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Your president Donald Trump

Sub for more: http://nnn.is/the_new_media | Paris Swade for Liberty Writers reports, Liberals are babies. They don’t look at the world in reality. This weekend Donald Trump signed an executive order. Six years ago Obama banned refugees from Iraq for six months. The Democrats didn’t say anything then.

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  1. NebukedNezzer says

    Chucky is a pedophile and would be in jail if he was not in government.

    1. Esoteric Jahanism says

      NebukedNezzer a lot of jews are

    2. Lying Press says

      He is the fucking Jewish scum

  2. Chickadee Girl says


    1. Young CEO says

      Chickadee Girl That poor Muslim girl looked very uncomfortable standing
      next to a paedophile.

    2. Pam Ward says

      he’s crying because his under table money is over!

  3. Angela Nicholson says

    Schumer is a scheming, manipulative piece of diarrhea slime, who doesn’t
    have a heart, so cannot cry. He deserves an Oscar award. I love how Pres
    Trump said Schumer isn’t a crier. Only the brain dead will fall for that
    performance, which so far is his best one, yet!!!

    1. Paul Small says

      Angela Nicholson ..Please satan..let me cry..just like Obama..so people
      believe me..well chuckie..hope you also step in front of that bus
      today….they would call
      you a grilled devil sandwitch..?

    2. Paraiba blue says


    3. Stormy Weather says

      El Rushbo refers to him as Chuck U. Schumer, which is most appropriate
      considering he is a well-known horse thief and card cheat as well.

  4. Anastasia of the Hills says

    And here Chuck Schumer the uncle of Amy Schumer, threatened Trump that he
    and the CIA would get Trump 6 ways on Sunday. Empty threat. All Dems take
    acting lessons from Merrill Streep.

    1. thetrayne says

      @anastasia – crybaby lessons from barry obummer, greatest liar and traitor
      of all time.

    2. thetrayne says

      @ hmmm– good one

    3. peter dragon says

      Anastasia of the Hills just another lying POS

    4. Rose Ciulla says

      Anastasia of the Hills Lolololol spot on

    5. hatchman48221 says

      Anastasia of the Hills

  5. Hummpy Dummpy says

    Schumer is un American..Can’t we deport him to Saudi Arabia?

    1. George Impink says

      So true. I didn’t think so at first but it the last two years it has become
      so obvious to me that liberalism is really a mental disease, some kind of
      adolescent pot induced fantasy or out and out Communism.
      The hypocrisy and hate (from the supposedly tolerant liberals) I am now
      seeing is astounding and they don’t think we Americans see it. Oh well like
      Karl Marx said “The end justifies the means”, so making stuff up, telling
      half truths or betting we won’t remember what they said a few months ago is
      OK by them. They are not going to change it’s too late…the brainwashing
      is complete. They all look like fools.
      I am a stubborn Independent and am sorely disappointed with the Republicans
      who care more for party then Americans and I have given up on the Democrats
      (unless they kick out the Progressives from the party). Trump is not a
      Republican or a Democrat and I say hallaluya…go Tea Party.

    2. Victor Droid says

      Can we not petition to have him (Schumer) expelled?

  6. My2ndnephew says

    Oh, those reptilian tears! To enter a country if you are not from that
    country is NOT a right, it is a privilege.

    1. Lying Press says

      But he will never act this way when the syrians try to immigrate into

    2. ausfi says

      My2ndnephew, Where did you see tears? His eyes and cheeks were completely

    3. Assetou Matherson says

      My2ndnephew What’s the difference between privilege and right?Every single
      right, given by the constitution is a privilege. And every single privilege
      denied by the constitution isn’t a right.

  7. drdebo Cherry says

    The covered head of the women means her daughters will have their genitals
    mutilated and he sons sodimized by men in the community.

    1. alfred garati says

      drdebo Cherry ……….. Please can anyone tell me,…….. why are the
      Muslim women in America wearing garb? When did Sharia become law in
      America ? If they say : because it’s a custom and we want to wear a head
      cover ……… don’t believe that bull crap one bit ! The Muslim men
      pressure the American Muslim women to fully cloth …….. it’s called male
      Dominance , this is America and no need to cover your women from head to
      toe . American men will not rape your women who show a little skin! I call
      it stealth sharia law right under our noses . It just shows that Muslims
      are not willing to assimilate with American culture . Look at Europe ;
      ……. we’re heading the same direction! Liberal Laws , Liberal
      politicians , Merkel supports the immigrants flooding her country
      rather than her own citizens ! insanity !

    2. Christy Alvarado says

      ***Are you kidding me? And people are protesting and rioting to get these
      Muslim’s into our Country. I just don’t understand it. There is something
      VERY wrong here. Fighting to have people come in and kill you. Wow.

    3. Armando Sanchez says

      Christy Alvarado if you do some research the Muslim that have killed in
      America have been born in America. legals that come from those countries
      have not killed no one in over 20 year , you are scared because of
      propaganda, keep the public scared to distract the public from the other
      thing the government is doing to take you liberty away.

    4. Armando Sanchez says

      Christy Alvarado look it up there has not been a terrorist killing that has
      not been legal or illegal it has been American born this came from the Home
      Land Security own statics unless they are wrong but that’s there job to
      keep count

  8. Roxanne Knight says

    I’m starting to think liberalism is a disease ?

    1. alfred garati says

      Roxanne ……… perfect diagnosis ! a Mental Disease !

    2. Keo Tai says

      Roxanne K, you’re perfect dead on liberalism is a disease trapped in swamp
      and now they’re crawling out of the dirty swamp. They hate and reject Trump
      are cleared that they’re the problems, the disease of America. Schumer is
      cried baby, weak, out of this world thinking. They’re exposing themselves.
      I pray liberal will never win the WH again.

    3. Jake Wallace says

      Roxanne Knight welcome to politics. a few more days in and you’ll know it
      as a fact.

    4. GODGORY - Romulo says

      Roxanne Knight … really ?… blond CUNTservative LEPER !

    5. Roxanne Knight says

      GODGORY – Romulo Did I hurt your feelings snowflake ❄️. You just proved my
      point. Toughen up buttercup!! Want some coco and safe space?? ???

  9. tubefan58 says

    But why was Saudi Arabia and pakistan – the 2 biggest terrorist countries
    not included in this list?

    1. 393stroker says

      Jim Man Exactly, and Sean Spicer said others would be added to it after
      careful consideration!

    2. Jim Man says

      as they should be if necessary

    3. sarah elias says

      Tubefan58, because now the Saudis fighting the terrorist in some of the
      Muslim country’s.

  10. Al H says

    A sissy crybaby is the perfect spokesperson and role model for the

    1. Ⓜoon Chaser says

      Al H you mean the demonc-rats.

  11. Athena Creamer says

    While fellow Israelis are being slashed by Palestineans, he cries for the

    1. NowayJose XXX says

      well if u know George Soros, the billionaire who bragging on tv about
      collaborating with NAZI to kill his own fellow jews! thats really sick,
      these people have no soul anymore! they would kill their own for power and

  12. Denny Yeng says

    I just can’t watch Chuck Schumer’s tears. It’s so disturbing, makes me
    wanna puke.

  13. Nigel Powers says

    (((Chuck Schumer))) … the J’s are at it again with her lies

  14. Louis Accardi says

    Shummer spoke of “creating chaos and confusion across the country” but
    neglected to note that the only chaos and confusion that existed was caused
    by the Soros paid for demonstrators and the brainwashed libtards.

  15. Mark smith says

    is Schumer speaking to 3yr olds??? it sure sounds like it. what a POS scum

  16. Jennifer Chmski says

    save your years for your soul

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