‘The Bachelor’s’ Catherine Lowe weighs in on a show’s new ‘sexy season’


Catherine Lowe’s life has not slowed down given she competed to find adore in front of millions.

The 31-year-old mom and wife to former Bachelor Sean Lowe is removing vehement as partial of Honesty Tea’s National Honesty Day. She spoke to Fox News and didn’t reason behind about either or not she and her father see themselves returning to existence TV and how “The Bachelor” has altered given they were on it behind in 2013. 

Fox News: Do a dual of we see yourselves returning to existence TV?
Lowe: Sean and we never contend never. We adore fun opportunities, we adore things that plea us… We’ve been introduced to a lot of unequivocally cold things since of existence TV and any other, of course. It’s a unequivocally bizarre universe that’s shown on TV, though we only never contend never… we wouldn’t have time to do that now, though we never know.


Fox News: Do we consider ‘The Bachelor’ is all about sex now?
Lowe: I did watch a many new deteriorate and we consider with any ‘Bachelor’ lead, it unequivocally depends on what they like. Sean was a rational guy. He wanted good girls, and that was shown some-more on his deteriorate since that’s what he allowed. That’s what he desired. Nick [Viall] is like a lot of guys who enjoys appealing people… That’s only what he preferred. we do consider there was a lot of sex involved, though we consider in a enlightenment right now, that’s unequivocally during a forefront. we can’t error him for what he does or what a girls do, though we do consider it’s his shortcoming to confirm how girls are shown… With Sean, we knew he wanted good girls… For this season, of march a girls led with sex… we only felt they led with sex since that’s what Nick likes. we don’t know. Maybe that’s what a producers decided, so they done it a voluptuous season.

Fox News: How did we and Sean not give in to temptation?
Lowe: I’m not unequivocally someone who shows what she has. we mean, we have large boobs, though I’m not going to uncover my bust since that’s not who we am. we don’t drink, we don’t party, I’m flattering many a homebody. we consider a temptations that are in this strong environment, like ‘The Bachelor,’ are a same ones you’re going to find in genuine life. It’s only either we select to give into them or not. [Sean] is apparently an appealing guy, though we wasn’t tempted to do anything that wasn’t appropriate. we was mostly with a girls.

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Fox News: What about watchful for marriage?
Lowe: I suspicion Sean did a smashing pursuit of environment a precedent. He said, ‘I unequivocally honour family and we honour my faith and that’s unequivocally a many critical thing to me. we have to find a mother or intensity partner that’s going to have those same goals in mind.’ When he told me that was something he decided, it was of march something that we would support him in. we would have selected that on my own… There’s a bigger reason since we chose that and it’s insert to something larger than a desire… There are people [in a media] who select that, though it’s not being shown. we don’t know why. we theory it’s not a voluptuous thing. People wish to see sex, they wish to see drama, they wish to see something entertaining.

Fox News: How critical is it for we and your father Sean to be honest with fans?
Catherine Lowe: I like to consider that Sean and we are intensely vehement people… When some people are in a spotlight, they select to facade what’s going on and try to be perfect. Sean and I, we could not be some-more opposite than that. We adore to be honest. We adore to uncover people what’s going on since that’s how we describe to a followers. And also, we consider from day one, we found it burdensome to be someone we unequivocally aren’t… We all have flaws and insecurities. If we share that, it’s going to emanate a review that’s some-more genuine and genuine.


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Fox News: As bustling parents, how do we and Sean make time for any other?
Lowe: Sean and we are so sanctified to have any other via a day. We see any other some-more mostly than we consider any couple. We urge together, we work together and we’re relatives together. We work from home, we stay with a child and we make certain we carve out time for any other… He creates me breakfast any morning. we leave him records before he leaves for a gym or whatever he’s doing. And obviously, going to bed together! Just carrying those times to tell together. Sean and we are totally trustworthy during a hip and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Fox News: What’s a secret behind your durability marriage?
Lowe: I don’t consider Sean and we are singular in a fact that we work on a relationship… It’s unequivocally only about committing. A lot of people only unequivocally have a tough time pulling by when it gets tough. Everybody knows relations are hard, marriages are tough and bringing a baby into your life is intensely hard. But, if we don’t demeanour during that chairman and say, ‘You know, we unequivocally don’t like we right now and I’m going to give up’ and instead say, ‘We’re here, we’ve gotta make it work. we don’t wish to be unfortunate and we don’t wish to be unhappy.’ You have to dedicate to any other on that day. That’s only a approach it is. Obviously there are days when we unequivocally don’t wish to like a person. But we energy by that and you’ll see how many stronger we are on a other side.

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