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The Assassination of Donald Trump

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The establishment wants someone to assassinate Donald Trump.

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  1. Jango Fett D3X says

    Atleast Trump supporters don’t riot at Clinton and Sanders rally

    1. Realistic Views says

      Trevor Rubert Paully–boy is actually a “wet–back” in disguise as
      American. Either that , or Paully–boy is right in a middle of a massive
      onset of stupified–mental–spasm !!!!

    2. mela 1 says

      No, they going around with they’re racist stupid asses and attacking and
      threatening people!!!

    3. Shawn Munger says

      Jango Fett D3X demonstration isn’t rioting!

    4. Trevor Rubert says

      +Shawn Munger​ demonstration? If your destroying public property and
      attacking people it’s rioting or do you need a recap of what the definition
      of rioting is

  2. amaze2n says

    3:16 Actually that is a Soviet flag, not Nazi. Close enough though :p

    1. amaze2n says

      simon6071 At no point did I apply it to today’s politics. Anyways, I don’t
      know what your grievance with me is, so I’m going to leave this fruitless
      conversation right here.

    2. Dillon Blair says


      Not an argument

    3. simon6071 says

      +Dillon Blair Today’s Russian is far from being a communist country like it
      used to be under Lenin and Stalin.

    4. Dillon Blair says

      +simon6071 Boi you built like a communist

  3. Ac!d Pepe says

    Be smart, vote Trump

    1. Ruben Jacobo says

      +Oblio965 So you want to vote for a corrupt politician who wants to start a
      war with syria and russia? fucking idiot

    2. Ruben Jacobo says

      +Ac!d Pepe yeah!

    3. maluorno says

      you’re my favouritest pepe

  4. LauraLynn says

    God Bless you Donald Trump. We need you more than ever!

  5. Tykira says

    No one’s gonna question the fact that the leader/guru of black lives matter
    is run by a convicted killer?

    Martin Luther King Jr never murdered anyone to get his point across.

    1. Marrowbones says

      Not that it improved things. The old, “inch to mile” was the only result.

    2. Marrowbones says

      MLK was not a good man at all, but a phony hypocrite who was a great con
      man. His excesses and demands (look them up) led directly to the eventual
      emergence of BLM. They see themselves as the extension of his work for a

    3. Marrowbones says

      Ha, MLK pretended to be non-violent. He played “good cop” while other
      blacks rioted and engaged in violence, “playing bad cop.” MLK demanded that
      the government pay all blacks a monthly stipend as compensation for “400
      years of abuse.” This was part of his conditions for peace and it was the
      “prize,” apart from seeing his 14% of the population racial group in charge
      of everyone else. Well, one had his chance and only divided the country
      more. Obama’s abuses of whites led to Trump. Now, we’re all closer to
      complete breakdown and chaos because of decades of lies. And the MLK myth
      is the biggest lie of all.

    4. roger johnson says

      Marrowbones / You sound like a bona-fide racist. Let me give you a lesson.
      Number one ,white folks put Obama in office if you knew what you were
      talking about. Number two,the Jewish newspapers called Obama the first U.S
      Jewish president because his mother was part Jewish. Number three,They re
      elected Obama. So don’t tell those lies. Obama is the end time antichrist
      beast and will spearhead the coming NWO. Trump will soon be out of the
      picture,he will not remain president.

    5. pnoqbernard1 says

      Wonder what it is your smokin..!
      Even Einstein once said: “The smartest thing an idiot will ever achieve is
      to invent an equation to rationalize what they are”!

  6. Turner Gallo says

    Holy crap this video is sooooo true!!! You are probobly the smartest man on

    1. Putincommie says

      Just A sub lol he probably has a record for exposing many political stuff
      right now

    2. Turner Gallo says

      Putincommie lel probably

  7. Sugarloaf Mountain Films says

    Not gonna happen. God will protect this man. He has plans for him.

    1. Edwin Lopez says

      not really, I’m pretty sure God is against Racism and has terrible plans
      for him.

    2. Sasuke Otsutsuki says

      +Edwin Lopez
      How is he racist?

    3. KookieAteMyCookie says

      GamingDuck Muslims aren’t a race

    4. Original Gamer Fanclub says

      +Sugarloaf Mountain Films God doesn’t protect anyone who shows disrespect
      or grudge.

  8. Jorrdi Jabob says

    If Trump gets assassinated Americans get Pence… Wow… Something is
    nipping at my brain stem. Just this whole situation seems almost too
    convenient to exploit.

    1. anonymous johnson says

      They say Pence is worse than Trump.

    2. purexed says

      anonymous johnson probably why he was chosen as VP. To act as a deterrence

    3. Teresa Williamd says

      Jorrdi Jabob ;just bad to even think that way,give Mr trump a chance

  9. Mishta Romaniello says

    “Waving Nazi flags.” That is a fucking Soviet Union flag…

    1. Mishta Romaniello says

      916 Whitstone12 most likely so.

    2. Anono Moose says

      Nah. He was comparing the nazi insignia to the Soviet Union one. Right
      wingers wouldn’t be waving the ol’ hammer and sickle.

    3. jaelynn zee says

      Neither would any Dems I know!

    4. Joseph Tobin says

      jaelynn zee Most Dems are commies and don’t know it.

    5. maluorno says

      they were sporting a few swastika flags here and there. Just not in the

  10. Tallacus says

    the only real racist, violence and threatening people I see are on the Left

    1. Ean O'Reilly says

      what a fucking joke!!! ignorant white people (yes, i’m white) are riding on
      Trumpkin’s hate speech and spreading violence and hate speech across the
      country right now! stop watching your Faux News! get a life! conservatives
      will destroy this country unless we stand up NOW!!!

    2. grab her by the pussy says

      Ean O’Reilly its you guys that seem pretty contempt on destroying the
      country hillary said so her self not accepting the election results is a
      threat to our democracy yet you guys rioted and broke windows when you lost
      piss of you virgin cuck

    3. Word of love says

      You have one eye open and the other shut, that is why.

      I have never heard the KKK classified as leftists, not once in nearly fifty
      years of awareness of such things. Nor have I heard Hitler classified as a
      leftist by any reputable commentator. And when you do see racism on the
      Left, it is typically reactive, not proactive. But in terms of millions
      killed overall, communists have the edge, so on that score you may be
      partially correct.

      The only route to peace is through Jesus Christ, Who is above politics. It
      says in the Word of God (Galatians 3:28) it says to those who believe in

      Trump cannot deliver peace and justice, especially when American and his
      own greatness obsess him.

    4. Silent Inorganic Hunter says

      +Word of love he’s not going to “do” anything.

  11. Vicki Coleman says

    You Are A PIG!?????

    1. Tacozilla says

      shut up vicki, go back to school.

    2. TruNordics14 says

      Nah the cat’s out of the bag, brain washed leftists are the pigs these days.

  12. B. Lantz says

    these people should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and they
    better hope I don’t know who they are.

    1. B. Lantz says

      Actually it’s called slander it’s unethical and often evil. And when it’s
      done in a public setting it is libelous. And I have no problems Prosecuting
      something like that.

    2. B. Lantz says

      Furthermore when you threaten the president of the United States with
      assassination that it is a felony and it is very prosecutable

    3. Just Me says

      You said, “they better hope I don’t know who they are”. So, again, I ask
      …. what are YOU going to do abt it?

    4. Just Me says

      +talitakoomi … ABSOLUTELY!

  13. tom bibby says

    I’m 15 and when I argued for trump to my family I got ridiculed for the
    rest of that day, but now he’s won, I’m the one laughing ?

    1. Project 312 says

      +nokomis mn Trump doesn’t drink alcohol so why attend a sex party with his
      rape pal? That poor child really did get raped!

    2. nokomis mn says

      Project 312 Yeah, it was pretty bad. There was even an adult witness. Check
      it out. The victim (now an adult) has even testified about it on video.

    3. Project 312 says

      +nokomis mn Damn!

    4. zac20zg says

      You can say he is kid and he dont understand politics
      But with your words you just present yourself as racist
      You believe you fight racism but you are the one

    5. Ricardo Yepes says

      tom bibby that’s because you won’t be affected by anything that trump does.
      You’re only 15. Wait until you grow up more and get actual responsibilities
      and then you can share your opinion.

  14. Bane says

    Bullet proof vest?
    lol just shoot im in the head

    1. Pyra Films says

      Bane fix your grammar first before you shoot someone in the head

    2. Bane says

      +Pyra Films Perhaps you should, as well.

  15. feng m says

    Kill trump=save the America

    1. Sasuke Otsutsuki says

      feng m Kill Violent Liberals = Peace

  16. Korean Edits (KE) says

    I wonder what would happen if nobody voted

  17. Tim Lundqvist says

    If you kill this man, 10 year old little Barron will cry and have
    So think about it.

  18. that guy you don't know says

    lol i aint no left wing guy i just dont like donald trump and his
    supporters and idc i will beat u to a pulp if are one.

  19. gina Santana says

    God Bless Good Morning To All…Some People Need To Wake Up To Reality &
    Realized We Are Not Fighting Each Other But The Demon’s That Take Control
    Of Our Mind & Thought’s..Satan Laugh’s Went We Attack Each
    Other..”Ephesians 6:12-For Our Struggles Is Not Against Flesh & Blood, But
    Against The Rulers, Against The Authorities, Against The Powers Of This
    Dark World & Against Spiritual Forces Of Evil In The Heavenly Realms.
    This Scripture Is Saying Our Fight Is Not Against Us, But Against Satan &
    his Demon’s Tormenting Our Lives So We Could Go Against Each Other While he
    Sits Down & Laugh, We Should Be Helping One Another, Teaching One Another,
    And Fighting Against Satan & his Demon’s NOT Fighting Against One Another,
    I Pray Father God Give’s Us The Strength & Self Control So We Could Fight
    Against Satan & his Demon’s Schemes In Jesus Name I Pray AMEN…
    Please Read Ephesians 6:10-24, It Will Teach You To Put On The Full Armor
    Of God…
    God Bless You Brother’s & Sister’s In Christ Please Lets Stop Fighting
    Against Us & Lets Start Fighting Against Satan & his Demon’s..STAY IN
    PRAYER…Lot’s Of Love Your Sister In Christ, Always Remember Father God &
    Jesus Love You That’s Why Father God Gave His Only Son Up (JESUS) So We
    Could Have a Chance To Make It To Heaven As Long As We Are Obedient To
    Father God Commandments & Laws & Believe In Jesus, Repent Of Our Sin’s &
    Invited Father God/Jesus Into Our Heart’s So He Could Help Us To Be Worthy
    To Enter His Kingdom In Jesus Name…With Jesus Help Our Savior AMEN…<3,
    <3, <3...

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