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  1. Joshua Kim says

    so sad, the chair gets so much abuse

    1. Mikey_ 35 says

      Joshua Kim 1like =1 prayer

    2. Dan Lyon says

      I agree

    3. Dan Lyon says

      the poor chair

    4. Shaun Daly says


  2. Cool kid Gamer says

    Ronaldo is way better

    1. Mari Nava says

      Kyran Freeman well that’s mostly an opinion some think Ronaldo is other
      think neymar is

    2. Lucas Melani says

      Cool kid Gamer Neymar is better

    3. ross clarke games says

      Cool kid Gamer I think neymar

    4. RIGGERZ 71 21 21 says

      Cool kid Gamer GIMME A N-E-Y-M-A- R NEYMAR

    5. Ishvaryaa Chandhan says

      It will be still good to have s legend

  3. armoowasright says

    Beckenbauer for boatang

    1. Nile Gaming says

      Red Pandas! Your fucking stupid the legend instead of Boetang gets 2 yellow
      links and 2 green links

    2. Hetal Vyas says

      Nile Gaming j

  4. The Gaming Legend says

    Arsen Wenger Is the Manager?

    1. Elizabeth Webb says

      Arsey Whinger your mad cuz your in 4th and Chelsea are 1st

    2. Scott Henderson says

      The Gaming

    3. DaEpicGuy says

      The Gaming Legend He would probly replace all these players with shitty
      players xD

  5. xu yongxiang says

    information 343 flat
    left cb thiago silver
    center cb Beckenbauer
    right cb Sergio ramos
    rm best
    rw messi
    St suares
    lw Ronaldo
    lm neymar
    left cm iniesta
    right cm cam bale itom card
    manager Martin
    chem 100
    rating 96
    harry I know because I was building it on wefut

    1. Angel Atanasov says

      xu yo

    2. Karson Barton (Alex Bondejo) says

      xu yongxiang

    3. Dagmara Andrukianiec says

      xu yongxiang beckenbauer when you take away becken it’s Bauer the hockey

    4. Harvey hd says

      xu yongxiang wtf

  6. PewDie Pie says

    Put tiago silva in place of boateng

    1. Freddie Scratchley says

      PewDie Pie day is the best player in the wor

    2. Juraj Šuhaj says

      PewDie Pie qq

    3. Layton Etilage says

      PewDie Pie

  7. Niila Lumijärvi says

    Pause at 5:42 and look at his face

    1. Tm 21 says

      He looks like he’s constapated

    2. Niila Lumijärvi says


    3. Mindofdoom Campbell says

      Niila Lumijärvi

    4. Jonathan Ragnarsson says

      Niila Lumijärvi hahahhahahah

    5. Elizabeth Davis says

      Niila Lumijärvi that’s funny

  8. Ethan pro gamin Carlos says

    Don’t quit Fifa pls I like it

    1. Katelyn Whelan says

      The Lego Masters WRAP Carlos who dosent duh

    2. María Angel Martín-Maestro says

      The Lego Masters WRAP Carlo

  9. LuizHDVids says

    i think That thiago silva and Sergio ramos is best than Sergio and boateng

    1. LuizHDVids says

      man look at Marcelo and dani
      (brazilian guys)so if he catch silva and diego alves (GK)

    2. Morgan Fez says

      LuizHDVids he has to link with Neuer tho

    3. Snalex MC says

      FEZ FC Beckenbauer

    4. LuizHDVids says

      Elias Olsen ok kid

  10. xPeterSGx says

    When there defense lineup has a better rating than most

    1. Nammo Kim says

      I have navas instead of neuer and Godin instead of boeteng.

    2. HL LT HD says


    3. Lee Christian says

      Nammo Kim naval is crap and god In is to

    4. Lee Christian says

      Nammo Kim navas is crap and godin is to

  11. A OMAR says

    Fifa 17 I got a 190 is it good?

    1. Aine Kearins says

      A OMAR yes it is really good????????????????

    2. Cristiano Ronaldo 7 says

      A OMAR


      Cristiano Ronaldo 7 your not ronaldo

  12. Jodie78 Jones says

    That was me

    1. Jodie78 Jones says

      U was playing against

  13. Zak Mallu says

    Suck my balls ronaldo is better than Neymar

  14. dean t says

    Ronaldos better than toty neymar

  15. Seye Ayoade says


  16. Vikk Kruczek says

    Wait he said sorry for not full chem but got full chem?!?!?!?!

  17. Major Broz says

    Without pele it was 93 rated with pele it is 89 rated

  18. Colossalgaming16 says

    Its actually not that hard to get a better team, just switch out that BENCH

  19. The Falcon Brothers says

    instead of neuer put. van der sar?

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