than even the generals, and when he doesn’t know something,
      claims nobody knows, Hillary may be corrupt but Trump’s temperament is the
      biggest threat to US and the world, if he does all he claims, US will
      become alienated from the world, it will greatly impact US foreign
      relations, trade, and power will radically shift to China, and don’t forget
      his disastrous policies, which will increase debt by 5.7 trillion in 4 years

    3. 1965ace says

      +MovieCritique Wrong on all accounts and hillary is a sure threat to
      Americanism. They said the same thing about Reagan and he ended the cold
      war without a shot, peace through strength !!

    4. Whats Up says

      TRUMP WILL MAKING ECONOMIC FRIENDS. Hillary will make enemies. She knows
      nothing about how to create jobs and keep customers coming back for more.

    5. Bryan Weinhold says

      As a Senator she said she would bring 200k jobs, at the end of her term,
      she lost 8k jobs, you go Hillary!

  11. Andy Lee says

    To borrow words from the great Sam Hyde, Casey’s channel is the “mental
    equivalent of popcorn”. Nobody watches it and goes “MAN, am I glad I
    watched that!”

    1. KillThad says

      Plague Bringer kek

    2. Kandi Klover (Fursuiter Furry) says

      +Astromyxin Yes braindead fad followers using his channel to feel special
      about themselves through him. Also it’s called botting, buy about 10K subs
      and a few hundred thousand views on your vids so youtube pushes it to the
      front page. Tards will sub anything they see on there.

    3. RihannaIsIluminati says

      Kandi Klover Funny how that accusation/argument never applies to channels
      *you* like. They all just make awesome content that *everybody* should
      watch. Casey makes content that millions of people watch and enjoy.
      Disagree with him on politics, but your disdain for him does not
      delegitimize his career.

  12. TubeTheWorld says

    Oh it feels soooooo good to see that piece of sh1t lose!!!

    1. Funcle says


    2. ceffrey jastillo says

      the jealously is real

    3. mad kobra says

      he didnt lose actually. he went to inauguration and he went to white house
      after trump won too. he is a fucking jew. jews, hilary, trump are all on
      the same team behind the scenes.

  13. james french says

    Golem with a tan right there

    1. james french says

      Hillaryyyy…. My preciooouuusss

    2. Trey Pehl says

      Wicked… Trumpsie *FOOLS*!

  14. Hunter Wanzell says

    dude looks like a fucking sloth/snail hybrid.

    1. Winter Blade says

      I think you’re being far too kind! lol

  15. E.L. H. says

    did Casey’s parents use his face for a snow shovel?

    1. mann says

      its actually fucked

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