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Chris: https://www.youtube.com/user/Sirhcchris2010
Simon: https://www.youtube.com/Miniminter
And cal for getting me dunkin donuts

My Twitter: http://twitter.com/wroetoshaw
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How I record my gameplays: http://e.lga.to/wroe
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  1. Coopdub 15 says

    Chris when he said it’s half volley time

    1. Máté POWA says

      Im hungay

    2. Máté POWA says


  2. Crazy Kickerz says

    The best goals were w2s at 1:42 and miniminter at 1:18 and at 3:15

    1. Ahmed Ahmed says

      Simon 3:15 and. W2s at 1:42

    2. nitrous gaming and vlogs says

      Ahmed Ahmed same as you

  3. Spicy Spicy says

    simon kicks the ball kinda weird

    1. Adampro29 Adamthebeast says

      Spicy Spicy no

    2. Furiousfireblade says

      Yeah he kinda does

    3. Spicy Spicy says

      i mean it doesnt really matter that he does, it doesnt take away the fact
      that his shots were killer in this

    4. DanJ405J says

      Spicy Spicy that is really true

    5. Jesper Van Ginkel says

      Spicy Spicy that is true

  4. D3MN says

    Best goal : miniminter
    Best shot on target : chirsMD
    Worst celebration : W2S

    1. Roisin Hefferon says

      D3MN yupp

  5. Kyan Champe says

    simon is the worst in goal but the best at shooting

    1. Kyan Champe says

      Well at least simon doesn’t miss penaltys

    2. Jesper Van Ginkel says

      Kyan Champe shut up that was one time

    3. Kyan Champe says

      Did Chris score from the half way line

  6. Brendan Wesaw says

    What was the song at 0:29?

    1. BakiciuxD says

      Brendan Wesaw make the ground Shake remix

    2. Gab Set says

      Brendan Wesaw autolaser witching hour

  7. Hla Ayman says

    it was the no looking that miniminter scored

    1. Clinton Fowo says

      Simon und christ

  8. TheAssasin says

    W2S What is the song on 2:42 hope you reply(:

    1. DanJ405J says

      OllieHD auto lazer

    2. OllieHD says

      DanJ405J cheers

    3. DanJ405J says

      Witching hour

    4. AlanTheGamerYT// Alan says

      TheAssasin The song is warrior of the night

    5. 김태훈 says

      TheAssasin xx

  9. JBR Freestylers says

    Like if Chris should be part of the sidemen

    1. Mikaeel Jaffer says

      Pokemon Master U don’t need to rate u tube


      JBR Freestylers he has to be


      Hey JJ let chris join the sidemen

    4. Sam Halliwell says

      Hed Wood Vick doesn’t swear and neither does josh much

    5. ShadurZ says

      Sam Halliwell Yes they do

  10. gaming with Jpup says

    hi i tuink simons goal was the best

    1. coolboy 10101 says

      gaming with Jpup hi i “TUINK” lol

    2. gaming with Jpup says

      oh cool

  11. The toast Legend says

    Chris had a red top on and a yellow throughout the video

    1. The Extradinair says

      The toast Legend it’s because they filmed the video over 2 days

  12. Tito Call dude says

    I think the forth shot was the best

    1. Dragon Ball Super says

      Chris won

    2. Tito Call dude says

      No Simon won

  13. Rise Gaming says

    What song is 5:39?

    1. Glenn Glidecreme says

      Id love to change the world 😀

  14. Lionel Messi says

    Who would you rather meet between theses three youtubers
    Like for Chris
    Comment for Harry
    Sub for Simon

    1. Lionel Messi says

      +Dennis Lee yes

    2. Chris White 2 says

      Simon but I’m not subbing

    3. Amanda Mckenzie says


    4. Bailey Da boss says


  15. Ever_Adam_2003 says

    whats the song at 0:24

    1. AlanTheGamerYT// Alan says

      Ever_Adam_2003 It’s Blank VIP

  16. John Cena says

    Chris 2:22 4:25 4:46

    1. Alfie Draper says

      John Cena yea

  17. Daniel McElhinney says

    your goal in the intro‼️?

  18. Alex McDermott says

    Simon was like pantillimon.

  19. LHJM says

    All of Simons goals

  20. Bilal Kağan Kendircioğlu says


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