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Terror in Germany: The Truth They Hide

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Imagine if right-wing extremist neo-nazi skinheads had spent the last 8 months carrying out the same amount of terror that Islamists are responsible for.

Do you think the media would try to hide the hateful ideology behind it?

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  1. Dheeraj Kattula says

    Why do politicians not love their own countrymen over a bunch of vile

    1. Coon hound says

      nobody’s vote counts, wake up mate

    2. Владимир Булаев says

      The more barbaric ppl are, the easier to controll them, that’s why the EU
      politicians like migrants more than own ppl! Just opinion, not insult

    3. Jeff Smith says

      theyre jews

    4. jeffeharkins says

      +Владимир Булаев Just the truth, not insult

    5. Donald Dank Duck says

      Coon hound YES let’s all blame the Jews! that’s such a handy alternative to
      the truth! no wonder the Jews have been blamed for 9/11 the fuc*king
      holocaust (of which they were a victim) the black plague, all the problems
      of spain, all the problems of Germany (Mein Kempf) all the “oppression”
      that muslims have faced, could go on and on

      *But let’s blame the Jews*

  2. Evan Rivet says

    Britain better hurry up with its Brexit. And fast.

    1. SPANIARD Christian Warrior says

      +She Wolf where the Mexican Mafia will just kill them all they have no
      regard to life these Muslims rape over 1000 women a week in Europe and I
      think a rapist should be shot in the head the same day I hate speaking like
      this but the Muslims understand one thing violence is the only way to stop
      them on their tracks God help us all!

    2. She Wolf says

      +SPANIARD Christian Warrior Unfortunately this is the only way to stop them
      because they do not reason and would rather die first before stopping their
      despicable crimes against humanity in the name of Allah. Not to Europe,
      they must go back to middle east.

    3. Alexander Barrera says

      +SPANIARD Christian Warrior viva la mexico y peru

    4. Jay Townsend says

      +CW51TEG well spoken bro

    5. lex t says

      Evan Rivet not hear what the northern Ireland politicians are doing? Trying
      to stop the brexit. Murderous politicians with links to the IRA want to
      prevent brexit.

  3. Z_Goombah says

    *Step one:* Embrace nationalism.
    *Step two:* Disband the EU.
    *Step three:* Bear arms.
    *Step four:* Mass, indiscriminant deportation of all Muslim residents in
    sovereign European countries.

    1. Illum Inati says

      Step five: Genocide

      Long words are expensive. Bullets are cheaper.

    2. Khalid Hussain says

      at what point will it be discriminant tho?

    3. Young Lad says

      +Khalid Hussain if you cant join em…

  4. Braden Bennett says

    Europeans are pussies. They have no real men just french pretty boys who
    sit with their legs cross

    1. Brandon James Guetersloh says

      Paul is a European. NOT ALL EUROPEANS!!!

    2. Braden Bennett says

      +MrJoeythebabykangaro Kissing people when you greet, driving tiny bitchmade
      cars, sitting with legs crossed, most probably never got their hands dirty,
      spending billions on healthcare instead of a powerful military… Their
      upbringing has basically “pussified” them. The modern European culture has
      “de-masculinized” European men. How is it possible that Napoleon came from
      a land such as this or even the likes of the vikings? You need men who are
      masculine in any society or you will be conquered thats an undebatable fact
      of history.

    3. Heckler & Koch says

      +Braden Bennett
      Like americans, who support gays, transexuals and other scum? lol , nice
      try though 🙂

    4. TranceClassics x says

      @ Braden Bennett

      Powerful Military? You mean the one where your army were forced to wear
      stilettos for the LGBT community?

      They sound like some real bad asses

      Or do you mean the powerful Military that Obama has destroyed by sacking
      top people?

      Please do come save us Europeans… Pleeeaaase!

    5. MrJoeythebabykangaro says

      +Braden Bennett LOL kissing people when you greet. All French people should
      hang white flags outside their homes. Cowards.

  5. Talon says

    I’m an Atheist but I will gladly join Christians and Catholics on a crusade
    against Muslims.

    1. Cutie Pie says

      +Talon Catholics ARE Christians, lmao

    2. Lion of Juda says

      Nope Catholics are not

    3. Conrad Humilbottom says

      +S bannoura Jesus didn’t write the Bible. He established a church. MT 16:18
      “I also say to you that you are Peter, on this rock I will build my Church,
      and the gates of Hades will not prevail against it.” Don’t try to argue
      with me, I’m not going to. Pray that you are following all of Christ’s
      teachings, do the same for me. I’ll do the same for you.

    4. Bolchevik duck says

      heretic, burn!

  6. Mark Hilson says

    42 thumbs down . please stop being mean to terrorists we can’t be seen as
    mean! seriously any of you 42 fucktards please reply to this and tell me
    your reasoning for disagreeing with Paul or any other sane person. the pc
    left are the scum of the earth and know this isis detest you so do all
    Muslims! they respect us more as we have the balls to stand against them.
    il leave it at this Christ is lord Muhammad is a nonse!

    1. Coon hound says

      “I will not even start to explain you why exactly he is talking bullshit
      through this Video because its not your fucking problem”
      i would love to hear from a German on the situation in Germany especially
      in light of the 10 day preparation notice for food and water given recently
      by the puppet govt~if you don’t want to argue w/those ignorant of the real
      puppet masters behind this pos propagandizer PJ Whats-on u can “follow” me
      on G+ or mssg me on my G+profile.
      I’m always looking for real story, unfiltered through propagandists like
      INFOWHORES zionist Jew sell outs.
      The people today are too ready to take their assigned positions and not use
      their own brains to see who stands to gain by Operation Gladio Part II .
      LEFT vs RIGHT Jew vs Muslim when they are nothing but good cop bad cop
      versions of the same Scheiße…….

    2. Christoph Tölle says

      Elisa Lisaa Well Hi, By Reading your words, I seriosly think you didn’t
      read my second comment ! Please do so.

    3. Coon hound says

      +Christoph Tölle u can’t put a monkey through university, we are wasting
      time w/these zombies. They think they are Christians and on the same side
      of this as JEWS!!

    4. Elisa Lisaa says

      +Christoph Tölle I just can find one tho

  7. Purple Heyes says


    1. Lapinal says

      +Brandon James Guetersloh 83% Of arab muslims? Correct me if i’m wrong but
      only 10% of muslims are arabs, the rest are Berbers, indians, blacks…etc
      And beside, i live i a muslim country, and everyone is against Isis, i
      don’t know where they get their numbers, but apparently they didn’t ask my
      country…Maybe they asked only Saudi Wahabbis and by their opinions
      conclude that 83% of muslims are favorable for Daech
      And besides he has a good point, he cited many christian terrorists while
      muslims have only 5 or 6 groups.

    2. Brandon James Guetersloh says

      +Lapinal What country are you in?

    3. Purple Heyes says

      +Eli Butterfield
      saudi muslims..the terrorist loving type

    4. Kosta M. says

      Remove Kebab is a real thing, Serbians fought muslim hordes for a long time
      Dumb retards in the west even supported muslims in 1999, they will reap now
      what they saw.

  8. Barbarossa says

    As a German let me tell you: There is a storm brewing in Germany. Don’t let
    mouthpieces in media (100% of German MSM is clinically leftist/insane) fool
    you, people learn to hate.
    Hate against the criminal traitors in politics, hate against the sneering
    media, hate against the useless virtue signaling idiots in entertainment.
    This can only end in one way. And it is not a good thing. (((They))) want
    to set up Germany for the third time. Our Polish Jew Angela “Merkel” is
    hiding in holidays while blood is running through our streets.

    There is calm before every storm.

    1. Book Forge says

      Barbarossa, isn’t “Merkel” from a root word meaning “darkness”? In Swedish,
      we have “mörk,” which means “dark,” and which is related to the English
      word “murky,” which is most often used for dark, cloudy water.

    2. Barbarossa says

      +Book Forge
      Nice thinking, but no, it’s not.

    3. Young Lad says

      Wheres hitler when you need him?

    4. Young Lad says

      +David Snead refugees must be destroyed, for a moment i thought you were

  9. 5deadspace says

    “Diversity is our strength” Hows that working for you now, Germany.

    1. Microtardz says

      *sips tea* This is why the right can’t have nice things.

    2. Stepanov Rock says

      yes diversicty… but only in europe and usa. it’s perfectly fine for the
      rest of the world with being monocultural

  10. u wot m7 says

    So are Europeans ever actually going to wake up? Or should we just accept
    that it’ll be Eurabia in 100 years.

    1. Gyula Cookies says

      That’s a pretty defeatist way of thinking.

    2. wthNOname says

      +Gyula Cookies its a literal way of thinking when people dont vote in the
      favor of the EU they ignore it and make them vote again till they get the
      right answer

    3. Capetalista Malvadão says

      u wot m7 Switzerland seems to be the only country that knows what’s going
      on there. I want to move to that country (I’m Brazilian) when I get older.
      Different from the rest of Europe, you actually have to adapt to the Swiss
      culture to gain citizenship there, it’s not the locals who have to adapt to
      the immigrants’ culture.

  11. Lisa Archibald says

    Thanks Paul.
    What do you think is a realistic solution ?
    Id vote round em up and ship em out.

    1. Archie Dyer says

      the Just kill them no one wants these people who often needlessly flee, the
      Christians left in Syria won’t want them

    2. Illum Inati says


      We killed over a million Muslims in Iraq but Muslims still think they are
      winning. We SHOULD send them all to Allah so they can all feel like they
      won. 3000 years ago, they would wipe out males in civilizations and
      assimilate their females. If they saw how weak their god is, that religion
      would be history. We need balls on our leaders. A vagina is not going to
      get the job done.

    3. Wisdom Tooth says

      +Illum Inati you guys worry too much. A lot of these so called muslims are
      not really muslims.They live in a place where you get your head cut off if
      you don’t know how many times to kneel. If you ever seen that isis video
      where they killed those truck drivers, you;ll see that people over there
      don’t really practice their faith. And they consume the highest amount of
      western gay porn, as well as a high audience of the Kardashians. If their
      ever was a threat to muslims it’s pop culture, as the same is true for
      christianity and other religions.

  12. Kain says

    Glad Im planning on moving to Japan, Xenophobia is finally a good thing.

    1. 真瑠 says

      +Semper Skeptical
      Indeed. Authorities here are extremely strict when it comes to dealing
      with towel-heads. It’d be a dream if some European countries wake up and
      start doing so. Although the Western country most likely to begin deporting
      muzzies is USA, if Trump is elected.

    2. Imperator Augustus says

      New zealand maybe?

    3. wthNOname says

      “xenophobia” has nearly always been a good thing for a country

    4. Book Forge says

      You need major bucks to move to New Zealand. They make it hard – and good
      on ’em for it!

    5. Capetalista Malvadão says

      Kain I’m planning to move to Switzerland. It has a history of staying all
      fine while the rest of Europe is set in chaos, which seems to be the case
      in a near future.

  13. Ana -Ill sit on your face - Kasparian says

    Islam has nothing to do with Islam, quit being Homophobic guys

    1. British Bronson says

      Mark you should name you created playlists…

    2. MARK SHINO says

      British Bronson. or should call you by your Allah given name Mohammad. just
      bc you and your merry band of terrorists has turned Britain into a third
      world hell hole, doesn’t mean were going to do the same

    3. British Bronson says

      It’s not what I want but you know who controls immigration..

    4. British Bronson says

      MARK.. Assumptions.

  14. Khoa Cao says

    La! La! La! La! La! La! I can’t hear you! La! La! La! La! La!

    1. steven hudson says

      Cartels in south America. Violence is not persuasive enough in an ultra
      violent occupation. Rape is more effective. As for mass genocide… Hitler
      never denounced his Catholic faith and used his Catholic population to
      demonise the Jews. Holocaust. I’m surprised you missed that one.

      But lets not stop there… Jewish people helped carry out a larger genocide
      than Hitler. Genrihk Yagoda killed 7 million through collectivisation.

      Oh then the British… helped escort Sutaro’s killers in to Figi to kill a
      million people.

      Oh hang on… Christians… the crusades. Native Americans slaughtered too.

      Do I have to go on? I’m a little busy.

    2. steven hudson says

      The point is, without being sarcastic,… learn your history. All faiths
      and non faiths are guilty of atrocities. ALL.

      You only get directed to the ones not to like when it fits the political

  15. D Armstrong says

    Im a Canadian trying to get into the USA and there are so many roadblocks.
    Too bad im not a fucking refugee.

    1. Seifer Almasy says

      Tell them you are an islamist refugge, they will give you free home, food,
      and they will change rules to make you comfortable. Ah, you are free to do
      any criminal act as they will cover it perfectly!
      Also remember that if you dont like the food/housing/woman you can always
      ask for an upgrade!
      remember to bring all your family with you and have 8 children, some with
      your woman if you want.

    2. D Armstrong says

      +Garrett Elliott I go there on vacation but I cant stay because if I work
      and collect money, apparently you guys come after me for taxes since I
      cant pay them as I am not a citizen. So how would I live? Cant work for
      cash all the time

    3. Book Forge says

      To solve your problem, perhaps find a dating website where you can find a
      partner who wants to move to Canada. Marry that person, or at least go
      through whatever processes you must to get each of you your permanent
      residences. Being White, they’ll likely go after you full force, so you
      might need to live as roommates a couple of years.

  16. KflashTV says

    A nation Without Borders is no Nation at all so what good does it do us or
    we import millions of foreigners. stop the insanity America First vote

    1. KflashTV says

      +Jon Lanier You may have just saved my soul. It is no coincidence the
      timing of your message. I have been allowing the enemy to take hold.

    2. KflashTV says

      +KflashTV My heart is so hardend. Pray for me please.

    3. luvmyctd says

      You best keep that hardened heart in these times or your kids and grandkids
      will tear it out one day soon for betraying them and their future … or
      lack thereof. There is no shame in fighting EVIL when it’s crashing down
      your door. Vote Trump! Twice!

    4. MultiPolonius says

      The globalist leftist media is lying multiple times per day trying to tear
      Trump down but we here are ready to elect him the next President ! We do
      not want to end up like the countries in Europe-bottom line !

    5. Coon hound says

      one more in a LONG line of JEW puppets, why believe the rhetoric. Why is it
      always different THIS time? He was sent to divide and conquer also to get
      whites out to scapegoat for the coming finacial/economic collapse
      engineered by the JEWS, its always the JEWS.

  17. Alex Saavedra says

    Germany was neutered 1945.

    1. DaddyLongLegs44 says

      +LadyAmaltheaUnicorn So you’re saying that national socialism worked for
      Germany in regards to their economy only. I know it did to, they really did
      pull themselves out of a depression, then they murdered 13 million people.
      National socialism didn’t work great for Germany’s Jewish, gay,
      handicapped, or overall ostracized citizens. It also didn’t work well for
      Germany’s neighbors. And these actions that Germany took were before anyone
      declared war on them. The banks didn’t make Germany invade and murder.

    2. Bill Jacobs says

      +DaddyLongLegs44 Well, Germany INVENTED socialism. They skipped straight
      from conservatism (in the very original sense, which was royalism) to

  18. William Anuschomper says

    Paul… Be safe…

    1. British Bronson says

      Zionist Rat.

    2. THE BLACK VOMIT says

      Nice “Dead” Profile pic.

    3. British Bronson says


    4. THE BLACK VOMIT says

      The original posters profile pic.

    5. William Anuschomper says

      +THE BLACK VOMIT Why thank you.

  19. dkart96 says

    Islam mixes with Western Civilization like oil in water.

    1. BossWafflez says

      Or feces in water.

    2. creatingHavoc 113 says

      More like oil and fire.

    3. ScottHoe101 says

      Or a pedophile and schoolchildren.

    4. jeffeharkins says

      ive actually been saying this for years the exact same thing, because its
      absolutely true.

    5. Brandon Christensen says

      oil mixes with water by 1%

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