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Subscriber Shout-Outs! Thanksgiving Edition

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LIVE: Subscriber Shout-Outs! Thanksgiving Edition

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  1. Bella Anne says

    my second youtube chanel webelgo

    1. Bella Anne says


    2. Kylefield22 says

      Bella Anne n

  2. Corbin Connection says

    i know you love gaming, but you’re a funny guy, and you never picked a
    comedy channel. Even if its not me, please do one next time. i could use
    the info. keep the vids coming man, love your work.

    1. Shopkins and Books says

      Corbin Connection he picked me so you never know if he’ll be picking you!
      Good luck!

    2. Corbin Connection says

      Shopkins and Books i know , i just want some attention lol

  3. Tanisha & Mckenzie Salon Video Creators says

    Derral I really love for you to give me a shout out

    1. Red Rocket TV says

      Tanisha’s Salon Tan Tan Mckenzie Congrats! I’m catching the replay but I
      was also there live.

    2. Tanisha & Mckenzie Salon Video Creators says

      Red Rocket TV ok I didn’t get a shout out

  4. Vlog Epicness says

    Great idea Derral, I learned a lot from this. Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. Red Rocket TV says

      Vlog Epicness it was awesome to join live!

    2. My Lexi says

      red rocket we got shout outs how cool was that ans so funny we met on live
      last time xx

    3. pc tricks & cyber security test (how to) says

      REd rocket TV rocks!!!!!!!!!!.
      congrats for being part of Shout-Out

    4. Red Rocket TV says

      My Lexi Very! Yay us, nice to take a break for a little fun.

  5. Ziggy Smith: Look 10 Years Younger says

    Always loving your videos. You re such an inspiration thanks :)

  6. quaweds says

    Thanks for sharing all your information Derral Eves! :)

    1. My Lexi says

      whats up quaweds so now are you gonna upload,lol so funny we meet again on
      live lol

    2. quaweds says

      Hey! I saw you got a shout out! Woah! Still in a bit of a pickle setting up
      my computer.

    3. My Lexi says

      you are active in the community so get it fixed already lol you will get
      loads more views and subs,it will be nice to see new content from you
      also ,have a constructive and positive day today…..!!! ,where have i
      heard this mmm lol

    4. quaweds says

      I might be out for another two months as the guy building my computer is
      going on holiday! Argh!

    5. My Lexi says

      new year then fair enough…!

  7. IMVU HarleyLotusMystiQue says

    Dang, I missed the live! lol. Awesome vid, keep up the amazing work!

  8. Ninja614 says

    Bummer. I wasn’t home from work yet and missed it live!

  9. MAKE ALL says

    sir how to solve YouTube earning decreasing problem.

    1. My Lexi says

      omg i have had this it has really put me in a bad mood my money was going
      up and suddenly it has dropped noticeable enough for me to feel like i have
      been robbed and there is no telephone to contact my hard earned money is
      being robbed from me i feel why ….? please Derral get back to us or do a
      video on this subject this is daylight robbery …!!

    2. MAKE ALL says

      yes you are right , please derrel help us we are waiting for your

  10. Gavi Games says

    hey cool vid you are really hepful

  11. Djienveh - News Manga says

    Thanks for the shout-out and your feedback on my channel Derral!

    I learned a lot from others shout-outs as well. :]

  12. RUPAK BISWAS says

    I have subd Sutton The Magician.

  13. It'sJustin210 says

    Guys checkout my channel plz

    1. Game Car View says

      You just got a subscriber! Nice channel =)

    2. It'sJustin210 says

      Game Car View thanks

    3. It'sJustin210 says

      Game Car View I got you bro

  14. MB22/TV says

    Can you make a video live and in your tell my channel name

  15. ASMR Eats says

    Hey Derral! Just found your channel by chance but I’m 2 days late haha.. I
    just subscribed and would like to let you know that my channel is about me
    eating food, not much talent there LOL ..The thing with my channel is you
    either LOVE IT or HATE IT.. I wonder what you’d think of it.. You don’t
    have to do a shout out.. but if you want to i wont stop you 😛 Followed you
    on twitter, too!

  16. lonely4wd says

    is there a page that keeps all of the comments you add to someones channel?

  17. Magic Cube says

    Hey Derral, I see a lot of YouTubers using Brackets in tags like Hey Jude
    (Composition). So is there any specific reason for it? If so how does it

  18. Orben loves Drawing says

    i also started this month on youtube

  19. iBasskung says

    Thanks so much.

  20. Barry Euphorik says

    Sad that i missed this but hey if you’re going to do it monthly ?

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