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Sub for more: http://nnn.is/the_new_media | IOTW reports How is it leftists can have a squirt gun in the classroom, but if a kid bites a pop tart in the shape of a gun there is a lock down? This woman yells “die!” as she shoots at Trump. We’re not sure if this is a student or a teacher. The tweet says it’s a teacher, but we have no proof of that.

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“DIE!” – Squirt gun shot at Trump in classroom

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  1. BRANDONI Tuttle says


    1. Cheryl Powers says

      BRANDONI Tuttle-I have been saying this for a long time: Teachers should
      teach facts, not their opinion. If they have to teach about politics they
      had better give equal time, energy and information. They don’t in Los
      Angeles Unified Schools and, from what I can get from friends and family,
      it is like this all over the country. It needs to stop NOW!

    2. Angel Heart says

      Im starting to wonder if liberals are demon possessed…

    3. Michelle R (Aunt Mimi) says

      these people are acting insane or possessed one… they actually feel
      entitled to violently bully and assault innocent people… smh

    4. Hi_Klass KicksHawaii says

      Angel Heart they must be no other explanation

  2. mitch ninerz says

    She better be fired for that crap!!

    1. james the white wolf says

      Sorry too much history channel hahaha

    2. we_won says

      Awesome show, though. 😀

    3. james the white wolf says


    4. Triceps3 says

      Chris Vellner…I agree !
      I would have to think that one of her students must have shot the video ?
      Perhaps the parent had enough influence to make the kid realize that what
      she was doing wasn’t right.

  3. Nyah Notrealname says

    She loses it? You mean her job, right?


    1. Dmlaney says

      “You are fired” – Donald Trump

    2. Lanetta Boyette says

      Nyah Notrealname …..nice

  4. yarp yarp says

    Thats one fucked up lady

    1. mikeql bbejas says

      yarp yarp Yes their is many of them

    2. Vulgar Display of Truth says

      yarp yarp she was drunk too!???

    3. Kevin Jacko (Nivek) says

      they be “teaching” ur kids

    4. The Alchemist says

      That DingBat ain’t no Lady

  5. Todd Stefl says

    A squirt gun?!!! Not a squirt gun!!!
    Whatever. Liberals are obviously insane. This is just more proof. Arrest
    this psycho!!!

    1. Kevin Barber says

      Todd Stefl She didn’t technically do anything against the law.

    2. Anna “MIA” Bananana says

      Kevin Barber.. todd stefle yes she did. schools are gun free zones. smfh
      and they shouldn’t be I say. .. where is this school? I’d love to give them
      a call.

    3. Mike Evans says

      Todd Stefl just teaching hatred and division , the opposite of what they
      claim to be about .

  6. colby bastedo says

    Having worked in education this has got to be one of the most disgusting
    acts by a teacher I’ve seen of recent (if it is a teacher). This woman
    should be fired! Should she face jail time?

    1. Elijah Javner says

      Mandatory stay at mental hospital for evaluation.

  7. Louis Colucci says

    Disgusting in front of kids what a fine example

    1. Kat S says

      Louis Colucci This is just whyy parents needs to start home schooling & if
      they can’t stay at home w/their kids, they need to find a home schooling
      teacher who they can pay to keep their kids to home school. I would never
      put up w/this.

  8. Tucker says

    What is going on in this world? No wonder people are predicting Jesus’s
    Second Coming. I’m ready to go. How about you?

    1. I'm Spartacus says

      +Don Olinger I’ve got no problem with people believing in the bible,
      it’s just that you’re confusing the 1910s with middle ages, that’s all.
      Don’t waste your time typing long-winded nutty humbug, I don’t believe in
      supernatural crap and especially in *demons* quite frankly, I believe the
      Christians are fools. Have a nice day.

    2. Don Olinger says

      +I’m Spartacus Hey man like I said don’t believe be sceptical. Can’t hold
      that against you but on judgement day everyone will know the reality of
      God. You will know then I’m not the fool. I hope you find the truth before
      you die. Have a great life. I hope it always goes your way.

    3. I'm Spartacus says

      +Don Olinger Thanks!

    4. Victor S says

      So you’re OK with bailing out on everyone and going off to some la la land,
      while the rest of us are dealing with the mess we all created???!!! As long
      as you get to save your own skin, then the rest doesn’t matter???!!! What
      an example to follow!!!!

    5. neweyes777 says

      +s borden I believe that many more folks are being possessed and
      oppressed for many reasons, #1, We have rampant drug use #2, In the 1930’s
      – 1970’s séances, ghost hunting and using a Ouija Board became very
      popular, they began selling the spirit boards as a game in toy stores to
      unsuspecting parents who knew nothing about the dangers of the Occult, to
      give to their children. #3, Music became a huge tool of the Occult, some
      songs even contain ritual chants and when you sing along you’ve just
      invited a Demon into your life. #4, Many Music Artist now have the live
      audience and millions of T V Viewers watching what are Occult Rituals and
      singing the chants and dancing with them which is the worship of and
      inviting in of Demonic Entities! Imagine all of the energy that’s gathered
      by these evil spirits to operate in our dimension when you have many
      millions involved in a music performance all at the same time! There are
      other ways that portals are opened, but I’ll stop here by saying that all
      of this is made worse because we are in the very last days before Christ
      returns, the Enemy knows he has but a short time and that’s why we are
      seeing so much evil in the earth today, the activity is off the charts. We
      are to expose the darkness, but have NO fellowship with it. Prayer and
      Repentance is how we stay safe, Satan wants to kill the souls of all
      mankind, but if you are a Christian he is going to persecute you at a
      higher level, if he feels he already owns Your Soul he wont come at you so
      hard, but if you serve God he will try everything to destroy you, that’s
      why its so important to stay informed and under God’s protection. I
      truthfully repented for the 1st time in my life for wks. in 2012 and in
      that same wk. I had my 1st Demon Confrontation while praying, began seeing
      My Angels and receiving many Biblical Dreams and Open Visions and its still
      going on. I was given a Spiritual Gift to see the unseen. Sorry so long,
      may God bless you always friend.

  9. Tim Dumoulin says

    wish I was there so I could slap her in the face.

    1. Element of Kindness says

      +Mak 90
      Don’t tell anyone, but I preferred glocked too.

    2. Richard Lawson says

      Tim Dumoulin hey punk I can travel..want to meet me in a dark alley?

    3. Tim Dumoulin says

      Richard Lawson
      I don’t want a Blow job fag!…go meet one of your other freaks off
      craigslist you sick libtard.

    4. Mak 90 says

      Tim Dumoulin now that’s funny. lol

  10. Jacob Kreifels says

    Shocked to the common core? Anyone? No? Ok…

    1. Popaturdout Mcfartswell says

      most people here get offended more than the liberals they bash

    2. Mike Powell says

      Popaturdout Mcfartswell clueless remark

    3. Janky Display says

      The fact that this is being displayed in a classroom is concerning. A
      simulated assassination of the president while screaming DIE! I fail to see
      how this is part of any curriculum for educational purposes. The
      indoctrination of our youth is getting more and more deranged.

    4. Jake House says

      Me! Lol

  11. jack schitt says

    there was a kid who pointed a toasted pop tart that he bit in the shape of
    a pistol, banned from that school. This teacher better get banned from
    that school

    1. Aq Zing says

      Fired, fined and fried

    2. jmaedl027 jmaedl says

      Drawn and Quartered then Hung then Fired.. (no unemployment )

    3. crazyjr says

      rather see the hanging before the D&Q, that would be messy your way

    4. jmaedl027 jmaedl says

      +crazyjr That’s usually how it was done..

    5. Denise Mullarkey says

      This is felony offense she fired and not allowed to teach again. If the
      secret service get it

  12. Alucard 888 says

    Liberal Schools are creating SJWs by the thousands. Then they attend
    snowflake university. America is destroyed from within by these assholes.

    1. Mr PumperKnuckles says

      Alucard 888 they are creating radicals

    2. whydotheheathensrage says

      public schools = LIBTARDATION across the nation

    3. joe blow says

      Alucard 888 you nailed it is not education its indoctrination

    4. Element of Kindness says

      Yea, I don’t know why Republicans have left schools to the liberal wolves.
      Clearly, liberal indoctrination is evident in grade schools, and rampant in
      colleges. It is a loosing battle for Conservatives with this pattern.

  13. jkirk1626 says

    If a white Christian did this to video of Obama, it would dominate network
    news whether real or not.

    1. Denise Mullarkey says

      So true, the teacher needs to be fired and not allowed to teach

    2. Gabriel Debakey says

      jkirk1626 damn right !

    3. SkyBlue Sight says

      This was PREMEDITATED.
      Think about it people,, she brought the water pistol to school beforehand
      intending to do this.
      Premeditation is First Degree Murder no temporary insanity defense
      heh heh…

  14. Kerria Kelly says

    Never mind the wall trump needs to start building huge mental institutions
    to put all these nut jobs in.

    1. mr cynical says

      Kerria Kelly you’re right there

    2. teresa robbins says

      Kerria Kelly Put the fema camps to use.

    3. ashzombi says

      use em as mortar for the wall

    4. Sir Tenzan says

      A year ago we were all fearing being put into these FEMA camps. If the
      Corporate/Propagandist Media and Marxist Common Core system was brought
      back into line it would largely solve the problems. I don’t wish internment
      upon anyone but I will admit that many people may be in dire need of
      psychological help…

    5. Sarah Carter says

      Kerria Kelly, then they would really call him Hitler…But we can daydream
      about it though…They are ruining the REAL America

  15. John Daidone says

    We need to Fire all Lberal Democrat teachers. Donald Trump to Liberal
    teachers: YOUR FIRED!

    1. Kat S says

      John Daidone This skank idiot needs to be arrested. If one of those kids
      were mine, lawyers would have been there within minutes & that skank would
      had been reported. My kds would had been yanked out of school.

  16. Mary kershner says

    Fire her!! No ifs ands or buts about it!!

    1. General Jimmies says

      Didn’t she already? 😉

    2. Yvonne Baur says

      Mary kershner Needs to permanently lose her license too.

  17. Matthew Adams says

    Thought liberals were against guns and want gun control.

    1. jhanks2012 says

      Matthew Adams liberals actually love guns for their crime they just don’t
      want victims having them

    2. Matthew Adams says

      Makes perfect sense to me.

  18. Kim Doug says

    She need to go to jail. It’s just like Madonna a threat.

    1. The Reasonable Nazarene says

      No one deserves to go to jail for disliking the president and squirting a
      water gun at an image of him on the screen. You nutcase.

    2. dufus says

      just like her. Yes i’m shouting……….

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